28. Alternative Youth Academy

Parents in Control is stated on their homepage. What parents sending their kids of to this program in Georgia get is everything but control. It is kids leaving their home once they turn 18 never to be seen again they get.

The first 72 hours at the school are the most critical for a new student, said Dr. Rommys Chad, the principal of the school.

The student is sent into an isolation room for that entire time. They are not allowed to leave and cannot escape. Ridding the student of their anger and pride is the first step – break them down to build them up new and proper.

“It’s like being in jail,” she said. “We send a message immediately: behave.”

It is basically a prison. Prisons teach violence and anger. This place should be investigated but the owners properly will state that they saw god and then it will be the end of any supervision.

School teaches wayward teens life lessons (North Fulton)

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  1. O says :

    I was a student there. All I have to say is, that place needs to be investigated and shut down. You go in with your parents thinking it will lesson their problems and their child’s. it created more problems for my whole family. I need more therapy now then ever before , and sleeping pills so I can sleep at night. They drain you of your money, they false advertise and have a lot of fraud issues.

    • Laura pilafas says :

      To the student above. I am struggling terribly with my son, but feel I am out of alternatives. I am at the point that I don’t know what to do. From your point of view,what is the answer?

    • Franky banks says :

      I personally would never send my child away. Especially to aya! If it was as great as they make it out to be why are there so many negative comments??
      Its crap. I know ive been. And i left!! I did not feel comfortable at all & they run everything by fear. As a comment below stated. Kids will be kills but its like a prison! Really think about how you may damage your kid in the long run. Parents do your job! Dont let these AH have to do it for you!!!
      I wanna repeat i would never send my kid there!!!! Ever

    • One Happy Parent says :

      Your wish came true! AYA was ‘raided’ by the GBI on Friday August 21, 2015. The warrant was obtained by the Roswell PD and GBI “Fraud” task force. Now, the FBI (according to sources (parents) who have been contacted by agents from the FBI field office, has been called in to inspect the seized records. I have a real good feeling that Ms. Rommys Beltran, a self-proclaimed decorated Law Enforcement Officer, will soon be facing some very serious charges.

  2. Aconcerned Parent says :

    A concerned Parent responded to Pilafas and ALL OTHER PARENTS reading this review:

    Ms. Pilafas I am actually a parent that used to be in AYA when the above student (Olivia) was there. Olivia used to be a problem teen at AYA and the staff was constantly dealing with her manipulation and lies as she is a compulsive liar. This particular student was raised by a single parent that is in denial of her daughter’s needs and does not have the time to deal with her. On the other hand, Olivia (16 at the time) disrespects her mother constantly and abuses her physically and verbally so much to the point that AYA became an intervention between both after her father (who seems to be the only one that makes sense in the equation even though he doesn’t live with them) recommended the program.

    My son was also in the program during that time and he said that Olivia was constantly offering “sexual favors” to the boys, flashing the boys and looking for hidden corners where the cameras could not reach her to prompt the boys to oral sex. I was one of the “active parents” involved in the intervention of her as the Dean, Dr. Beltran (A wonderful woman that has taken the responsibility to do this job with these kids) was constantly watching over Olivia and bringing her to her office to talk to her about “Self respect”. Olivia got many boys in trouble including mine as she continued to offer herself to them and then acting as a victim saying the boys were asking her to do so.

    Olivia even told me she could not be accepted in any public, nor private school because of her behavioral record. AYA took her and gave her the opportunity to fix her troubles and move on. What AYA didn’t know was that not only Olivia needed help but her mother was more of a problem that she was. Olivia’s mom was constantly making calls to AYA blaming every staff member for the lies that Olivia fabricated on a daily basis. Olivia was placed in AYA therapeutic program daily to deal with her issues. Surprisingly, her mother decided to pull her out before the maturity of the contract paying for the penalties of the early termination.

    Now my question to Olivia is: Really? you are going to trash AYA after they offer to help you? You know how much they work with you and tried to help you!…. Don’t be a coward and come to a blog to trash AYA. You are a low and dirty human been. I also know that you have been calling AYA students to lure them into convincing their parents to pull them out and you were the master mind behind the bad review from Heal on line. What’s the matter with you? Why do you hate them so much all they did was tried to help you.

    Now you can’t go to any school but only “on line classes” from home. Well use your time wisely and quit hurting the people that tries to give you a hand. AYA did not hurt you. You did and your lazy mother who doesn’t want to take responsibility for you.

    We need to send state officials to your house to investigate the kind of values your mother is instilling on you!

    Mrs. Pilafas don’t be asking for counseling from this little girl. She is not even a Mom. She didn’t learn her lesson. My best advise to you and any other parent reading this post is to visit AYA and get to know the program. AYA did wonders with my son and I witnessed other families getting the same benefit. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable of what they are doing.

    Ask to meet with the Dean. She is a very knowledgeable and respected doctor in the Georgia Hispanic community. Dr. Beltran has been recognized personality of the year, she has been in TV on a reality show, she writes a column for a local newspaper and keeps getting inquires by local television and radio networks as she is considered an expert in troubled teen matters.

    I had the opportunity to work close to her and see with my own eyes her dedication and love for these kids while all of the other schools are throwing them the streets and denying education.

    Make your own judgment. Visit them.


    Aconcerned Parent. .

    • jack1993 says :

      If I wasn’t concerned before I saw your comment, I am now. You refer students you cannot handle to Restoration Youth Academy, which is a kind of boot camp styled boarding school. Among the employees there there are employees who have been at Bethel Boys Academy. Bethel Boys Academy was raided and closed by the state due to the treatment of children.

      I find the whole idea of an internal investigation wrong. An investigation needs to be conducted externally by the authorities when we are talking such serious incidents.

      • Aconcerned Parent says :

        Mr. Jack

        I know the people from RYA as well. My boy went there and spent few months in the residential program. RYA are been the victims of other people like Olivia and her irresponsible mother. Don’t believe everything people says in blogs. There are many companies in America whose have been shut down for irregularities but that doesn’t mean that all employees are responsible. As a matter of fact and for people that lacks intelligence, Bethel was shut down but obviously if the people working there did not go to jail or had charges that means they were not involved.

        As an employee you don’t need to carry the faults of the company you work for. Why don’t we start a riot against the tobacco companies, they are killing people legally and with a license. Why our system is not doing anything about these juveniles and whenever someone starts some kind of help they become the criminals?

