366. The Well of Grace Boarding Academy

The police found the bruises on some boarding school students were too severe to be justified according to the law. While this boarding school like so many make use of corporal punishment the court now have to decide whether the employees were out of line. Sources have told us that the bruising were “ordinare” and what both students and parents should expect when they sign kids up for a stay in a religious based Baptist boarding school. The police came to another conclusion.

But based on the common knownledge about how it is to be student at such a place it is safe to state that it wasn’t fun.


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About udstationeredebetina

Jeg er en unge kvinde med en fortid. For nogle år siden ville min far arbejde i USA. Min ene blog blev lavet i den periode. Senere bestod jeg gymnasiet uden at have planer for hvad skulle bruge uddannelsen til, men min mor insisterede fordi jeg med hvilken som helst anden uddannelse ikke ville kunne få forsikringserstatning, der vil kunne dække mig rimeligt. Så nu arbejder jeg i en butik indtil jeg ved hvad jeg vil bruge mit liv på.

22 responses to “366. The Well of Grace Boarding Academy”

  1. Jadyn finnegan says :

    I went to this boys home for 14 and a half months it was like a cult we were beaten, threatened, yelled at, locked up and “broken down.” They said it was all in the name of God. We were forced to work most all the time, and the little free time we got was very boring considering we weren’t allowed to leave. When we did leave we were in a way forced to sell for them. We would sell candy bars or $20 candles from business to business, we would sell for 8 hrs.per day and 5days a week. We were basically pimped out, we brought in thousands a day and kept nothing. I even made it to the very top I was what they called an sjs the highest rank a boy can be in that home, they were to pay me $50aweek, I counted it all up I should have left with $1000 but I got none of it instead the pastor used it to bond out of jail. What ever happened to the tens of thousands of dollars we made every week? Are they just going to let them go with a small slap on the hand, ignore it. This can’t happen my wounds are still healing literally. They destroyed my life I have become use less, and no one can help me now it’s to late, I am now 16 years old I am two grades behind and am still expected to finish school on time, and after that what?

    • anthony chase says :

      its me anthony chase remember the js. whats your phone #so i can contact you brah.i love you bro and i really want to talk to you

    • anthony chase says :

      hey its me anthony i really hope you remember me if you want to talk to me call 240-440-1842

    • Anthony Chase says :

      hey finnegan its me anthony the other js. i really hope you remembe rme because i remember you if you ever need me just call 240-440-1842 and if i dont answer just keep calling because i will pick up. its crazy what happened there. if you dont belive its me just know that its me because i know you have the biggeset head in the world brah please reply back bra i love u

    • Anthony Chase says :

      hey its me anthony from the well lof grace boarding academy

    • Lisa Arquette says :

      Jaydn, check out http://www.lifeskillsintl.org this program will change your life. Where are you from? Im from upstate NY, my daughter was violated in the New Creations Christian boarding school and we got her out. Now the place is closing because CPS is investigating the place. My number is 315-323-1064. This Lifeskills Program helps people who have had trauma, which freezes your emotional development when it occurs between birth and puberty, and gets you unstuck and brings healing to your core. Nothing like this program, we became facilitators and directors of this program founded by Dr Paul Hegstrom from Aurora CO out of our own pain and trauma, and its changed our lives. Feel free to call me, and anyone else who has been traumatized through rejection,incest,sexual abuse, emotional or physical abuse.Check out Dr Paul Hegstroms videos on youtube which will give you more info about this. Again, my number is 315323-1064 Lisa Arquette from Massena NY

    • Dominic Weaver says :

      Yo it’s Dominic Weaver it has been like 3 years I just saw this post. I want to talk to you guys feel free to email me at djweaver18@yahoo.com or 3306311103. Much love to you all that shit was crazy it feels like a dream we went through it.

    • Dominic Weaver says :

      Yo its Dom call me if you ever see this 3306311103

  2. Anthony Chase says :

    please answer and pease call me

  3. Anthony Chase says :

    its really me i can tell you all the boys in the homes names like marcello, wilk, jubal jacob jones and others

  4. Anthony Chase says :

    i was molested

  5. Anthony Chase says :

    fuck u t finn

  6. Anthony Chase says :

    fuck u to finnegan if you dont want to call me

  7. Shane A says :

    Hey guys its shane hows it going??

  8. Chris says :

    This is some serious fuking bullshit… For real!… If it wasn’t for this school I’d probably be in jail!… This school changed my life an helped me be a better man!…. As a matter of fact, I was the firs person to come to the school, and the last one to leave!… I could tell u everything about the school!… And I sure as hell can say that nobody was molested! It’s fuking bullshit! People just wanting attention that’s all… All us guys became friends ther- scratch that- we became a family… We ate together worked together helped each other with school… We all was fuking up our lives but the school made us better people… An that’s the gods honest truth!

  9. Anthony Chase says :

    brah idc what yall said yall ruined my fuken life

  10. Anthony Chase says :

    im in the 9 th grade supposed to be in 10th and i failed my 9th grade year just because of that boarding academy.

  11. Anthony Chase says :

    shane whats up

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