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920. Victory Village USA

When it was clear that Freedom Village – entry 276 – became difficult to manage due to the interest the authorities in New York took forward the facility, the management decided to close it down and look for a place where legislation was more relaxed and basically took little interest in the living conditions of the children confined to the facility.

The management believed that the state of South Carolina would be a safe haven for a facility where it was in the interest of the owners not to have supervision from state officials into how the facility was run and the result became that Victory Village established themselves in South Carolina.

Given the way they have managed the old facility, it did not take long before the local authorities had to concern themselves with the strange way the facility was run.

As for the children placed at the facility it can safe to say that it cannot be fun to be there.


622. AMIkids Sand Hills

AMIkids Sand Hills is a wilderness styled youth prison located in South Carolina. The teenagers are sent there by local courts. In november 2015 a boy died while serving his time. Articles suggest that lack of supervision made place for gang related rituals which led to the death of the boy.

It is not supposed to be fun to be there as a teenager because it is a punishment. However it is doubtful that the courts had the thought that the punishment should include death.


451. Magnolia Hills Christian School

Around 2008 bad press pressured the so-called residential treatment facilities which worked together with the WWASP organization. Enrollment lowered at Carolina Springs Academy and after a fire the authorities made various demands, so the owners rebranded Carolina Springs Academy as Magnolia Hills Christian School. Now it was marketed as a Christian School.

However enrollment continued to be reduced and in the end the campus was closed down.

There were problems with animals on the property not being taken care off.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


420. Riverside Baptist Boys home

Back in 1992 the authorities investigated abuse at this facility. Riverside Baptist Boys home in Rock Hills, South Carolina closed after the investigation but the authorities were not able to lift the burden of proof against the manager Reverend Johnny Cabe.

The Reverend moved on conducting a Ponzi Scheme. He served prison for that. In 2010 he was investigated again for touching a boy playing doctor. Finally he was convicted but managed to avoid prison with a plea deal.

It could not have been fun to be at the boys home.


340. New Hope Carolinas treatment center

New Hope Carolinas treatment center is a treatment center in South Carolina. In 2010 a boy died at the facility shortly after being enrolled there.

Difficult issues demands both professional treatment but also treatment in respect for the patient and it seems that the treatment lack that element.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


338. John de la Howe School

What would be the typical outcome being placed at a facility like John de la Howe School in South Carolina? An article published about one of the former students – Robert Lamb – high school sports star, college and professional football player shows a life marred by addiction. It was a life where things had to be made up to explain the placement at the school. A life based on a lie.

Recent articles also tells something about the things the students were exposed to. A former employee had an improper relationship with a student. Another employee showed pornographic material to the students according to an article in the local media.

Update 2017

Their wilderness program was closed due to unheated conditions the so-called students had to endure


337. Carolina Springs Academy

Carolina Springs Academy was one of the largest facilities in the WWASP chain. It was founded in 1998. It destroyed the lives of many teenagers before it closed in 2009.

The owner has some kind of protect agreement which for many years allowed them to operate without interfearence.

After the closure the owner has tried to reopen the facility under different names using parts of his family to pose as students.

It didn’t sound like it was a fun place to be as a teenager.


276. Freedom Village

This facility in New York is based on a kind of so-called Christian religion Jesus would not approve of if anything in the Bible is correct.

Forcing teenagers to eat larger portions that they need , giving no real counseling, punishing them by making them walk around in a circle for 4 hours while holding a block of wood.

Add poor economy management, backruptcy deals etc. It makes it safe to say that it is no a fun place to be as a teenager.


2019 update

It seems that former employees were not paid their salary, so the facility moved to another state. The article also mentions a form of bizarre punishment used against the children.

Christian teen home relocating to SC mountains punishes students on ‘the woodpile’ (The Post and Courier)

178. New Bethany Home

The New Bethany Home actually covers the facilities in Louisiana due to the school being forced to move around every time the authorities began to investigate them.

They have been located near Longstreet, Walterboro and Arcadia. Mack and Thelma Ford were managers. Two employees Olin King and Robert King were convicted of false imprisonment but managed to get on probation instead of jail.

It didn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.