        By the way… do you have a trouble teen? because if you don’t you have not idea what parents suffer on a daily basis on trying helping their teens so your comments are useless if you don’t….

    • One Happy Parent says :

      HA! I think you have been exposed as a ‘fake’.

  3. Aconcerned Parent says :

    So this blog was created by an alcoholic??? a rebellious teen who had a tantrum because she or he were denied to drink on a youth camp??? This is ridiculous!!!! I just read the part of: “Why this blog” OMG!!! I feel like I been played. Google needs to remove this false review from the main page that describes AYA. This is a defamation of character… this alcoholic is probably in a mental institution by now…

    • Rotsne says :

      Unlike the author I am not a teenager. I am a father of two children. I happen to agree with his characterization of this place. I understand that I unlike you live in a society so well developed that we can have a low allowing 16 year olds to buy all the alcohol they want as long as the percentage is below 16.5 and that lack of culture where you live might disclose you from a normal viewpoint from a parent.

      I also live in city with troubled youth. Troubled youth here is youth who don’t drink and shun themselves from the socializing process connected with the Friday bars which we have in our local high school. You should call our police station and make an inquiry. They will tell you can this troubled youth did celebrate 9/11 and they are responsible for most to the use of guns for crime in Denmark.

      When I discovered that my children had reached the age where they started to drink alcohol, I just asked them to phone me if they had too much so I could get them safe home. Drinking alcohol is a normal rite of passage for teenagers in a civilized country.

      So in my mind he has every right to critize this private prison for teens. He is the kind of Dane I see a future in. Not long ago Denmark delivered a major blow to the morale of the terrorists who attacked not only your country on 9/11 but also our way of life that day. The Cartoon war as it was called and which we won was made with the very same tools this young Dane attacks your school with: The weapon of a better knowledge based on a superior culture.

    • jack1993 says :

      If I havn’t guessed it already I alone am not able to search the Internet finding 1000 places. I have help. It is my blog but I am aided with facts from volunteers all over the world. Even some in Atlanta, Georgia. I happen to support the cause of deframing such places based on my own experience. I had an awful boarding school experience. That has made me the person I am today. I am not an alcoholic unless you think that all persons aged below 21 who drinks alcoohol are alcoholics. I study and have a job beside it. My motivation to get up every single day is anger and hate due to the period of my life I lost.

      I volunteer for an organization called Domestic prisoners of conscience and most of the fact on this page is gathered from Fornits Wiki, so you can see that this is more than just an angry Dane hitting a less developed culture.

  4. AnneB says :

    Locking teenagers up for just being teenagers should be outlawed. I will never imprison my children for acting out. It doesn’t even matter if they break the laws. They will still be my children. However I will raise to respect our values and shun the outside world like the European Union which has imposed so much suffering on us Danes.

    I have seen a lot of troubled teens in my time and they are an image of their parents. I cannot remember how many times I have been parents lesson their children in the supermarket for lack of respect for authority only to view the parents themselves do as they don’t want their children to do. We are not talking kittens here. The children are not born blind. They watch and observe their parents and then they act based on what they did see.

    We are talking small things like speaking polite to us employees. Running red light. Walk in the streets instead on the side of the streets. The parents are breaking down the respect for the laws and rules they want their children to respect.

    So sending the children away to some kind of private prison doesn’t work. Changing themselves do work.

  5. J Soerensen says :

    I have support my wife and soon to be mother of my children on this (AnneB). Not only find I the idea of shipping teenagers away who haven’t broken the law and if a teenager should be confined it must be by court order only. In a globalized world we cannot have some parents creating their own little prison for their teens. The world is full of dangers. Locking them up will only postpone the life they will chose to live anyway.

    Second think about what they miss out in life. I had to live far from civilization due to my education. The 3 years I endure in Jutland was own choice. Days with schooling and the internet as my only mean of communication with decent people. I will be able to return home to Zealand this summer and I have a job offer at hand. Despite a child entering my life and a good job ahead there is not a single day where I ask myself if my ordeal has been worth it. How many parties did I miss? How many birthdays in my family have I been unable to attend? My grandfather died last year and while I was able to attend his funeral I didn’t have the opportunity to spend the last months of his life being able to talk to him in person. So I have been doubting whether I did the right thing in life all 3 years. I have a gap – a black hole – in my past I can never fill.

    I want to ask this so-called concerned parent: Don’t you think that you child will find that you robbed him of months even years he cannot do over?

  6. Aconcerned Parent says :

    Wait a minute…. wait a minute…. this is all a wrong idea. First of all: AYA has been misinterpreted by this Mr. Jack who thinks he has the right to trash a program he doesn’t even know. AYA is a day program. All children go home at night and on the weekends. Mr. Jack you need to really research places before you start trashing them.
    On the other hand, children sent to AYA are some court ordered, some voluntary and some others placed by parents. AYA is not a prison, they actually rescue the youth from the prisons, yes they go to court and fight for these youth’s freedom. Once they are out, they offer them an opportunity to finish school, stay clean from drugs and get mental health help.
    This program does not believe in tearing families apart but in reuniting them together. Their therapeutic programs are made to rebuild the family and the relationships between parents and the children.
    I don’t know what kind of experience you had in your life Mr. Jack but it is certainly not fair to trash people around that are truly doing the right thing for those kids that are lost in the streets of our cities.

    Also for those parents that “think” they can never be pushed to their limits by their teens… I have another story to tell you. AYA is flooded with calls and visits daily of parents that are in crisis, affected by the behavior of their teenage kid. Desperate parents crying out for help because they have tried EVERYTHING!! Counseling, wilderness programs, psychiatric hospitals, jail, etc. Parents that are financially drained. They had spent thousands of dollars in “conventional help”. They are devastated because after all that efforts, their teen, still don’t stop getting in trouble. It Is devastating. I will love to invite you to spend one day in AYA and tell me what could you do to help those families.

    Besides all these, AYA works hand-to-hand with law enforcement to rescue runaway juveniles, abused and prostituted children. AYA also has private investigators that locate and rescue these kids. Remember that AYA owner, Dr. Beltran is a former corrections and police officer so she uses her resources and knowledge to help the families.

    Now, tell me you parents who know it all… do you still think this place should be under the category you are placing it? In this so called “1000 places you don’t want to be crap?”

