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815. Milton Hershey School

Milton Hershey School has been mentioned in two cases in the media. In 2015 a house parent was arrested. He was later convicted and will be deported once time has been served. Later a girl committed suicide after she was kicked out and the school sued the parents apparently for even mentioning the suicide in relationship with the name of the school.

It seems safe to say that it cannot be fun to be there as a child and not even relatives to the child either

814. Boysville

Boysville Children’s Home in Converse, Texas is mentioned in the media due to an arrest of a now former employee. The charges against him is Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child.

It remains unclear which kind of precautions that has been introduced to prevent this and how the management failed to set up simple guidelines which could have prevented the alleged abuse.

For now it is safe to say that it could not have been fun to be there as a child.

561. Bernstorffsminde Efterskole

May 2017 the boarding school detained a number of students for hours without access to cell phones and banned them from talking to each other due to suspicion of having gained access to tobacco and alcohol which unlike the laws in the general society are banned from using at the school.

The students were not allowed to call in legal representation which put them in a worse situation if they had been arrested by the Danish police. In Denmark even minors have right to legal representation regardless of the type of crime they are arrested for.

46 students were suspended and in the end 16 students were expelled. According to sources several students who had access to the illegal items were not hit at all by the investigation conducted by the school. It might have something to do with the fact that the school focuses on sport and they use former students who did good after their time at the school in marketing. The suspicion is that the investigation only targeted students who were less successful doing their type of sport.

Anyhow without access to legal representation in such cases being confined in isolation it is safe to state that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.

Sources (In danish only)

500. Halfway towards the goal. What have been achieved ?

This is a special post. This is post number 500.

When our group was approached years ago asking us to make this blog, we didn’t believe that it would have brought so much good. As I write this yet another place has been raided by the authorities saving children. It is far from the first one.

Not every raid ends with a conviction. The laws covering such places in various countries are very relaxed. Often what is criminals for parents to do in their own home is legal when it is done in group homes or residential treatment facilities. Even when it is cut clear case involving criminals actions the convictions in the end are jokes.

In Denmark a male employee got 60 days in prison suspended when he had sex with a 15 year old girl who was isolated in a cabin on the island of Laesoe ordered by the social services in the girls hometown. When children die we see fines as punishment.

Our blog is using on a SEO code provided by another human rights organization in Denmark. Due to actions by the socials services in the Egedal area near Copenhagen the person behind the SEO code and system does not want to be running this blog. It is a question of money as so many things are in Denmark right now. He wanted us to put up a blog where places could be closed as result of our posts without tracing it back to the person who runs a large wiki database based in Denmark where a lot of criminal acts against children are recorded only to be handed over to the authorities if they want them.

That is unfortunately the case in a lot of countries around the world. They really want to close their eyes. They have skipped troubled teenagers away and they dont want to hear about the abuse the children suffer when they are in various residential treatment programs.

We have written about a lot of places. Our articles are not well received by everyone. Some actually believes that their torment helped them become a better person. Of course some of the owners of residential places we have made articles about, are angry at us. If you look at entry number 28, this is a good example. Years after our article was published the local authorities brought charges against the owner. For many other places on this blog it is only a question of time before the same destiny hits them.

Many accuse us of being judgmental. They accuse us on writing our articles based on Danish values. What can we say? They are right. However we do not believe that is wrong. We are proud of our background. We believe that we live in a superior society with superior values. If people do not like our view on life, they are free to read other blogs.

Our work is not finished. 500 posts more lacks before we can call it a day. When will we finished ? We don’t know. In fact we hope that we never will be finished because that means that children will live happily at home enjoying a life with partying and friends.

In a globalized world where there no longer is work for everyone and being elderly means that you only get our diapers changed once per day in the retirement homes as it is the fact in many retirement hoems in Denmark. So why work hard? You will get neglected in the end anyway.

We urge young people to enjoy life. If they get send away, we will hunt the people responsible and close the residential treatment options which causes so much torment and emotional pain.

It should be fun to be in the world as a teenager.

420. Riverside Baptist Boys home

Back in 1992 the authorities investigated abuse at this facility. Riverside Baptist Boys home in Rock Hills, South Carolina closed after the investigation but the authorities were not able to lift the burden of proof against the manager Reverend Johnny Cabe.

