281. Duke of York’s Royal Military School

Solitary confinement along with unusual and strange punishments like performing task with the mouth filled with water was part of the life students at Duke of York’s Royal Military School had to endure.

When a teacher and parent tried to inform the public about the environment filled with fear they were arrested charged with stealing documents from the school.

If they should be guilty of a crime, the law must be changed. We are living in a time where we with horror have learned that a large number of children have been abused while none cared.

So to safeguard the children there cannot exist a law preventing teachers and parents to provide the truth about what is going on at such schools.

The authorities need to look closely at this school so the name of the Duke of York will not be remembered with shame whenever it is mentioned.


280. St. Paul’s, Concord, New Hampshire

It took some discussion in our group whether to put this school on this list. It isn’t that we are against rituals which involve sexual acts. In fact we have a kind of education crisis in Denmark because some of the universities have decided to attract foreign students instead of Danish students by ordering the introduction courses to include less alcohol and sexual rituals.

It is hard to explain to the Danish tax-payers why we should pay for universities which don’t focus on Danish traditions and attract Danish students. We understand that our customs can be viewed as strange and scary for some foreign students but to stop attracting Danish students by denying our customs to be used in the universities should be center of attention for our politicians.

But we do understand that the girl in the case from Saint Paul was forced into something she didn’t want and a gentleman should respect the boundaries of a woman, so Saint Paul want put on this blog because it cannot be fun to be there as female students if the male student body see them as objects instead of human beings.

Boarding School Student Sexually Assaulted in Annual ‘Dating Rite’ (Jezebel)

279. Green Chimneys

It is marketed very beutifully but those who have been there are not that happy and an online petition to close it has been created.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


277. Daytop Village

If drug users are accepting that they have an addiction and the treatment program respects their boundaries the treatment program can have good long term effect but if they use a privilege based program with ro rights unless certain progress is made, the long-term effect can be as worse as a prolonged drug-abuse.

A number of clients will try to escape. People in the local community could be hurt or robbed.

Based on police reports about runaways from this program it is safe to say that Daytop Village is not a safe place to be. Hopefully the economy will close them totally in the end.


276. Freedom Village

This facility in New York is based on a kind of so-called Christian religion Jesus would not approve of if anything in the Bible is correct.

Forcing teenagers to eat larger portions that they need , giving no real counseling, punishing them by making them walk around in a circle for 4 hours while holding a block of wood.

Add poor economy management, backruptcy deals etc. It makes it safe to say that it is no a fun place to be as a teenager.


275. North India Handball Sports Club

Corporal punishment as result of losing games was the training method used in this club. As result of this in Denmark illegal approach 11 teenage players ran away when they participated in a Handball tournament. When the authorities located some of the missing boys they had clear signs of damages as result of the training methods. They were taken to a refugee facility where they can decide if they want political asylum in Denmark.

Unfortunately the coaches managed to leave Denmark before the reason for the boys escape became clear. Hopefully the team or any other team from India which uses the same kind of practice methods is not invited to Denmark the next time they want to arrange an international handball tournament.

It is clear to state that it could not be fun as a teenager to be part of this team.


###. Kana Children’s home

This entry is not numbered because it is a rather strange case. The Kana Children’s home was founded in 1881. The children loved to live there. They especially loved Frederikke Vilhelmine Moeller who was the manager of the childrens home.

Then in 1893 a boy was found dead at the childrens home. It was a murder. The person who committed the murder was Miss Moeller. Then a strange thing happened. Miss Moeller was found to be a man or rather he/she had both male and female private parts. She had strangled the boy because she had a indecent relationship with the boy and believed that it would be better to finish him off to secure him a place in heaven rather than letting him grow up and become a man infected with poor morale as result of the relationship Miss/Mr. Moeller had started with the boy.

She was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to death. However the good treatment she had given to the other boys and a good relationship with the church which had headhunted her for the job secured her a lighter sentence and she was released after a decade in prison. She married a woman and died as Frederik Vilhelm Schmidt in 1936.

The children’s home closed in 1957 after having being relocated a number of times.

It is safe to say that it was a fine place for young teenage boys to live unless the teenager would happen to be Holger who was strangled to death.


274. Sheringham Court School

Sheringham Court School was a boarding school located near Norfolk. Among the extracurricular activities where being preyed upon by two employees leding to involuntary sexual activities.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


273. Mount Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School

The school was in operation from 1892 to 2008. The goal was to provide education to the native population but it soon turned out to be a punishment for the teenagers living there. At this school there were 174 undocumented deaths.

It is safe to state that they did not believe that the boarding school was a fun place to stay.


272. Zhengzhou Boqiang New Idea Life Training School

Zhengzhou Boqiang New Idea Life Training School has marketed itself as a cure against the so-called Internet Addiction Disorder, which was introduced as an illness after pressure from the troubled teenage Industry so they could get more clients.

The methods to cure this so-called illness is punishment, isolation from peers and family and if it doesn’t cure the illness – pure violence.

A 19 year old girls lost her life at this boarding school may 2014.

It is safe to say that it is not a fun place to be for a teenager.



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