    I am a volunteer parent in this place which by the way is a non-profit organization. I am proud to be a volunteer for them because I see how many kids have been restored to their families and neighborhoods. I seen these kids out of prisons with light in their eyes and a smile in their faces after they thought they were criminals…

    Mr. jack you should be ashamed of trashing places that you haven’t even visited personally. They may not be what you think at all…

    • The Great One says :

      Look I can shut the whole blog down by simply stating i worked there. I know every end and out and every short cut taken, that place was by no means professional nor for the benefit of installing discipline into the kids. There for 1 was no hot water during the period i worked there because the gas bill wasen’t paid. Also over 30 kids parents paid a tuition and the kids each got 2 1 dollar menu item from McDonald’s or 2 slices from a 5 dollar little cc’s pizza located up the street, that was their dinner, the copy machine got repod, the only thing that the aya had working in their favor was the fact they hired in veterans to give the kids slight discipline and corrective actions for their behavior which i i too am a veteran. those kids learned from the sgt’s but the sgt’s didn’t have the physiological mind frame to help permanently correct the kids all we could do was install fear and that’s not how kids should have to live. Ive moved on to a better job but ill leave you with this, parents will pay a great deal of money for their kids to attend the school but in return it’s a money crypt for Dr.Beltran and not a benefit for the kids

      • Rebecca Martinez says :

        Shut up Harris!! … you are the one is not professional at all… You are a loser who cannot find a job. You have 4 career’s and can not execute neither one… you are a loser, arrogant of no skills, jobless, JERK!! And you only worked there 2 weeks. They fired you for been CRAZY!! and dangerous to the kids… let’s don’t mention the fact that you stole items from the school, broke into the place and erased the cameras system so they could not find what you did. You caused a lot of damages there… YOU ARE VICIOUS, COWARD AND CRAZY!! Of course you didn’t last there and you didn’t last in any of the other schools you worked before either… Keep bringing shit up and I will continue to expose you!! COWARD!!!
        What experience do you have on troubled kids!! If you are as good as you advertise you are, you would not be jobless, at least you have your own program!! but can’t even do that!
        Like it or not AYA is the # 1 Boot Camp for teens in Georgia! Did you hear that Loser? Swallow it!!! and learn to wear some pants faggot!!

        And the copier didn’t get repo Asshole!! they bought a new one. And Dr. Beltran works pro bono there idiot!! and the school is the cheapest in the entire US do your homework before you open your stinky mouth!! see? this is the problem, you never understood the dynamics of AYA.
        And you are not a veteran on anything… all the staff despised you because of your arrogance …. There were rumors that you were trying to take male students in isolated places and to the woods. I strongly believe you are pedophile. Dr. Beltran fired you before you made your moves on the kids.
        You are always lying and making up stories…. you are real trash!!!

        Good luck to you useless member of society!!

    • Love my Child says :

      Concerned Parent….please read my post. I’d appreciate having a dialogue with you about you and your son’s experience. Also, if you can refer the parent of any teen girl in the program I may be able to chat with, I’d greatly appreciate it. (We have removed the email due to spam concerns. There are options on the webpage of the facility to communicate or by social networks)

    • One Happy Parent says :

      You Sir/Madam are full of s**t. This place is a scam and has been for 4+ years. Finally the devil gots is due this past Friday when the school was raided by the GBI.

    • former AYAemployee says :

      your great school closed! thank God.

  7. Virginia Cochran says :

    AYA is an awesome place. I recommend it to all parents who need their services!!

  8. Greg Smith says :

    Just in response to the “great one” it does not appear to me that you are as great as you are bluffing to be. I had a great experience sending my son to AYA and I would recommend this place to other parents. I never had the impression on the military personnel being un knowledgable of their teachings, but the other way around. It is also my understanding there is licensed and certified mental health professionals for what the Sgts are not required to have “psychological knowledge” of this area. Furthermore it appears to me on a way you speak about AYA that you lack real knowledge of the operations and organization of the Academy.

  9. benteshjemmeblog says :

    I don’t know what kind of parent who would need the “services” of this place. All I know is that I as mother of two children never would put my children in a situation like this regardless of their behavior.

    There is no reason that children are kept from the society even if the society is dangerous because once they are 18 they are free to choose a life of their choice. Places like AYA is only warehousing and it prepares the children badly for their future to come.

  10. Rebecca Martinez says :

    Hello Dumb Asses…. Wrong again!!! AYA is not keeping kids from society!!! Is a day program they go home each day! Shut your mouths up before talking crap to the world!

    • Rotsne says :

      They also go home every day from Grey High School in South Africa every day. Among criteria’s decided by the group whether a facility or a school should be on this blog is not so much if the students are forced to sleep there but whether the facility forces certain life styles or beliefs upon the students.

      I have to acknowledge that we would have missed investigating the school if the management had not made business with the now defunct Restoration Youth Academy in Pichard. But the management took the decision to make arrangements with this re-born version of Bethel Boys Academy (which was raided and closed by the authorities) and it put the school into our spotlight. We don’t travel around the world. It is one of the advantages of being a Dane. We live in a very informed society and we utilize a network of youth activists around the world who send their information to our database for processing. We understand that many people are not happy with our blog-entry but we don’t really care because it is our opinion that we have done a fine job and that is our only concern.

  11. Love my Child says :

    I recently visited the school and am considering sending my teen daughter there. If any PARENTS of current or recently graduated students OR current or recently graduated students themselves have any honest feedback or are willing the share/discuss their experience, I’d really appreciate it. I am not interested in hearing from those who oppose these type of institutions or would never send their children to such a place….. Please only parents who like me see a diar need to change behavior and lifestyle for their children and who have real experience and honest input. I thank you in advance.

    • jack1993 says :

      “Love my Child”: While I can read that you are in no interest communicating with our organization, I will recommend doing two things regarding your daughter:

      1) She needs to know that she will enter a prison like system if she doesn’t change her behavior into something you want. In an article on a webpage now offline for unknown reason on the address northfulton.com students and managers gave a positive impression on what is going on, but they also told that the students are treated just as if they entered a juvenile facility when they start in the school. In fact they are treated worse because the first week is almost solitary confinement where they are not allowed to interact with the rest of the students.