The Reverend moved on conducting a Ponzi Scheme. He served prison for that. In 2010 he was investigated again for touching a boy playing doctor. Finally he was convicted but managed to avoid prison with a plea deal.

It could not have been fun to be at the boys home.


400. Carlisle Indian Reform School

At the Carlisle Boarding School in Pennsylvania some teenagers died from various illnesses but also from sheer depression.

Now the families will try to get the bodies back home so they can get graves relatives can visit.

When a place is so bad that you can die from sheer depression it is safe to say that it cannot have been fun to be there as a teenager.

2021 update

Some of the remains of children who died at the school were returned back to the place where they came from.


305. Villa Maria boarding school in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Today this school is no longer a boarding school for girls. It is a private school. It seems like a good decision considering what a former student told about her stay which has left her with emontional scars.

It is safe to state that it could not have been a fun place to be as a teenage girl before year 1966.


298. Center for Discovery

Center for Discovery has been around for some time. Right now they are mostly known as being the new sponsor of the Dr. Phil show where teenagers are sent after Aspen Education Group has financial challenges.

Recently a girl confined to the center after one of the shows escaped december 1. She was secured from the streets of L.A. after a week in a poor state. Hopefully she will taken home to recover.

Among the reviews found on the Internet, we could see these two:

Our son was leaving the hospital and needed additional treatment for severe depression and we did not know where to turn. The recommendation was to find placement in a residential treatment center for 3 to 9 months. We were overwhelmed by the immediacy and urgency of the situation, trying to research programs in and out of state, and battling with the insurance company. Unfortunately, we chose the Center for Discovery in Whittier because it was closeby so we could visit, our insurance partially covered the cost, and the 30 days would buy us time to find a longer term program if needed. To this day my son still has flashbacks of the horrible treatment he received by the staff at this facility, and his father and I will forever regret sending him there. He was abused by an older teen while supposedly under “24 hour staff supervision” and a police report was supposedly filed. Staff at this facility showed the adolescent residents a complete lack of empathy, often abusing power and control, and telling the teens they should lie to their parents in family session and say that they’re getting better or elso they would be sent away to 2-year long programs. For the exhorbitant fees they charge, you’d think that they would not only most imnportantly have decent staff, but also a decent facility. The pathetic little basketball hoop in the parking lot was bent. Luckily, after this horrible place, our son went to the Anasazi Program in Arizona, which was truly a healing place, and he still talks about his good memories of Anasazi. If you need to send your teen into a therapeutic recovery program, it can be heartwrenching. I recommend avoiding Center for Discovery and the physical, emotional and financial pain it will cause you and your family.

Our experience completely mirrors Elissa’s. Avoid sending your child to Center for Discovery at all cost. They do more harm than good. Our daughter was also being treated for severe depression. She was too much work so they sent her away and basically told us “good luck” don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Stay away

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


290. Skorpeskolen

For more then 250 years Skorpeskolen aka Den kongelige opfostringsskole (Royal orphanage school) operated first from a building in the central of Copenhagen, later from a farm in the village Hellebaek in the northern part of Sealand.

It closed in 2005. Today a day-school is using the buildings in Hellebaek. They have no connections to the past.

A number of articles published in Danish newspapers revealed that students in 1970’s had to offer their bodies to at least one teacher. Everybody seemed to know, but none stopped it. A case worker promised the molested students that he wanted to report the teacher but he also molested the teenagers. The case worker died in a traffic accident. We have been approached by various sources who have told us that the investigation into the mysterious traffic accident was stopped as result of orders from people higher in the system. A lot of evidence indicate that students had doctored the brakes. The car was destroyed after the investigation stopped.

We have not been able to find out when the sexual molestations stopped.

To be forced to satisfy a teacher in a private manner cannot be fun for any teenager.


289. About Face Youth Camp

The program started being used for entertainment. The long gone Jenny Jones show used to make a laugh out of kids being bullied on stage by employees from the camp. However some of the boys were not bad, they were just from broken homes and didn’t need a army dressed guy to yell at them.

The camp was closed by the authorities at a point for handcuffing a boy and stopped working some years ago.