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647. Nichols School

Nichols School is located in Buffalo, New York.

An investigation is ongoing as it has been revealed that several teachers had improper relationships with students.

It cannot be fun to attend this school and not get the special attention of the teachers if you want it. It also cannot be fun to attend this school if you get special attention from the teachers and you do not want it.


535. Spring Meadows Center

Runaways, employee serving alcohol to teenagers below 16 and having the wrong kind of relationship with them is the recipe for things turning bad.

It is safe to assume that the teenagers find that it is not a fun place to be as a teenager.


533. Rivendell Behavioral Health Services

This facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky seems to be criticized by parents

My daughter went to the facility 3 times within a month and a half time period. When returning home, she had a UTI, Scabies, and had not shaved nor brushed her teeth the entire time she was there. I’m extremely displeased to have my adolescent child taken there for psychiatric care and come out needing a detox to recover physically. I have joint custody of my daughter and was never contacted about the medications she was using or only once about her recovery. I strongly advise anyone that is having a troubled youth, to reconsider taking their child here. There are many other places to choose from.

Also a now former employee are facing charges due to his alleged improper relationship with one of the patients.

It doesn’t sound like a fun and safe place to be as a teenager.


407. Birdseye Boys Ranch / Birdseye RTC

An old program came to an end when the director of Birdseye Boy Ranch was arrested. The ranch like the offspring Birdseye RTC focused on treating boys from something as strange as “inappropriate sexual behaviors” which can cover a large number of areas like same-sex interest or just intense relationship with “Virgin Left hand”. After the director was arrested employees founded a similar program down the road before they bought the old ranch. It burned to the ground before they could move into it.

To favor one boy over the the others is not something which is recommended. It must not be fun to be there as a teenager which you miss out of the action.


372. Alpine Academy

Alpine Academy sometime mentioned as Utah Youth Village is located near Erda in Utah.

Recently this facility housed the daughter of a deceased well-known composer and singer whos name we are not going to name due to the privacy of the daughter.

In 2009 a house-parent was charged with various crimes due to his intimate relationship with one of the girls.

In 2011 ran from the facility. She was killed during a police shoot-out involving her boyfriend.

It doesn’t seem like a fun place to be as a teenager.


73. Emily Griffith Center

This treatment had been in operation for almost 70 years when it closed. A woman working at the center had started a relationship with one of the children. A massive no-no.

It does not sound like a fun place to be for teenagers and it is closed today.