      2) She needs to know what would happen if this Alternative Youth Academy fails her and they do in some cases when they used to ship students to the now-closed Restoration Youth Academy which was built on a behavior modification system invented at Bethel Boys Academy which was raided and closed by the authorities. She can end up living in a similar place.

      Your daughter seems to have made poor choices according to your guidelines and she also fails to realize that she lives in one of only two countries in the world which have not ratified the U.N. convention of the child. Without federal accept of this convention she is close to have fewer rights than a dog or a cat. She has no knowledge that there are facilities like Alternative Youth Academy out there and she could end up in them if she does not turn into the Stepford-child you want. Please give her a chance to change her ways.

      Sit down with her and set the guidelines so she can be prepared for her 18th years birthday where she can move out and move forward the life she wants alternatively look into living options with relatives because it seems very clear that she and you are not good for each other.

      • Wesleyright says :

        To: Love my child. I am a true testimonial of AYA. This is the advise I can give you: “Never take advice by people who does not have a difficult child”. This guy “Jack1993” you don’t even make sense. They do not know any better. My son went to AYA and I cannot be more pleased right now. The staff is very professional, they worked together with my family to get things accomplished. My son is sincerely a new child. Values, organization, respect, were instilled in him. My wife and I exhausted all conventional methods and nothing worked, we could not get him to understand these basic values of life. I will highly recommend you to AYA. Don’t listen to anybody, make your own decision. I had great results.

      • Rotsne says :

        I have children. I have children who drinks alcohol aged only 16. In some cultures this would be considered a problem, but here in Denmark his actions are legal. He has a stubborn personality. We don’t always agree. He has punched holes in the war and that takes something because the quality of the craftsmanship in Denmark are so much better than the one I saw when I was in the US. Yes, I have been to your country. Jack does not have children, but his statement is support by the entire group where some of us have this task, which should be the most important job in the world.

        I have to say that I despite the difficulties I have with my children that enrollment in a program like AYA would be close to criminal here in Denmark and certainly not an option I ever would consider. The social services would be all over me and that is only fair because what I have learned from our local sources where you live is not nice.

      • Alex says :

        Mr. Jack1993
        Who is going to be interested in reading your lies? You keep misrepresenting this school and blogging them for no reason. You need to get a life. If I was the owner of AYA I would have taken you to court already for defamation of character. I know them very well, I know the staff and the owners and I can only tell you that everything you and your supporters are saying is false. You are working very hard on destroying the reputation of a an amazing program and a great school. I hope you can sleep at night knowing what you are doing. You are not only damaging the image of the school but the families who need this type of help.

      • Rotsne says :

        I will answer for Jack because he is busy with his firm right now. What Jack wrote was approved by the board. I have to say that I support his criticism of the program. As for suing you are welcome to try it in a Danish court.

        We are used to receive criticism for our publications. Our organization was founded based on one of the proudest moments in the history of Denmark – the cartoon war – where we as a nation was able to place a decisive blow against the supporters of terrorism during the war on terror. You can state what you want. We do know better based on the superior nature of our culture. We do know that the best interests of the children on long term basis would be not to be attending this so-called school.

  12. Rebecca Martinez says :

    Ohhh… I see. Thank you very much for letting all of us know that your culture allows juvenile delinquency. We can further compare us with some Chinese cultures were they need to “sale” their 12 year old, virgin daughters to older man because they get paid good money. Also in some “Latino” cultures in Central and South America, the male teenage is taken to the farms to have sex with the female donkey so their penis can grow larger.

    As Americans we can understand “cultural differences” but we would stand by the definitions of our culture. A trouble teen in America is a child who describes the following behavior: a child under the age of 18th whose refuses to go to school, leaves the house and/or the school without permission, is disrespectful to adults, is defiant to authority, runs away, may use illegal drugs and/or alcohol, some are very aggressive engaging in physical fights very easy, some beat their parents, grandparents and/or siblings, some fight in the streets or schools hurting younger teens, some sale drugs in our schools, some steal, break into cars, houses, etc., others are more advanced and can kill or injure others really bad. This the American definition of a “trouble teen”. AYA helps the ones that are in the beginning and middle stage along with the kids that need mental health assistance.

    A very good example is the girl who started the first comment in this blog, she call herself “O”, well she runs her house, her mother is very scare of her, she beats her mom and recently, I saw her walking “naked” in the streets of Atlanta, on a Gays Parade. She is under 18th, but the funny thing is that she is asking to investigate AYA; Or the so called Mr. “Greatone” who claims he worked in AYA but was fired for suspicious actions leading to pedophile behavior and who only worked there for 2 weeks.

    If we keep listening to this “wackos” we will continue to miss out opportunities to get help.

    I see this blog was created by someone from another culture who does not even understand Americans and their needs. We live in a precious country that provides the most intelligent professionals in the world. Let’s believe and trust in our resources.

    My best advise to all those confused parents of troubled teens is to go and investigate yourself. Don’t listen to these blogs that have no credibility.

    You can all write me at: rebemartinez@gmail.com.

    Thank you all!!

  13. Greg Smith says :

    To Mr. Jack-ass1993: I would also call you Joke instead of Jack! You are not even an American! What makes you think that you can criticize or judge our youth or our programs? What makes you think you have the right to place this program in your fraudulent list of schools? You are a fraud, a real joke!!! To me you are an ignorant talking out of your behind. This blog has no credibility.

  14. Vanessa Romero says :

    Honestly this place is horrible. I went there . I mean , it helps you stop bieng bad for the time you there, because u cant run away. But as soon as i went home, i was back to doing to what i usually did. Honestly , im way worst now. Im a give west now. That school didnt help me at all. I liked the people there though. nuff said.

    • Rebecca Martinez says :

      Vanessa, honey, you have said something very real “you did well while you were there” what that means is that you are able to do better. Is not the place, is you who refuses to change. You didn’t learn what you were suppose to learn and insisted on going back to your old ways just to prove your point. I remember you and believe me you are a great girl. It is possible that you needed more time to discover your own capabilities and potential. This place was horrible because it forced you to do well. You admitted already that you can function well under a strict discipline. Don’t give up! Keep trying you can do it!!

      • birthe1951 says :

        What if there is nothing to learn. What it the ethics and standards are different in her subculture?

        People make choices we don’t have to agree upon. Given that she is growing up in a world different from the one we grew up in with the cold war, no internet etc. her choices might be right for youth of her time. Why should we then judge and try to alter her ways? Maybe it is her parents who are in need of parenting classes and update on what is going on in the world!

