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704. HabitusHuset Danshøj

HabitusHuset Danshøj is a group home located near the town Hilleroed in Denmark. According to a report the employees restrained a 16 year old autistic girl and spit upon her during the process which according to the laws in Denmark is regarded as assault.

Based on the report the employee were put on trial and he was given a sentence of 10 days suspended. During the trial the employee stated that he was not the only employee who spit on residents. However this statement was not investigated which means that there could be employees who walks free regardless of them having committed assault according to the laws.

The present management has hired more professional staff but given the fact that it seems that some parts of the case are left uninvestigated, it is safe to state that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.

16-årig handikappet pige blev fastholdt og spyttet i hovedet på bosted (TV2 Nyhederne)


702. Idaho Youth Ranch

An article speaks about the demise of Idaho Youth Ranch. Budgets, constant change of staff and confusing strategies from the management has resulted in poor service towards the youths they are supposed to help.

Having real problems reaching out for help makes it not a fun place to be if you get not the help you expected, if you as a teenager stay at the Idaho Youth Ranch.

Idaho Youth Ranch in trouble and failing to help children, say former employees (The Idaho Statesman)

701. Eliot Atlantic House

The idea for this place is serve adolescents children and adolescents referred by the Department of Child and Family Services. Our homes offer comprehensive residential treatment and intensive clinical services focused on preparing youth to return home or to transition into an alternative structured, therapeutic or independent living situation.

It sound very fine, but the type of job a counselor suggested to guide girls forwards independent living was criminal. Selling their bodies can hardly be legal. It does not sound as a fun place to be as a teenager.


673. Oxfam group homes in Haiti

The department of Oxfam in United Kingdom is not longer represented in Haiti after it was revealed that some of the volunteers and employees took advantage of the unprotected and vulnerable children who needed housing after earthquake.

While it could not have been fun to be there while those adults were present, it raises the question whether it can be fun at all to be there as a child in a country so broken down regarding supervision and structure as Haiti is.


672. Kenbe Fem Ministry

Kenbe Fem Ministry is a ministry in Haiti. In 2017 a manager of the facility was arrest for sexual abuse of the children when he was back in his home country where the court system unlike the system in Haiti works without corruption.

He was sentenced to 40 years in prison combined with supervision in 2018.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child but then it cannot be fun to be in Haiti at all when you see a country which barely functions at all.


671. Holsteins Minde

Holsteins Minde has been a group home for children for more than 100 years. Originally it was a boarding school named Hjortholm Kostskole.

An article mention abuse of a girl conducted by older boys at the facility.

It could not be fun to be there as a child when supervision is so relaxed that the children can abuse each other.

Sources (In Danish)

669. Atlantis

Atlantis in Næstved, Denmark was a group home for children suffering from Autism and some other issues. It was supposed to be monitored by the state but the supervision was only consisting of coffee and cake in the management office.

Local citizens reported the facility to the police after it was discovered that the facility drove the small children out of town and let them walk alone back to the facility in the middle of the night as punishment. The children aged around 8-11 could have been hit by traffic during their 10 kilometer long walk.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.

Sources (In Danish):

665. Canyon State Academy

Canyon State Academy earlier known as Arizona Boys Ranch was a place where other states sent children to in order to send them somewhere so the case workers caseload would be lighter. None seemed to care how the children had it. In the end this attitude claimed the life of a boy. None were punished for this death.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


663. Oak Creek Ranch School

Oak Creek Ranch School was boarding school in ranch styled environment focusing on teenagers suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

A former resident states:

I went to OCRS for about a year and a half and was expelled for not snitching on someone that brought vape paraphernalia into our dorm. Which I wasn’t even involved with. The whole reason I was sent OCRS was because someone at my high school screwed my life up by telling on me for a small amount of weed. It was a very hard thing to be asked to tell on somebody for something I wasn’t even involved in. I just couldn’t. Oak creek expelled me for that reason, even with a 4.0 gpa, and kept my parents money for the whole year. Oak creek ranch school is a complete scam to kick your child out and keep all of your money due to their policy. There’s even a week at the beginning of every year that we called “sweep week”. In which the school expels a bunch of students within the first month. It was about 20 kids when I was there. Emptied out my whole dorm. Hands down would not recommend. This school is a COMPLETE SHAM. I urge anyone to think twice if they are thinking of sending their kid to OCRS

An article also mentions that satanism and drugs brought in by other children was something residents could be exposed to.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


661. Jubilee Leadership Academy

Beside the failure related to the MTV TV-show “True Life” where they only managed to make a young man so much worse that he ended up in state costudy, various feed backs are not positive. We found those two below on Yelp:

Jubilee Leadership Academy (New Name-same bad reputation) is one of the worst therapeutic residential programs for boys out there. The abuse and neglect along with under staffing causing any parent to wonder why they are still open. Unethical questions to why there are no longer counselors staffed and where all of the funding from donors and parents go to when the living conditions are so poorly maintained. When staff and the director ignores safety issues and would rather lie to parents then they’ve crossed the line.

Much has changed in the last couple of years at Jubilee Leadership Academy. Our experience was one of heartache, failure on Jubilee’s staff, bullying, emotional damage and out right blindness in what was going on around the staff. Drugs and Alcohol usage a major problem but staff was in denial. 10 to 1 staff ratio within the dorms making it a very dangerous environment. Money so poorly managed that one should question what accountability they adhere to. Talk to the Walla Walla judicial system and you will here true accounts of the mismanagement and poor supervision to keep these young men safe in a hostile environment. Please reconsider sending your young man to Jubilee Leadership Academy until they make major changes from the top down.

Needless to state that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.