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494. Unnamed boarding schoool in the Kharkiv region

A teacher at a boarding school in the Kharkiv region for orphans and children from broken homes was busy creating her retirement plan. Unfortunately the retirement plan included selling one of the girls at the boarding school to a clinic where she would be harvested for organs.

The police was able to stop the deal before the girl was hurt. The teacher now faces prison unless she has good political protection which helps in that area.

Still it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager because numerous illegal transplants have been reported and the other teachers might also consider their retirement plan at some point.


493. Holmegaardshuset

Holmegaardshuset is located in Fensmark on the southern part of Sealand in Denmark. Recently it was in the Danish newspapers due to criticism not investigated fully by the social services at they are supposed to according to Danish legislation. It was also noticed that they worked together with the controversial psychologist Finn Westh who has been suspected of doctoring investigations of parents and children in cases the social services really wanted to get a report which supported their case when a case involving the removal of a child is going before court.

There is a reason for strict supervisions of group homes like Holmegaardshuset. Previously there have been cases of abuse. Only strict supervision has shown to reduce the risk of such abuse. That is the reason that every report must be followed up to the letter.

2021 Update

More recent articles have shown cases of conflict of interest. Case workers who while they were working in the public sector saw to that children were placed at the group home was then hired by the group seemingly because they secured income to the group home.

Reports about the families of the children who had children placed at the group were seemingly doctored to make the families look worse in shape.

Some focus has shifted to the social service departments using group homes like Holmegaardshuset. Are they are aware what they use the taxpayers money for. Some of they try to avoid responsibility by referring to other public departments.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


492. Childcenter Tullebølle

This facility was created to house child immigrants arriving in Denmark without an adult present. Such children have been at risk being used for crime in other countries so Denmark decided to locate the facility on a remote island far from the criminals in the larger cities.

A good idea but what about the employees?

They were hired from the local population. Almost everyone there are unemployed. They spend their lives sleeping and drinking. Older under-stimulated women who would care for the children.

If the children only were children. Many of the children lie themselves younger so they can increase their time in Denmark because Denmark in the past have suffered from crimes committed by adult immigrants, so the Danish politics against adult immigrants are tough.

So now you have a combination of under-stimulated women who compare the almost adult young men with their beer drinking unemployed husband at home with the young fresh meat at the facility. You get the picture. Soon rumors about sex between the women working there and the children reached the media. Then of course there were children who abused younger children at the facility.

In the end the facility had to close.

This toxic environment consisting of rumors and abuse of younger children makes it safe to state that it could not be fun to be there as a teenager.


491. Edgewood Student Services

A 13-year-old student had to have amputated a part of his leg after a so-called trained specialist slammed his body on the ground after a dispute. The facility contains the AIM program, the Muscogee County School District’s alternative school for students who violate the district’s conduct code and are temporarily assigned away from their home school.

Now the facility tries to defend themselves by claiming that the specialist was not their employee but someone from a company used in an outsourcing agreement. However, that defense is not good at all. You cannot not hire people from other firms and deny any responsibility.

Fact is that the boy is missing a part of his leg. That is enough to make it safe to state that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


490. The Journey Impact Ranch

An 45 year old employee has been convicted of having sex in exchange for sweets and other rewards at this facility located near Mona in Utah.

While the state says that the facility remains in good standing even after this case, we must question how they will monitor their employees in the future. It seems that they had little supervision of their employees. Without thoughout changes in their way of organizing the daily work, boys will be in risk once again.

It could not have been fun to be forced to have sex to have sweets all the time.


489. Northstar Expeditions

Northstar Expeditions is today mostly known to be the place where Aaron Bacon died. Staff members left the program after his death which resulted in a closure of the program and were hired at a lot of other programs – among them Sagewalk, which also closed years later when another boy died there.

Wildernees therapy is dangerous often resulting in injury or death. It cannot have been fun to be there as a teenager.


488. Oasis Academy

Oasis Academy was located in Orem, Utah. It was first mentioned around 1994. In 2006 it was reported that a senior staff member had committed suicide while being on the run on charges of child porn possession.

It could not have been fun to be forced to remain together with such a person far away from your parents as a teenager.


487. New Haven RTC

This facility located near Provo in Utah doesn’t sound like a fun plan to be as a teenager. A former resident writes:

New Haven Residential Treatment Centr in Utah has destroyed what could have been. I arrived in early November in 1995 at the East Campus, in Spanish Fork, Utah. I arivd or a serious case of depression and isolation. The first two months were hell, et I seemed to have gotten something out of it therapeautically, from then on it was pure hell. There was nthing left and I was being violate. Emotionally, physically. was being abused by both staff and students. Thank God for my Brother, after writing to him, herescued me. I have never been the same. This should be shut down. It is decieving and it fucks with your head. As of now I am living with my parets and studyin to be an accountant. My life could have been different, yet I am living in fear. Fear of life. Parents, do not send yor chidren to an rtc, they do more harm than good, you can save them.

HEAL-online has located business connections to a now closed treatment center called Oasis Academy previous located in Provo, Utah.

Update 2017

A former employee – Jason Scott Calder who later was charged with rape, forcible sodomy and forcible sexual abuse had been working at the facility. October 2017 there was no information that he had taken advantage of teenagers at New Haven RTC but investigation is ongoing.

Read more here: Utah County therapist arrested for alleged sexual abuse of underage girl (Fox 13 news).

If you have information in the case, please contact the Utah County Sheriff’s Office at (801) 851-4010.


Update 2020

The therapist in the 2017 update received life in prison as punishment for his crime.