  15. iris arellano says :

    Hello, I just want to say, this is the most ignorant piece of report I have read about the school. It is dumb. I have been to this school. These kids are treated with respect, discipline and dignity. They are being built up, not broken down.
    They are encouraged to be better and not worst.

    There is an entire mental health department readily available to them.

    Instead of making assbackwards remarks abd comments about a place you know nothing about, why don’t you take a trip there . Do not speak about what you do not know and build them a bad reputation because you are only hurting the future of the future children that may attend this school. You are not saving them but risking them with such a hostile report without basis. Stop it and see it for yourself……

    As I am reading the comments I am finding that people are saying that AYA is encarceration and bla bla bla.
    Just because you had a bad experience at a boarding it does not make them all equal.
    AYA is a SEMI- boarding school. Keep in mind: Semi.
    That means, kids go in at 6am and go home at 6pm.
    They are fed abd taught discipline and respect. No one instills fear into them. I havr spoken and gotten to know the staff, including the military staff, the teachers and councelors. The sargeants are amazingly kind hearted people that ONLY want the best for these kids. The military staff are parents themselves and they enjoy being around these kids.
    You can genuinely see and feel the atmosphere of care here.
    And let me explain, we are not talking about kids with anger issues or drinking problems alone. We are talking about kids who have done major offenses. They aren’t sweet, cuddley bundles of joy. They are often gangmembers, some have abused or physically hurt their parents, some are there for drug trafficking or substance abuse, and even sexual assault. I spoke to a girl there that when she grew up she wanted to clean houses because she did not believe her head was good enough for college since she had done so many drugs at 14. You know what is like to be 14 and not want to aspire to anything? It’s heart breaking. AYA brings in guest speakers to get the kids motivated to do better. So, I don’t understand …why is it hard to believe that a place like this could have the best intentions at heart?

    • Rotsne says :

      Now it is more than just a boarding school student who had a poor experience. Jack is the author of the post but that is only because WordPress allows only one user and we prefer to write out post with our names under it rather than some kind of invented identity.

      What Jack expresses in this post is the common opinion of us all in the human rights organization we work for. We don’t believe in any restriction of children unless they are court ordered. Had this Academy been for court-referrals only it would properly not been mentioned.

      As for aspiring we as Danes don’t believe in it. Denmark is a well-managed country where people are so to say born for a destiny and a level in our society. Children are born to be kings and queens; they cannot be elected to be so. Children coming from homes from an academically background are 100 times more likely to achieve an academically degree than people from a working class environment. It is a fine thing because if everybody reaches out for the same, frustration is the result. Frustration causes anger, it causes crime. Just as the Chinese government we Danes believe in happiness and harmony. If your children sit down and socialize over beers and wine, they become happy people. They become people in harmony and in balance with themselves. In our mind we don’t find it wrong that a 14 year old girl does not aspire to anything just as long as she find a working place where she will find happiness serving while socializing with the co-workers over a beer or wine after work. Even work in the public sector will do as long as harmony is reached.

      Look at our crime rate compared to yours. If you take the same number of the population the percentage going to prison is almost 10 times as high in your country. The number of murders is very low and almost confined to immigrant circles where the individuals have not learned that they have to earn a rise on the social ladder in our society over generations.

      We feel that we as Danes have a special obligation to speak out against unjust in the world. We also feel the need to lecture the population elsewhere just as we did in our most important contribution to the war on terrorism – the cartoon war. Of course we realize that people based on their local belief combined with lack of knowledge might be offended, but never the less we feel that we must fulfill our mission in life to lecture and cause emotional growth outside Denmark.

      So we are sorry that you are offended. However we cannot stop our mission. As for AYA. They have to feed themselves. It takes money. Somewhere along the lines AYA’s operation is for profit.

      • TRUTH says :

        AYA IS ALL ABOUT PROFIT. AND ONLY FOR ROMMYS BELTRAN. AYA, which recently had to change their name to Advancing Youths Academy, to try to dodge bad publicity and creditor, is a rip off. I worked there. ROMMYS BELTRAN, who calls herself a “Dr.” but has no bona fide credentials is a fake. The school charges parents private college tuition prices for very little to show for it. The kids use a self paced curriculum from A.C.E. a Christian organization based in Texas. There are only two teachers , neither certified for the whole school. If students don’t do their assignments, they are just “given ” credits when they leave the program to shut the parents up. The school claims to be accredited but is accredited through some Christian accreditation agency that has nothing to do with the state. We had multiple students try to ‘re enrolled in public school and not have their credits accepted. The staff is not trained or certified in anything. If you are a prospective parents, ask to see certification. BELTRAN mismanaged the money to the extent that staff was always paid late and paid poorly of paid at all, while she drives a Mercedes Benz and fly yearly to south America for multiple plastic surgies. Physical and emotional abuse takes place on a daily basis and employees are bullied or threatened to stay quiet. Both “a concerned parent ” and “Rebecca Martinez ” who responded above are BELTRAN usin w different names to try to defend her scam. I have personally seen and heard all of this with my own eyes and ears. And if you stick up for the kids, you get what happened to me. You get told you are fired and they keep all the back pay they owe you and threaten to sue you if you talk. This place is a money farm for BELTRANs person pocket and a narcissistic boost to he huge ego. She never made it as a Cobb county police officer, so she decided to get a fake degree and then scam parents, most of whom are illegal Hispanic immigrants who don’t know any better, out of lost of money. For shame! Don’t let these sick people sucker you in.

  16. YAREMY says :


  17. YAREMY says :


    • Iris Arellano says :

      Buy Mansions? LOL are you serious?
      You are delusional? No one owns mansions. I wish we did. That’s funny.

    • former AYAemployee says :

      You are speaking the truth that’s why the place was raided. Beltran has all he time I, the world now to make a post on this blog. I worked there too. I saw firsthand the despicable things they did to the youth. All former students and employees should file a joint suit so Beltran never works with another child again…not even her successful children.

  18. TRUTH says :

    Also, the “Iris Arellano” posting above is an employee of AYA, and related to the owner.

    • Iris Arellano says :

      ELLIS: My name is Iris Arellano; I am dean’s sister. I put in work for the school too even though I am not an employee (officially). I put in a lot of work to focus the kids on positive things such as arts and music. It is something that I do because I want to, I like those kids. What does me being the sister of the dean important?

