114. Phoenix House

This drug rehab was founded based on values from a religious community which was closed by the IRS.

However the run an ordinary drug rehab based on profit. A former employee state:

The residents are forbidden from talking about their past (how can a person battle addiction if they don’t battle where it started?), the residents are screamed at and degraded. The counselors in the womens program care nothing about the women. They have had women residents having affairs with male staff members, women leaving the program pregnant by male residents, women being “successfully discharged” because they were private pay when in fact they were no where near “successful”. One of the counselors in the womens unit takes photos of herself in the bathroom of the women’s building to put on facebook. She also compares notes about men on facebook with women residents. The only counselors that cared about the residents, and actually did counseling work were fired or pushed to the point of quitting. Parents have complained over and over to no avail. There is no real counseling at Phoenix House. The job is just a paycheck for the staff.

Another former employee focus on the high turnover among the employees:

I worked for this company for 3+ years.
I have seen the turnover rate for employees SO HIGH, I never thought I would be affected.
Management is HORRIBLE, and its all politics
This company is known to be corrupt.
The worst part about it is that the clients’ suffer, because they are not getting the help they deserately need, because majority of staff are not qualified and/or completely incompetent.

It does not sound like fun for the clients. Some may have entered as an alternative til prison hoping to be cured for their addiction and then they are not getting what they hoped for. Rather cruel if you take my word for it.


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