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74. Excelsior Youth Center

Escapes, suicides and employees taking personal items belonging to the teenagers who are forced to live at this treatment center is just something which are known to these two places located in Washington and Colorado.

On Myspace there was stories of suicides. A parent writes:

If you honestly want to send your daughter somewhere DO NOT SEND THEM HERE. Absolutely rude staff. They stole my daughters earrings and three of her books, one tried to pocket her iPod Touch but I came in to their office and needless to say she got it back immediately after. The therapists make the girls feel like less than dirt, and junk them up on medications not even fit for an issue they have. They tried to get my daughter on an antipsychotic and other meds for a slight depression. The teachers in the school are rude and make the girls feel worse than the therapists do. Absolute crap.

It does not sound a fun place to be as a teenager.

Update 2017

The management informed the medias that they will shot the treatment center down: Iconic Excelsior youth center shutting after decades in Aurora and roots that go back a century