      Ellis, with all due respect, please get off your high horse. You were let go because you essentially sucked at every single thing that you did. Some people touch anything and becomes gold, and you … you’re a dark person. The day I met you over three years ago, you did not know whom I was and there you were talking crap about the place. You were very unethical. Apparently you were very unpleasant to everyone there because no one has good things to say about you. My sister tried very hard to work with you, she helped you so many times and all you ever did was talk badly about the place. She knew this and still didn’t fire you. I don’t know you well however, you’re always angry. You’re always complaining about every single thing in life. You’re just not a happy person, unfortunately. People that start off the day with their left foot, and walk through life on their left foot bringing nothing but negative energy to their life can’t be successful. Maybe you should take up meditation, or a hobby; Focus yourself on better things in life than slandering the place that fed you for over three years or the person that tried to help you. I also suggest you see a therapist because your mood swings more than whiplash, kid.

      As far as my sister goes, she does own a Benz. I don’t know what is the big deal about that, it is a choice of preference. I don’t get what your point is when it comes to making that irrelevant mention of the car she drives. It is easy for you to judge her upon that; but what you have no idea is of her struggles or how much and how hard she has worked to get the things that she is now getting.
      About her trips to South America, LOL. Seriously: LOL. What about them?We are from there and we continue to have family there. Is that bad too?
      If she gets plastic surgery or not, that is also irrelevant. She is a doctor and she can do whatever she wants, but on top of that, her husband is an Engineer that makes like 10 times what she makes. She does not have to work if she does not want to because her husband makes enough money to support her yet she still does.

      And as far as your allegations of her not being a doctor. Now, this seriously irks me. It makes me very mad because now you are seriously slandering. This is defamation of character at it’s best. One thing is that you do not like the fact that you got fired for being lazy, or that you do not like the management approach of the school or anything. Fine because you’re entitled to an opinion. I get that. But slandering, and discrediting her hard work, the years that she literary busted her ass to become a better person for her kids really bothers me. I know my sister, I know what she does and how much she cares about her ethics, her school and the kids there. The job she has is not easy, it is a full time job that follows her everywhere even on her time off with her family. Her phone is constantly ringing from Parents calling her to get her advice. She gets no rest because of nature and passion for what she does, You have nothing bad to say about her so all you can do is bring up her car and alleged plastic surgeries or try to discredit her degrees and hard work. You are truly pitiful, a coward and sorry excuse for a human being. You hide behind a keyboard and a fake name to run your mouth and talk crap about the people that always tried to help you. How many times did she not try to work with you, she put you in different projects and places to see if you were better off? You talk so much but I have never heard of you trying to make anything better for the kids? How many initiatives did you take to make anything more positive for anyone? If someone doesn’t like something they either leave or spike a change. You’re an ingrate and a coward.. She trusted you and most important she believed in you when no one bit a dime on you in AYA.

      Another thing that really bothers me is that fact that you cowardly take time to additionally slander the work of the teachers there. You’re some kind of low, for real! These people have nothing to do with you and here you are also slandering them. The teachers ARE real, certified teachers and there are more than 2 as you stated. Leave them out of your issue with the school. Those guys work very hard and have to endure a lot with the students. You’re a terrible person and good things cannot come to you. Respect.

      The most humorous things I read in your allegations was your blatant criticism and slandering of the PACE curriculum..
      LOL, really? You did your entire education on PACE!! You graduated and went to college on the PACE curriculum. How can you slander PACE and say credits are no transferring to local schools when you are an authentic graduate student of PACE? You are a hypocrite.
      My sister did make it in LAW ENFORCEMENT and is a certified jail and police officer. She is actually going back to the reserve as a Deputy Sheriff within few weeks (because she likes it). So,what do you have to say now, Ellis??
      The only hardcore sore loser here continues to be YOU.
      My sister will continue to grow and be better and you will continue to be the insignificant coward that you are now. Your lesson in this lifetime for you has not yet been learned. You have to learn about integrity, respect and being a loyal person because you lack every single thing. You passed by the Marines but not of its discipline robbed off on you, apparently.

      By the way, my sister is constantly getting invited by TV shows, radio and newspapers a as an expert in matters of troubled teens and parental skills advice. How can you even doubt her success? Helping kids have always been a passion for her. Who are you to doubt her intentions?
      What are you doing in this world to help your community, to help yourself? Self pity isn’t going to cut it.

      Hopefully one day you realize that you have to make a change in yourself. You can be better

  19. TRUTH says :

    Also I was there when both “O” and Vanessa Romero attended. They both seemed to be great kids but their parents were self absorbed and would rather pay someone else to their parenting than actually give their kids time and attention when they were obviously crying out for help. It’s been quite some time since I was there but I haven’t forgotten how they treated me, a lot of fellow employees, and most of all the kids. I am ashamed to be associated with this place. I have an insider who continues to update me with information.

    • Youthadvocate says :

      I really would like to speak with you about AYA.

      • Rommys Beltran says :

        This is what happens when you become important in life. Thank you guys former (fired) employees for the advertisement . At the end of the day is more advertisement for Us!! Only people who does good and important things in life are the ones criticized.. Donald Trump, Oprah, Obama, and a long, long list. This criticism is only left to unproductive losers who have not done anything important in their life.
        If you are so confident about what you are advertising here : Why do you hide under a fake name? Reveal your identity coward and face the public with your real name… .

        To all the people who entertains this type of advertisement: Do not honor comments where the advertiser hides his/her real identity. If what they are saying is true, then they should be able to “say it as it is” without the fear of getting sued for defamation of character.

        And Yes… I am “DOCTOR” Rommys Beltran. You can all reach me at my office for any questions: (770) 650-0000 Call us and schedule a site visit any time!! Thank you.

        PS: Keep it up C.A.Ellis.!

      • Rotsne says :

        Takjam Rotsne
        101 Kalhavevej
        DK-7171 Uldum

      • TRUTH says :

        Wow. You guys are hilarious. Wrong again. While I agree that Ellis had NO business being LT, he was your snitch and ran and told you everything. I’m sure he would be glad to know you are putting his business out there like this tho. Lol.

