252. Cyprus House, Lynnwood

We don’t know what was wrong with Cyprus House. What we do know is that the place proved too much for 15 year old Roger Eugene Benson. He left the facility and jumped down on I-5 killing himself. Before his placement at Cyprus House he had been shipped around to a number of facilities after having been taken from his parents for unknown reason perhaps only to meet certain production criterias. The system sometime have to prove that they are needed and then some kids just have to go to foster care to prove this point.

He wasn’t happy being there as a teenager and in the end he met the choice to take his own life.


251. Forest Hill Circle home, North Carolina

This group home which was operated by the Divine Guidance Integrated Services focused very much on profit. In fact the local media states that one of the employees told a 16 year old girl that “…Girl, do you know how much EMS cost…”.

The girl had pains and a day later she was dead due to blood clots in her lungs. The facility closed down – too late for 16 year old Dyskeha Streeter.

To live in such a place where you are left alone with your pains perhaps even knowing that you will be checking out from this life soon cannot be fun for any teenager.


250. Childserv group home in Naperville, Illinois

Once in the system some children end up being shipped among various group homes and foster families without anyone listened to their individual needs.

15 year old Caitlin Lee was such a girl. She lived at a place where she had it fine. Then she was moved to a group home run by ChildServ, which she found hard to call her home. She ran away no less than 6 times before she made the choice to end her young life.

For Caitlin Lee it is safe to say that this Childserv group home in Naperville was no fun place to be for her as a teenager.

Girl’s Suicide Raises Question About Home For Troubled Youth (Chicago CBS)

249. OhioGuidestone group home in Berea

A teenager started a fight but got crushed in the events which led to his death at an age of only 15. While it is not acceptable for any person to use violence it is also important to question the guidelines letting a smaller question of medication to grow into a fight.

It seems that it is not fun to be a the group home as a teenager.

Teen who died following altercation at Berea group was physically restrained (Northeast Ohio Media Group – Cleveland.com)

248. Sky View Academy

Sky View Academy was one of the former WWASP facilities. It existed only for about 2 years before it lost its license due to a fight between several students caused by lack of supervision and care from the employees.

It could not have been fun to be sent there as a teenager.


247. Livoe

Being diagnosed as mentally challenged was rather easy before 1960 in Denmark. All it took was a bad combination of being poor and an ill-tempered doctor.

For young male teenagers Livoe became was Sprogoe was for young women. A devils island they couldn’t leave. Even when they were granted freedom they could be sent back if they started a relationship with a woman because they were considered to be poor material when it came to etablish families and get children.

It is fortunate that the facility was closed down in 1959 because it could not have been fun living there as a teenager.


246. Foster families managed by the Lutheran Social Services of the South

Lutheran Social Services of the South is a foster care agency which used to handle a number of cases for the State Department of Family and Protective Services in Texas. They were told to stop handling new cases due to their neglect of their duties.

Poorly managed and neglected background checks of foster families led to deaths of children in foster care. About 8 children die in foster care every year in Texas.

It cannot be fun to be there as a child or a teenager.

State punishes Austin-based foster care agency in death of Orion Hamilton (Statesman)

245. Parmadale Institute

Parmadale Institute was founded in 1925. For many years it was an orphanage. Less than a decade ago the facility began to focus on a clientel of children suffering from severe behavioral and emotional issues.

Recent investigation showed that there had been cases involving sexual relationship between children and employees. One girl died there in 2008.

It could not have been fun being there as a teenager.


244. Horizon Academy

In 2007 Mr. Robinson had to move out of California because the authorities had the nerves to have laws regarding the nature of therapeutic boarding schools. It posed a problem for the man because Mexico first closed Casa by the Sea (Number 4 on this blog) and now Bell Academy (number 56 on this blog).

Where could he go? He found a deserted motel in the middle of Death Valley. Here he established Horizon Academy. For a number of years the school existed quietly until the former students from all his previous business created awareness websites on the internet exposing this private prison. At the same time the school was involved in a water dispute in this dry area and he ended with moving the students to Utah where the business closed years later but that is another story.

It could not have been fun attending this boarding school located in the middle of the desert.


243. Focal Point Academy

Focal Point Academy located in Mesquite in Nevada where All of Me Child Care of Development is located now functioned as a therapeutic boarding school. However it was not licensed properly and lack of supervision endangered the students due to the actions of other students. A lawsuit was started some years ago.

It is clear that such a place only will be safe if the employees do their job properly. It is also clear that there is a reason for having a licensing system.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.



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