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10. Excel Academy in Texas – United States

Excel Academy was a boarding school located near the town Conroe in Texas. When you entered this boarding school you were issued a boiler-suit where they had printed “Runner – call 911” on the back.

As part of the curriculum you was forced to tour the local jail where the inmates were allowed to undress you and caress you with their soft hands so your imagination could be boosted to wonder what would happen if you entered the jail for real sometime in the future.

The policeman responsible for these jail tours was arrested and the boarding school was forced to alter their curriculum. This proved not to be economically and the school was closed.


5. High Impact – Mexico

High Impact was a boot camp used mostly by schools belonging to chain of special schools called World Wide Association of Special Schools and Programs (WWASP). Officially the chain have denied to known the exact nature of the operation but reality was that the management visited the boot camp, so they couldn’t have been held in the dark.

The daily rutine was very simple. After a simple shower the teenagers had to run laps on a track field. If they didn’t they were dragged away by the employees and put in dog cages – sometime tied on both hands and feet.

The police in Mexico started to take notice of the camp and observed it for some time before raiding it and releasing the teenagers. According to my knowledge none were prosecuted which is kind of odd if it was any other country than Mexico. The central government seem to have lost control of parts of their country.

Datasheet on High Impact from Fornits Wiki

2. DeSisto School in Massachusetts

The Desisto school was a so-called therapeutic boarding school located in Massachusetts. It was created by one of the many teenage gurus parents turn to when they experience problems with their children.

Michael Desisto may have achieved some degree at some place. Please comment if you know of one of his supposed degrees which did hold up in reality.

I am a boy and had I been placed at this school I would properly have avoid to being forced to sit on his lap as many teenage girls have experienced.

Somehow I feel that he did wrong in his approach, but because I have not have a conversation with him, I will let the readers judge him. Feel free to comment.

There are a lot of people out there who are happy to report that the school did close in 2004.

Datasheet from Fornits Wiki