  20. Dulce says :

    Mi hijo actualmente esta en esa escuela ya ba por su 6 mes y e tenido tan mala experiencia que estoy tan decepcionada de esa escuela, mi hijo a tenido al alcance de el todo lo malo que se puedan imaginar…. los estudiantes son tan mal supervisados que mi hijo de 14 anos a estado involucrado en actos sexuales…. por otro lado la escuela me pide al rededor de 5000 por romper el contrato y sacarlo de esa escuela.me siento de manos atadas y la escuela lo sabe ya que estoy en otro estado…. pense que asia lo mejor para mi hijo al que el estuviera en una “escuela militar” con alto nivel de disciplina pero no es asi… estoy totalmente arrepentida… pero espero que esta pesadilla termine pronto.
    Ellos solo lucran con nuestra desesperación de padres. Y nos pintan una escuela y vivienda la cual carese de todo.

  21. Rommys Beltran says :

    I like to really thank all of our haters!!
    This blog is actually not about me or AYA, this blog is about HATE.
    The creator of this blog is a hater as well as the creator of Heal another terroristic web site who claims to help humanity. Both of these people are trouble teens themselves who continue to have a grudge against the system and refuse to become good citizens. They never, ever made it in life so the only thing they do is try to destroy others. They will never be successful, because attacking other people without a reason will sooner or later comes to catch you. Have you been sick lately? Is your life a mess? You can’t make it at work? Are important people in you life leaving and disappearing or getting hurt? think about it, when you hate so much your life is dysfunctional. This is the result of your own hate!!

    However and moving forward, I want to Thank you HATERS very much! This is the blog where everyone can say all kinds of lies and make up stories and everything they want about AYA even when they don’t know us, don’t live in this country and don’t have a trouble kid. This Is the only way this people can feel important in life and feel the center of attention.

    In the mean time, I am living my life like anyone else. AYA is more successful than ever! We are growing without stopping. This blog is not causing us any harm, on the contrary, is actually helping us with free advertising. People is coming more and more just to try to check us out just to find who we really are. You may mislead uneducated people and people who has not common sense, but intelligent people understands “HATE BLOGS”.

    I have a beautiful life no matter what you say here. I am a successful, professional woman, married to a very successful and professional man.
    I have 2 amazing and successful kids who bring nothing else than success home. My house is filled with trophies, certificates and diplomas from all of us: my family. I like to show other parents how they can be successful with their lives and their kids. Is lovely to show children who think that they can’t that they actually can achieve success. I love to see their faces and transformation. and that is the truth about us.

    HATERS, you are not going to change that… ever!! Just because you are resistant to change it doesn’t mean other people are. Ignorance will continue to keep you blind and while you are ignorant, we will continue to grow and move forward. Hate will destroy you eventually and bad things will continue to happen in your lives until you stop hating and harming others for no reason. You don’t have a cause, you only have hate. Hate will destroy you. Karma will get you sooner or later and I hope you remember what you done to deserve it.

    I really don’t have much time to check in this “fans” blog too often because believe it or not you are all my fans. Remember that while you are wasting your time making up lies about me or AYA, I am somewhere having a great time or being proactive and successful at my work. I recommend you to do the same and spend some time working on your hate and trying to be successful without hurting others. You can also be successful in life if you canalize your hate and actually do something productive and positive.

    Bye now, I need to go back to my busy agenda living my wonderful life and continuing to make AYA successful.

    Take Care Haters!

    R. Beltran.

    • Rotsne says :

      We are not haters. We believe that each child contains a lot of resources. It is our mission to tell the world how Denmark has become one of the most innovative countries in the world believing in the resources in our children. Think about Turbo Pascal. Invented by a Dane. Think about the new Intel Gigabit network cards – developed in Denmark. Think about Microsoft Business systems – invented in Denmark. I could go on. The secret of our successes are the friday bars in our high schools where the students hang out and drink some beers together after school. They don’t drop out. They remain and socialize building the social networks so they can hire old friends when one of them become successful later in life. Structure is damaging. It is not for fun that one of our finest project manager courses are called chaos pilots. A person who can operate inside structure has an easy life but also a life where nothing new is invented.

      A person who can operate in chaos and be successful has no limits in the world.

      What you are doing at your school is perhaps not destroying the lives of the teenagers but you are also putting them on a straight path directly to an unenventful life. Time has passed since we placed your school on this list. One of your former business connections got their school raided just a month ago. I don’t care if the authorities does the same with your school. I just want to inform parents and the teenagers that there are better ways to achieve success in life than choosing your school.

    • former AYAemployee says :


    • former AYAemployee says :

      You are getting everything you deserve.
      Laughing out loud!

      Keep it up so- called ” Dr”!

    • Rey says :


    • Former employee says :

      Finally arrested for fraud and impersonating a doctor. Laugh out loud. The check you sent me bounced. Beltran still owes me money. Sad.


  22. Al Freitas says :

    Vaya que pena senora Dulce, mientras a su hijo le esta llendo tan bien en la escuela usted se encarga de desprestigiarlo en publico? La verdad que con una Madre como usted, su hijo no necesita enemigos. Que tristeza que su hijo vea esto en un futuro y vea las mentiras que su propia Madre dice de el y las habla al publico. Su nino es uno de los mejores portados, hace travesuras como otros pero nada en lo que debamos preocuparnos. Que se cree usted que lo envoi a un convent para que se haga Papa? No sea tan ilusa, usted tenia un nino con problemas y lo envoi a un lugar donde lo iban a ayudar. Usted se cree que en las escuelas publicas los tienen encerrados rezando el Rosario todo el dia? No senora, la peor exposicion que pueda haber es la escuela publica, alli fue donde el aprendio a hacer las cositas que la obligaron a usted a buscarnos a nosotros. Asi que no venga a buscar al monstruo aqui porque ;la verdad es que en vez de hablar mal de su hijo, lo que deberia hacer es aplaudir todo el progreso que ha logrado y el esfuerzo que ha hecho para llegar a donde esta. Y para aclarar la escuela no le esta cobrando $ 5,000.00 usted firmo un contrato al cual ahora quiere romper y esa es la decepcion que trae, que va a tener que pagar penalidades por romper el contrato. No sea tan irresponsible lo que pasa es que ya ve a su hijo bien y anda buscando excusas para llevarselo. Usted es una malagradecida.

