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720. The heritage of Hannah Neil

The heritage of Hannah Neil is located in the state of Ohio. A report shows a number of issues at this facility which serves children down to the age of 5.

Some of the issues are about the poor standards of the building. Some are related to the actions of the employees like:

  • Staff lifting a child off the ground, flipping him into an upside-down position, and walking off camera with the child in an upside-down position. The staff holds onto the child’s chest and legs, while the child’s head is near the staff’s knees. The child’s inability to move qualifies this action as an unapproved restraint. This action is not therapeutic and is indicative of a traumatic abusive incident;
  • Staff lifting a child off the ground by the child’s shorts and shirt and throwing the child through the air into the child’s room;
  • Staff allowing children to hit, kick and hold down other children without immediate intervention or implementing de-escalation techniques. At times, staff seems to be encouraging the behavior.
  • Staff putting child into a chokehold;
  • Staff pushing children to the floor;
  • Staff kicking a child while the child is in a restraint;
  • Staff holding child’s own hands against child’s neck with force during a restraint;
  • Staff grabbing children by their arms, legs, clothing and dragging them out of the room (noticeably, out of the video camera range);
  • Staff kicking open a child’s bedroom door.

Needless to say that it cannot be fun to be there as a child.


532. Buckeye Ranch

Buckeye Ranch which is located around Columbus in Ohio. In 2017 the facility came in the news due to a traffic accident which took place after a teenager who ran away from the facility was followed by employees and was hit by a car.

Further investigation revealed that there had been an incident in 2013 where employees were accused of violence against one of the teenagers at the group homes.

Feedbacks from employees on glasdoor and indeed are mixed and speak of employees not being trained so they can talk situations down and avoid being exposed from violence from the children setting up a situation where it is easy to state that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


515. The Adriel School

The Adriel School children with behavioral issues from across Southwest and Central Ohio. Now it lost its license due to actions of the employees.

The authorities has stated that the employees injured some of the children and showed them how to “get high.”

It is not something children who needed care and treatment should be imposed to.

It could not have been fun to be student at the Adriel School.


473. Cornell Abraxas

Cornell Abraxas is a detention center located in Shelby,Ohio. In the public it is mostly known for the rape case from 2010. But on various message boards the treatment methods used in connection with their rehab program has been questioned.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


309. Pathway Family Center

Pathway Family Center in Indiana was a spin-off based of the teachings of Straight Inc. known to be one of the most abusive rehab programs invented through the 1980’s in the war on drugs. While some of the aspects of the original program were watered down the program still caused emotional damage by the youth who was so unfortunate to end up in it.

The program didn’t enroll teenagers proved to be addicts in their scam based on positive drug tests but teenagers suspected of abuse. As result teenagers were suspected to undergo treatment for something they didn’t need. Needless to say that it could not be fun to be there as a teenager.


308. Mount Vernon Middle School

At Mount Vernon Middle School they allowed teachers not too fond of Darwin’s theories. In fact one teacher found it necessary to brand students then the answers to his question didn’t live up to his expectations.

It is safe to say that it could not be fun to go to this school while such employees are hired. Recent newspapers articles speak of a clean-up, so hopefully things have improved. But because the administration failed to protect the students in time, the school is on this blog.


254. Bellefaire Jewish Childrens Bureau

Bellefaire Jewish Childrens Bureau is a kind of residential treatment facility for teenagers. One teenager Isabel Jamison experiences an inproper relationship with an employee. As result of this she became depressed and was given medication. The employees didn’t monitor her so she overdosed on the medication February 28, 1994 dying on March 17, 1994. The facility was ordered to pay a large sum to the poor girls relatives but her life was lost.

A testimony given on the Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora speaks of worn down buildings, walls with graffiti. It is not a healing environment. It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


2018 update

Increase in serious incidents at youth facility has University Heights officials concerned (Fox 8)

249. OhioGuidestone group home in Berea

A teenager started a fight but got crushed in the events which led to his death at an age of only 15. While it is not acceptable for any person to use violence it is also important to question the guidelines letting a smaller question of medication to grow into a fight.

It seems that it is not fun to be a the group home as a teenager.

Teen who died following altercation at Berea group was physically restrained (Northeast Ohio Media Group – Cleveland.com)

245. Parmadale Institute

Parmadale Institute was founded in 1925. For many years it was an orphanage. Less than a decade ago the facility began to focus on a clientel of children suffering from severe behavioral and emotional issues.

Recent investigation showed that there had been cases involving sexual relationship between children and employees. One girl died there in 2008.

It could not have been fun being there as a teenager.


144. Pathway Family Center

Many years ago there was a drug rehab program called Straight Inc. It was basically abuse where you kept teenagers who might be drug users until they made false statements where they accepted being drug users.

Straight Inc. was closed but the employees started on their own using the same methods. One of them was the Pathway Family Center in Ohio.

It was not fun being a teenager and prisoner by Pathway Family Center. Thankfully it is closed now.