623. Randolph High School

Just because a beercan was found near students at a game in which students from Randolph High School participated, Superintendent Jennifer Fano decided to demand testing of 75 students.

It is difficult to say why a society choose to see alcohol among teenagers as a problem. Sidelining it with drug use is absurd. Alcohol establish a social circle. It is something which brings the students together. In a world where all it takes is for a student to be isolated with a computer watching videos from ISIS aiming at radikalizing the student before we risk bombing or shooting at the school, the very least you want as a Superintendent is a practice which encourage students to remain isolated at home risking them to become a terrorist.

It happened with the Kundby girl in Denmark who was 15 years of age before the police discovered plans of bombing several schools. It has happened to many teenagers who left countries in Europe to join ISIS. Some even returned trained to run people down in the streets or stab them during suicide missions in shopping centers.

If ISIS does not get them, then they sometime join youth gangs. In Denmark a gang war is ongoing and foreign embassies including the Embassy of United States in Denmark now warns tourists walking the streets of Copenhagen so they can avoid being shot down.

When the age limit for alcohol consumption was raised to 21 in the United States, there was no Internet. There was no risk if students isolated themselves at home instead of partying. There was even a future for them. Jobs were not moved out of the country to Mexico and the Eastern parts of Europe. There is fewer lowpaid manual jobs so if you do not have parents who are loaded so they can finance your study the future is not looking bright. What is left then than partying or killing time in front of the computer.

Superintendent Jennifer Fano should have realized that the laws are outdated. In Denmark we do. Teenagers aged 16 can gather in the number of several thousand drinking massive amounts of alcohol without anyone getting killed.

They cannot do it where Superintendent Jennifer Fano is in charge. It cannot be fun to study at this school.


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About Rotsne

Danish immigrant, but very integrated. After having worked for another research center, I have recently started working for International Culture Exchange where I serve the youth and their families wanting to become an exchange student.

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