    • Dulce says :

      Al freitas….
      Supongo que para escribir esto usted tiene que conoser a mi hijo o a mi….
      digo amenos que cobarde mente NO aya usado su verdadero nombre….pero por las tonterias que escribió usted esta muy mal informada, se quien soy y se quien es mi hijo y eso no lo boy a discutir con usted.

  23. loganlikesmusic says :

    Rommys Beltran is a loose cannon. She behaves the exact way her students do. She flies off the handle, becomes defensive, and hurls insults trying to hit below the belt. What’s even more is that she is a criminal…..yes, a criminal. She could be brought up on several charges–writing bad checks (yes, she can’t even pay her employees because she mismanages money so badly), harrassment, aiding and abetting child abuse, and impersonating a police officer. I have proof of all of these so she needs to settle down, pay her employees on time, bite her lip and control her temper like she tries to teach the kids to do, or she might find herself in a whole lot of hot water………..Just saying. Do not send your kids to this school! They aren’t fed properly and they are being abused by a couple of the sergeants. This school, if it doesn’t change some serious issues, will be closed within the year.

    • Dee says :

      I represented a young man who was a student there. He made several complaints about his treatment at this school. I am an attorney and I’m very interested in speaking with others who’ve had similar experiences at this school.

      • Mr.Rivera says :

        My nephew was there a few months ago. He was exposed to drug’s, physical abuse and more. He and other students of AYA could talk to you.
        We just need your phone number!

      • Dee says :

        I would definitely be interested in speaking with your nephew and hearing about his experience.

        How can I contact you? Email or phone?

      • Dee says :

        Please feel free to email me directly at gayouthadvocates@gmail.com.

      • Engineer major says :

        How can I contact you? I have a lot to say.

  24. Butch Elvald says :

    I school named Advancing Youth’s Academy located in the same town and with almost the same logo was raided by the police.

    Please investigate.


    It could be the same school operating under a new marketing name.

  25. Engineer major says :

    I personally went to this school while it was still under the name “Alternative Youth Academy” back in 2011. Let me tell you…now that the school has been raided, I just want to share my grievances regarding my 6 month enrollment. It was absolutely terrible. Some of the most important things that had happened to me are as follows: I was slapped by an officer, as well as other students standing in line to use the restroom. The incident was investigated by the Georgia school bureau (honestly don’t remember the official name for it) and nothing came out of it except for the officer leaving on his own will. I had also been sexually harassed on one more than one occasion, one which became physical and once I went to the directors of the school, nothing, as always, came out of it. The dean, Rommys Beltran, also deceived my parents stating they could pull me out of the school whenever they wanted to, yet somehow hid something in the “contract” (which stated they had basic legal rights etc.etc, nothing worth noticing) that I was under some sort of minimum time contract of one full year and once I was pulled out after the 6 month period, still charged my parents for 6 months more of schooling (so technically they paid for a year of this school). The academic work was absolute trash; basically some sort of Christian home schooling packets that practically constituted as elementary schoolwork and was also taught by people that have no schooling/academic backgrounds! It wore me out physically and mentally to the point I had to go to therapy and still do. Years later. Please try to get this school shut down. Don’t recommend this to anyone and PLEASE, if any fellow students/parents have anything to say, then do so! This “establishment” is a fraud and Rommys Beltran should do jail time for what she has done.

  26. Daniel Hernandez says :

    For those who stand for AYA, here’s my personally encounter. I attended there the 2nd month it started, late 2010. It was less than 15 students at first. They promised our parents in a contract we would graduate with a HS diploma, but then had some of us go for our GED after enrollment. We were given the assurance that our money was going for a good cause (us). I really believed in this academy and trained hard to get through the ranks. As the months passed I began to see where the cash was being directed, the Dean. Me (PFC) and the other higher ranks began discussing what we saw and some of us, including some lower ranks, agreed to make a stand regardless of the punishment, this was after we found out they breached the contract. I personally left home to go back to high school and finish, which I finished in 2013, but by that time (October 2011) the school had become accredited. I contacted my the friends I made there if their HS accepted the credits they earned at AYA (they left before I did) and they weren’t accepted. The school study they had there was based on Christianity, which is problem in the academic world including the real world. They were very very small and simple packets that offered little to no education for a HS diploma standard. After I left I kept in touch with the new students through the mutual friends there and told me how things got very lenient. Things went down from there.
    I remember some students being sent to Alabama because you need to be 19 to be considered an adult, unlike Georgia (18). This kept a pay roll coming in. It was later on closed down.
    If anyone needs more info contact me at b4l_93@yahoo.com I helped some of those parents that reported those cases.
    And for those who say I’m a “fake” well here some news for ya. I still got my academy ID, my uniform, and certificate of each rank! Before it was changed to Advancing Youth Academy. Why?? Because its a reminder of the experience and bullshit I had to go through everyday! But I have to admit, it has made me stronger but it could have been achieved in another way. The teachers did have heart for helping us but the school and concept itself was deceptive. I didn’t mind the dean traveling, what I did mind was how she used her resources. Instead of us receiving benefits for becoming great students or for supplies that students needed, it went to brand name purses, car expenses, brand name heels, etc etc.

  27. Former employee says :

    READ MORE AT http://www.ajc.com/news/local/former-roswell-school-director-charged-with-fraud/IVnnm6cXY3GfK5CB0Wg8YO/
    Former Roswell school director charged with fraud

    By Mike Petchenik
    Monday, Feb. 1, 2016 Atlanta Education News
    The former director of a school for troubled youth in Roswell is being investigated after authorities said she stole thousands from parents and passed herself off as a doctor.

    Roswell police arrested Rommys Beltran on Thursday on more than 18 charges, including theft, fraud and tampering with physical evidence, stemming from her time running Advanced Youth Academy on Holcomb Bridge Road.

    “The person in charge of the school was charging people tuition and essentially really taking their money for services they couldn’t provide,” Roswell Officer Lisa Holland told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik.

    The insurance commissioner’s office said Beltran is facing additional charges because it said she billed insurance companies for psychological services she provided, despite not being a doctor.

    In a news release, Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens said Beltran was illegally billing for services.

    “We have discovered more than $300,000 in insurance claims submitted for payment by Beltran before her arrest,” Hudgens said. “My investigators believe that many of the claims are fraudulent.”

    “Justice needs to be done, not just for my son, but for all the families that haven’t even come forward,” parent Rhonda Repasz told Petchenik.

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