288. Wolfeboro summer boarding school

A former student wrote about this place:

Ugh it was a shit hole. It was this “Summer boarding school” but it was really just boot camp with school mixed in. It was extremely structured and there were no computers or cellphones or anything like that.

I find it odd that such a place exist when we today are talking year 2014. No computers and no cell-phones outside classes. If my wallet gets stolen I cannot even go down to the policestation and report it. My grandmother tried and she was sent back home to report her crime to the police by computer. Everything is on a computer these days.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


287. Underley Hall School

The school functioned as a special boarding school from around 1970’s to 2012 where it was judged “inadequate” by Ofsted which ended with its closure.

Now claims about abuse has reached the media. Perhaps it is the reason for students running away from the school.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


286. Linton Hall Military School

Linton Hall was a military school from somewhere in the 1930s to somewhere in 1980s. Having read the blog belonging to one of the former students it is safe to state that many students didn’t find it funny to be schooled there.

A boy died at the school in 1954.

Linton Hall Military School alumni memories

285. Abounding Grace School for Boys

In 2005 the founder and his wife – Lucinda and Stanley Mitchell – were indicted on child abuse charges. They got off the charges being placed on probation.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


284. KIDS of North Jersey

KIDS of North Jersey was marketed as a drug rehab program. It basically functioned like a prison. What exactly took place there is hard to tell. The video below gives an idea. If you research memorial sites you will find that a larger number of the “students” have died since they graduated from the program.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.

Factsheet about the program (Fornits Wiki)

283. Gatesville State School for Boys

Gatesville State School for Boy was operated by the authorities in Texas in the years between 1889 and 1979.

The former inmates who happened to be children while they were sent there has spoken of physical, sexual, mental and verbal abuse at the facility.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.

A blog has been made for the survivors to share and remember.

Gatesville State School for Boys (Memorial blog)

282. St. Anne’s Indian Residential School

The employees They had so much fun St. Anne’s Indian Residential School located in Fort Albany, Canada. They strapped the children down on a wooden chair with metal paddings and applied eletrical shocks causing the employee to have a great laugh.

But it wasn’t fun for the children. Nor being beaten with strops and rudimentary whips, being forced to ingest their own vomit, and experiencing child rape and other forms of sexual abuse.

It is safe to say that it wasn’t fun for the children at all.

Ottawa forced to turn over reports of electric chair use at residential school (CTV News)

281. Duke of York’s Royal Military School

Solitary confinement along with unusual and strange punishments like performing task with the mouth filled with water was part of the life students at Duke of York’s Royal Military School had to endure.

When a teacher and parent tried to inform the public about the environment filled with fear they were arrested charged with stealing documents from the school.

If they should be guilty of a crime, the law must be changed. We are living in a time where we with horror have learned that a large number of children have been abused while none cared.

So to safeguard the children there cannot exist a law preventing teachers and parents to provide the truth about what is going on at such schools.

The authorities need to look closely at this school so the name of the Duke of York will not be remembered with shame whenever it is mentioned.


280. St. Paul’s, Concord, New Hampshire

It took some discussion in our group whether to put this school on this list. It isn’t that we are against rituals which involve sexual acts. In fact we have a kind of education crisis in Denmark because some of the universities have decided to attract foreign students instead of Danish students by ordering the introduction courses to include less alcohol and sexual rituals.

It is hard to explain to the Danish tax-payers why we should pay for universities which don’t focus on Danish traditions and attract Danish students. We understand that our customs can be viewed as strange and scary for some foreign students but to stop attracting Danish students by denying our customs to be used in the universities should be center of attention for our politicians.

But we do understand that the girl in the case from Saint Paul was forced into something she didn’t want and a gentleman should respect the boundaries of a woman, so Saint Paul want put on this blog because it cannot be fun to be there as female students if the male student body see them as objects instead of human beings.

Boarding School Student Sexually Assaulted in Annual ‘Dating Rite’ (Jezebel)

279. Green Chimneys

It is marketed very beutifully but those who have been there are not that happy and an online petition to close it has been created.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.



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