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891. Ocean Life

In 2008 newspapers in both Spain and Denmark reported about an arrest of a Danish captain who commandeered a ship with troubled youth. The reason of the arrest was abandoning a teenager on the island of Islote de Lobos. Marooning is an ancient form of punishment which had not been used in recent decades. The Island while not having any permanent inhabitants were guarded by some officials and by pure luck the boy was picked out. He was not dressed to a life on his own.

The Spanish authorities were shocked by the discovery and arrested the Dane responsible for the act.

In Denmark an inquest was conducted by protected by the social services who had referred the boys to the program but nothing happened as it properly would have embarrassed the case workers who referred the children to the program for not investigating properly what the public funds was use for.

It could not have been fun to be there when they use punishments like this.


13. Masía Can Gener – Spain

Students was placed in cages as punishment. It sounds very much like the typical private run boot camp but in fact it was something a firm in Germany named TimeOut arranged for in Spain.

The original plan was that German students should run a farm in Spain but somewhere along the road something went terrible wrong and the students ended up in the cages. The entire matter was solved somewhat quietly.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.