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911. Green Hill School

Green Hill School is a youth prison located in Chehalis, Washington. Back in the 1970’s incidents took place which punished the children beyond the sentences, the courts had issued upon them.

A investigation was launched into the incidents and it has resulted in a number of convictions.

More recently it seems that the security of the facility has been undermined by actions of some of the employees, which is under investigation as of 2021. Smuggling of items to the detainees has led to other employees to state that they do not feel safe. Acts of violence between the detainees has also taken place.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


846. Woodland Hills Youth Development Center

The Woodland Hills Youth Development Center is a detention center in Tennessee. A number of articles paint a not so bright picture of the facility. Riots, improper relationships between employees and the young detainees, sexual abuse and some of the children running away.

It course it is a prison. It is supposed to be a place where the youth can be held while the society tries to make them good citizens again. But with all those things happening there, they might turn out worse compared to when they went in.

It is not supposed be a fun place to be as a teenager but it is far worse as it should be.


841. Don Dale Youth Detention Centre

The Don Dale Youth Detention Centre has been hit with a lot of negative press coverage as result of photos leaking from the prison showing children in shackles and forced to have their heads covered by hoods. In year 2000 a boy died there.

Plans have been made to close the detention centre down but it has not been implemented yet. Maybe the authorities believe that the entire matter would be forgotten once other media topics take the front pages over. All the inmates lately seems to be Aboriginal.

Australia have recently introduced legislation to prevent foreign NGO from taking interest in the facility because they demand that social media like Facebook that activists use as communication have to pay too much for quoting articles from Australian newspapers, so this tool can no longer be used to inform people abroad about conditions in Australia.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


840. The Youth Development Center in Manchester

The Youth Development Center in Manchester also named the John H. Sununu Youth Services Center is in the news due to the investigation into the actions of so-far two former counselors who has been charged with repeatedly raping a teenage boy in the 1990’s. Dozen of former victims have stepped forward.

While a youth detention facility is punishment, the punishment should never include rape. We can only hope that the victims are able to ask for a compensation using a private lawsuit against the state, which should have ensured that this form of abuse could not take place.

Today the detention center is known as: Sununu Youth Services Center 

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager during the periode described in articles.


2022 Update

The facility is reported to be closed and lawsuits have been made.


812. South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit

The media speaks of a civil lawsuit against South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit involving accusations of violence and intimidation to control underage residents.

It is a prison. The atmosphere and tone can be hard but when judges hand out sentences, they do not order broken bones and bruises as part of the sentence.

The idea with a prison sentence is also to re-integrate the youth into the society at some point and what will the teaching of violence then learn them? That they can use it on the streets if they are the strongest in a group!

It is not supposed to be fun to be there as a teenager but there should also be a limit to how awful it should be.


773. Minnesota Home School for Girls

Here girls were detained for a gender specific crime called immorality. An article describes that it was done in the 1930’s. It is not certain when this was stopped. The Minnesota Home School for Girls was located in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. The facility opened in 1911 and continued under changing names to 1999.

It could not have been fun to be detained for an alleged crime which was only something girls could be convicted of.


758. Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center

Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center has been the center of a riot, gang fights and cases of sex between inmates and staff members. Neither of it should be acceptable even when both parties in a sexual relationship agree because it was supposed to be a place where you treat sexual offenders not a place where sex takes place.

It is safe to say that it cannot be a good place to be as a teenager.


622. AMIkids Sand Hills

AMIkids Sand Hills is a wilderness styled youth prison located in South Carolina. The teenagers are sent there by local courts. In november 2015 a boy died while serving his time. Articles suggest that lack of supervision made place for gang related rituals which led to the death of the boy.

It is not supposed to be fun to be there as a teenager because it is a punishment. However it is doubtful that the courts had the thought that the punishment should include death.


615. Metropolitan Boys’ Shelter

Metropolitan Boys’ Shelter was a youth holding prison for underaged boys who were awaiting trial. It was in operation from 1911 to 1983. It was also known as “Metropolitan Boys’ Remand Home” and “Albion Street Shelter”.

In 2017 the police started an investigation into possible abuse. It was known as a harsh place. Now it has been established that the treatment guided several boys into a life of crime. Some even ended up as murderers.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


599. Highlands Youth Academy

Highlands Youth Academy formerly known as Avon Park Youth Academy located in Avon Park, Florida became the center of local media coverage as the Sheriff condemned the conditions and management of the facility. A private security company G4S were responsible for the security at the facility and they did a poor job.

Among the incidents happening at the facility the last couple of years were riots, sexual misconduct, sexual and physical abuse by guards. The buildings were poorly maintained and there were lack of staff members talking the fact into consideration that there were lack of cameras and locks.

The responsible people are those who made the choice of selecting G4S for the job. G4S is a private company with no remorse if people suffer when they target profit before anything else. When you hire private operators you need to supervise every step just as close as if you ran the operations yourself. Private firms who outsource knows that. The public sector needs to learn.

Of course you have to place juveniles somewhere they were convicted of breaking the laws but the punishment should be metered by the courts and not by employees at the prisons. It could not have been fun to be serving time under the poor conditions G4S gave these children.