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392. Team Achievers Discipline Academy

The Team Achievers Discipline Academy located in Montgomery, Alabama became noticed in the news when the founder and leader of the camp was arrested for sexual abuse charges. It seemed he used the camp as cover for his hidden agenda which was to come in touch with kids.

It didn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


244. Horizon Academy

In 2007 Mr. Robinson had to move out of California because the authorities had the nerves to have laws regarding the nature of therapeutic boarding schools. It posed a problem for the man because Mexico first closed Casa by the Sea (Number 4 on this blog) and now Bell Academy (number 56 on this blog).

Where could he go? He found a deserted motel in the middle of Death Valley. Here he established Horizon Academy. For a number of years the school existed quietly until the former students from all his previous business created awareness websites on the internet exposing this private prison. At the same time the school was involved in a water dispute in this dry area and he ended with moving the students to Utah where the business closed years later but that is another story.

It could not have been fun attending this boarding school located in the middle of the desert.


2019 update

Some years ago the school got new management and was renamed Northwest Academy. 2019 a teacher was arrested by the police on charges of child abuse. Other articles reported a pattern of violence conducted against the students. The school also provided water of such a poor quality that it imposed a health risk on the students.


213. Hope Baptist Bible Academy

Hope Baptist Bible Academy was investigated by the authorities and closed down. An Employees was convicted. They used corporal punishment.

It is safe to say that it couldn’t have been a fun place to be as a teenager.


209. Calvary Baptist Church and Boarding Academy

Calvary Baptist Church and Boarding Academy was investigated by the authorities. Nathan Day was charged with a list of offences including the use of corporal punishment.

It didn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


2020 update

The legislators of Missouri now looks at the almost bizarre lack of laws covering religious boarding schools in their state. If a child abuser really wanted peace from the law, all he should do is to create a religious boarding school in Missouri and then no authority at all will even look at his business.

After reported abuse at Christian boarding school, some say Missouri law must change (The Kansas City Star)

206. Agape Boarding School

The Agape Boarding school started in Missouri in 1980. It moved to the state of Washington but local authorities forced it to move back to Missouri where the state did not care how a school should be run. Some of the employees started their own school which was shut down and the employees were charged with crimes and is awaiting trail at the time of the update (2021).

The facility has used both solitary confinement, forced exercise and corporal punishment. Restraints have also been reported to be common.

A parent writes about the sons stay:

Our son attended Agape in 2010. I now pray daily for these boys in this school. When we visited our son, it took me more than half a day to get him to speak loud enough so I could hear him. With the exception of one staff member, I found the staff arrogant, condescending, and hypocritical. I did not EVER see this firm, but loving environment. I think it is he’ll on earth. Ask yourself why they had to leave States where these schools are regulated! I desperately tried to find the former congresswoman who tried to get it regulated to no avail. My son is doing wonderful now, but no thanks to Agape. he had PSTD after returning and we had to have ALOT of counseling to overcome the trauma of our decision to send him there. Ask about the relationship of the staff members to each other. Research whether any of them would be able to stand up and say if something was wrong. Ask to talk to other students and kids. And, don’t just take a tour..GO WATCH EVERYTHING for several days. These kids are totally isolated!!! I’m glad it works for some…others are injured horribly for life! If I could do anything it would be to get this school regulated and held accountable!

A student writes:

I was a student. I was miserable. They turned me more away from Religion than I was before. This school did nothing good for me. I considered suicide on a daily basis. It was the worst place i’ve ever been. I’m not a bad kid now however. But that is due to me growing up not Agape. Agape is Hell on earth. Please for your son, do not send him here.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


2020 update

After hearing testimonies from many former students at Agape it became clear for the politicians that supervision, licensing seems to be the only way to reduce the abusing methods used at Agape. Whether it means that the school will close down and move to another state looking for a place where they can practice their special version of Christianity or comply remains to be seen


Shocked by reported abuse at Missouri reform schools, lawmakers vow to take action (The Kansas City Star)

2021 update

The prosecutor plans to charge some of the employees with assault. Later in 2021 it was reported that a school doctor was arrested and charged with child sex games and some employees charged with assault.


Missouri prosecutor to file assault charges against Agape Boarding School staffers (The Kansas City Star)

Missouri boarding school doctor accused of child sex crimes (ABC News)

159. Caldicott Preparatory School

This boarding school – founded in 1904 – became the center of several investigations into possible child abuse.

This the old headmaster get off free just because the shool helped covering the scandal up. It certainly seems that way.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


73. Emily Griffith Center

This treatment had been in operation for almost 70 years when it closed. A woman working at the center had started a relationship with one of the children. A massive no-no.

It does not sound like a fun place to be for teenagers and it is closed today.


66. Gentle Spirit Ranch

Gentle Spirit Ranch was located near Aguanga in California

A police investigation took place and the owners found another line of business to operate in and in another state.

Something must have been wrong for them to give up their work.

It must not have been a fun place to be as a teenager.