504. Old West Ranch Academy

Now an independent residential program no longer operating under the WWASP umbrella the program has tried to market itself under a new name. How about the children? Are they better off now?

It would take a lot to change that. Especially considering that that management is very much the same.

Here are some statements from both a former employee and one of the children who was sent there:

former staff member wrote:
I used to work at majestic ranch from 2003-2004 in my opinion it is a nightmare for any kid to be there. The youngest kid there was 7 years old. I dont understand why a child that young was sent there still to this day. as you all know there was an investigation into alleged abuse with a staff member there. I was actually with this staff member that was accused at the time of the alleged abuse and never witnessed him abuse or torment the individual. There are upsides to the program but from my stand point there was room for a lot of improvement. if you have a child there get them out its not worth the money and there are other ways to get a child to listen.

Amanda wrote:
I was that little seven year old girl in 2004. I still have nightmares about that place. I have scars both physically and emotionally from that place. I never had a proper childhood because my parents sent me there when they got a divorce and my dad got custody. His new wife didn’t like me and we fought a lot so they shipped me off. I can’t even put into words the kind of psychological damage I have experienced.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a child.

News information from 2002: When the facility was operating under the name “Majestic Ranch” there was a case against Wayne E. Winder, who was the facility director at the time. The charges were misdemeanor child abuse (Source: Youth Facility Director Still Faces Abuse Counts – Charges allege boys were roughed up in Rich County -Salt Lake Tribune re-print)

News information from 2005: A lawsuit named an employee as Sean E. Coombs. He had previously pleaded guilty in an assault charge where a boy was hurt (Source: Mother Files Lawsuit, Claims Boarding School Abused Son – KSL news)


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