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664. Parc Place

Some children seeking help for substance abuse problems try Parc Place in Arizona. Official records show that the place suffers from some problems.

An article in a newspaper states that the facility did not report properly when children hurt themselves. How can the state then help and guide if they do not get the correct numbers in reports?

Also another article states that some employees seems to have been involved in sexual misconduct with patients prompting the CPS to react.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager seeking help.


586. Oak Plains Academy

Oak Plains Academy which used to be known as Chad Youth Enhancement Center didn’t report to the family of a teenager that she had run away, so they could aid in the search. A mistake which could be fatal if the girl would be taken advantage of during her time on the run.

When it was known as Chad Youth Enhancement Center a 17 year old boy was strangled when an employee tried to restrain him by holding both his hands against the boys neck. In 2005 a 14-year-old-girl from Long Island died after a confrontation with other employees.

A large number of negative reviews made by former residents can be found on the Internet. It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


540. Wordsworth Academy

The death of 17 year old David Hess prompted an investigation that led to the closure of Wordsworth Academy. Why did it require a death before the authorities reacted? Wasn’t 49 sex crimes enough? We were talking 12 rapes and 23 accounts of sexual abuse.

Anyhow it is now closed and it is safe to say that it could not have been a fun place to be as a teenager.


538. Sunhawk Academy

Sunhawk Academy was located in St. George, Utah. Today the building are used to house homeless people.

It was marketed as a drug rehab and it could not be a pleasant one as there is a report about a car chase where residents tried to run. In the end it closed and lives now only in the memory of those who were there. Sadly some of those teenagers who survived their ordeal at the place are not among us anymore.

It could not have been a fun place to be as a teenager.


505. Olympus Academy

Various sources state that is now closed. They were in the media during 2015 because two of the teenagers who were held there managed to run away despite the fact that it is located in the middle of a desert environment.

A testimony was found on Yelp:

i found this review on another site and who ever wrote it said it perfectly. I will tell the truth. i was a resident there and they couldn’t help me and kept all my moms money, no refund. be smart. My mom got me real help after being lied to about just about everything, they are about money! we had on jail scrubs and sometimes slept on the floor, when they can’t control us they put zip ties on us until we chill out. any of my people that were there with me please look me up. We may have a case. make sure your parents walk the facility and ask tons of questions.


Do your own homework. Reading the Website is not a way to verify if facility is good or not. Research residential treatment facilities and see what you find. Dont be misled by a third party recruiter. Ask to view contracts made with employees and note job titles each employee was hired as. Verify employee licenses and credentials. Do background checks to make sure each person should be around children, no matter what rank the person is. Ask to view all state inspections, as you have a right to see. Ask to view academic curriculum, books, materials, schedule, lesson plans, assessment guides. Verify therapy sessions. If you still admit child verify weekly work. Verify nutrition and meals being served, including portion size. Verify nutritionists is licensed. The only reason to have only staff supervised conversations with your child, whether over phone or in person, would be if academy were worried something would get out, right? Trust your child. If something doesn’t sound right, it’s probably not. Be involved. Ask lots of questions. Stay on top of insurance billing. Verify who, when, and what medication has been provided, ordered at pharmacy, and if orders refilled are necessary at each time. Verify alone with child the meals they are getting, medication distribution, if letters were written or received, and Stay in constant contact. If you are not from utah, why would you ever enroll in utah? If all the residential treatment facilities sound similar, think about why you needed to look at more than one facility. Trust your instinct. Don’t be so desperate, you avoid what your gut tells you.

I don’t feel I need to say whether or not olympus is a good choice. If you do all your research, which is a lot of work (nothing is too much to make sure your child is safe), you will be able to make your own determination on whether it’s a good fit for your child.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


473. Cornell Abraxas

Cornell Abraxas is a detention center located in Shelby,Ohio. In the public it is mostly known for the rape case from 2010. But on various message boards the treatment methods used in connection with their rehab program has been questioned.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


450. Teen C.A.R.E. Camp

This rehab started in California but soon moved south of the borders where regulation and oversight was none-existing. Former clients speak of mechanical restraints, use of tear-gas against clients and a lot other things which indicated poorly trained employees with none or little knowledge about the level of care such a complicated decease like addition requires.

In the long run the operation became too much for even the authorities in Mexico and they moved the operations to an unknown location inside the United States where they shut down a short time after year 2000.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


406. Teen Reach

Teen Reach under the influence by preacher Bobby Torres became the center of an investigation by the Department of Economic Security after word reached the authorities of use of corporal punishment.

In the end the investigation shut the program down.

Corporal punishment is no fun and it is safe to say that it wasn’t fun to be there as a teenager.


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389. Rebound Adolescent Treatment Program

Procedures in any program to secure clients need to exist. At Rebound Adolescent Treatment Program the victim was not a client but the arrest of a trusted employee and charge of rape put against him need to let the program ask themselves whether they have proper procedure to secure that teenagers are not left alone with these teenagers facing a crisis in their lives.

It isn’t a fun place to be as a teenager in the first place having to live apart from family and peers just because people think that alcohol among teenagers is a problem when we are many who knows that socializing with beers and wine is properly the only thing which prevents teenagers from the risk of them traviling down and fight for ISIS.


384. Positive Impact, Mexico

Positive Impact was a so-called drug rehab in Mexico. Despite its name it collapsed due to the bizarre personal relationships in the management leaving the teenagers with chance of getting the necessary treatment.

It was lack of responsibility and it could not have been fun for the teenagers who were sent there.

The manager – Jon Anderson – came from The Island View Asylum in Utah now known as the Elevations RTC. One of the employee – Craig Rogers – later founded a lot of programs in Utah and Mexico.