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51. Tianhai Boot Camp School

Internet Addiction!!

It is a kind of funny diagnose. It was actually something people saw as a prank, but as always when there is money to make on curing people of a “decease”, you bet the doctors will start to label the patients.

How do you cure Internet Addiction? According to Chinese doctors who were the first to enter this area, electric shock, hard exercise, corporal punishment and various drugs is the answer.

For 14 year old Yao Jian the cure led to his death. Tianhai Boot Camp School does not sound like a fun place to be for a teenager.

His parents were awarded 350,000 yuan (US$51,000) in compensation but that does not ease their pain.


50. Elk River Wilderness Challenge / The Pinnacle Schools

The facility opened in 2005. It is located near Huntsville in Alabama.

In the media the facility attracted attention due to the actions of both employees and relatives of the founder. Over touchy security officers looking for a fight is never fun.

At Elk River Wilderness Challenge or The Pinnacle Schools as they also are called a report came last year of a very aggressive security officer.

It doesn’t sound like very much fun there, so they are on the list.


49. Restoration Youth Academy

This year attention was made on Restoration Youth Academy in Alabama. Among the employees a man with a dark hidden past was found. This individual once worked at Bethel Boys Academy which was shut down by the authorities not once but several times.

Given the nature of Restoration Youth Academy with high fences and a number of runaways we are basically talking a private-run prison providing youth with so-called education with of doubtful standard.

Why hasn’t the authorities in Alabama not intervened in the operations? Why are they allowing people with basically no background check running a private prison for at-risk teenagers?

We cannot answer why they have chosen to neglect these children?

It is really awful.


The management was brought to justice and sentenced to prison after moving the camp renaming it in the process. Read more: Leaders of religious Alabama boot camp get 20 years in prison for child abuse (


48. The school of Saint Canute (Sct. Knuds Skole)

It is a dayschool in the Danish town Fredericia so the children are not fored to live there. Blowjob is fine (I am a male) but I guess that I don’t want to learn how to do it from my teacher. Also it has been reported that the emontional challenge of attending school there is so challenging that students have ended up on welfare even before they had their first job.

So that is why it has been put on this list.

Most of the headlines about this place are in Danish language but you are free to Google-translate them. It is not a fun place to spend time as a teenager.


Update 2022

Articles in the media suggest that they are willing to skip students if the student get an illness which can influence their performance as the school seek be in the top of statistics concerning the schools with the best point average.


47. Chilanko Lodge Treatment Center

Down in Utah there was a lot of problems with a boarding school called Whitmore Academy. The same owners also owned this program in Canada. If it was anything like the one in Utah it has to be combined with very little fun to live there.

Factsheet about the program (Fornits Wiki)