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907. Morris Small Family Home

The authorities – Riverside County District Attorney’s Office -filed a number of charges against the couple who ran the Morris Small Family Home. Among those charges were 14-count involving neglect result in the death of 17-year-old Diane Ramirez as well as very indecent behavior against some of the children.

Also relatives to the children placed in the home claim that the children when they reached adulthood was tricked into legally binding relationships. The worst part of this story is that parts of the social services seem to have been tipped off before the tragic death but did not react in time.

If the accusations are true it is safe to say that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


810. Boarding schools in the town of Dehradun, India

The police is now investigating all the boarding schools in the town of Dehradun, India after several incidents shocked the community. A 9-year-old boy was allegedly molested by an adult who should look after the boy due to the Covid-19 lockdown which prevented his parents from getting him.

The incident is one among several reported from Dehradun’s boarding schools in the last few years, including gang-rape of a class-10 girl by fellow students and the murder of a 7-year-old class-3 student by his seniors.

It seems that staying at boarding schools in this town cannot be fun as a child.


795. St Columba’s College

A now closed school named St Columba’s College located in Larg, Ayrshire in Scotland was the center of an investigation and also the center of a murder rumor.

A 7 year old boy named Aldo Moroni died at the school. Somehow the employees managed to convince the authorities not to look into the death at the time back in 1980. According to a newspaper, he was beaten to death because he took too long using the toilet.

Other awful incidents which took place at the school are now recognized as a abuse. It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


766. Unnamed boarding school in Dehradun, India

A 12 year old boy was beaten to death by some of the fellow students because they believed he stole a packet of biscuits. The school administration tried to cover up the death by burying the boy on campus and not notifying the parents that their boy was death.

After the police intervened a 18 year boy disappeared.

It cannot be fun to be there as a student. If anyone knows the name of the school, please write it in the comments.


730. St Pius X Convent, Kottayam

The St Pius X Convent in Kottayam, India is today mostly known for the death of Sister Abhaya who were between 18 and 19 years at the time of her death. The death itself was tragic and while some claimed that it was suicide even with the extensive numbers of cuts on her body, later investigation did show that it was murder.

The church did little to help the police. In fact they did everything to stall the police investigation putting young women and even children at risk.

It could not have been fun to be a young girl or woman in that Convent.


635. Pleasantville Cottage School

It is one of the oldest treatment homes of its kind in the area. However the residents are concerned about riots. Decades ago one boy killed another. It does not seem that the supervision has improved since leaving a possibility that other families might suffer the same tragedy.

It cannot be fun to be there as a child – neighter being neighbor to the facility.


563. Turn-about Ranch

Turn-about Ranch was founded in 1989. Today it is mostly known for having housed Jemma Lucy and Danielle Bregoli aiding them making their career as they have it today.

Sadly it is also known for the tragic death of an employee caused by the stressful environment the ranch create for the newcomers to the ranch.

Robbed of modern things like heating and decent bed combined with being confined to a stone circle all day the only question is why it took so long for a murder to occur.

It cannot be a fun place to be as a teenager.


Update 2023

In an article a former participant in the TV-show “Brat Camp” tells about how the stay impacted him negatively. It is clear that the entertainment show beside starting the career of Jemma Lucy did nothing to help the children from United Kingdom who has a more civilized youth culture compared to the one in the United States coping with the challenges they had.


Like Paris Hilton, I went to a Troubled Teen Camp, and it still gives me nightmares (I-News)

431. Paradise Cove

When teenagers who have been so unfortunate to end up in one of the WWASP facilities speak of which was worse Paradise Cove ranks among the most severe.

The WWASP concept was not quite developed yet but the use of longtime isolation boxes not very unlike isolation boxes used against U.S. servicemen in the Second War was invented at Paradise Cove. The “Exit plan” was designed where parents could tell their children that they either passed the program og would be sent to shelter once they turned 18 if they didn’t.

In fact Paradise Cove was breaking news in the Troubled Teen Industry was it was in operation.

But when you are making eggs you have to break them before using them and now many years later the extend of the damage has become clear.

Relatives has been murdered by the teenagers who were sent there. Suicides among the teenagers were common once they returned home. Crimes involving murders also became the result. Here are a number of cases. We have not been able to list all the suicides as it would take up too much time:

  • Joshua Lambert stabbed both his grandparents to death. Developed a mental illness based on his stay at the facility
  • Christopher Sutton was convicted of hiring a contract killer to kill his parents. The mother died. The father escaped with life-long injuries.
  • Evan Ebel died by suicide-by-cop after committing crimes and police car chase

It wasn’t a fun place to be as a teenager and the trail of tears, loss and suicides continue to be longer.


365. Maximum Life Skills

Sometime you have to endure something to achieve something. For two teenagers it meant that they had to live in prison for years. But still many think that it was a better outcome than staying additional months at Maximum Life Skills.

Unfortunately an innocent counselor died during the events which led to their imprisonment – A man with so much potential whose life was cut short. This counselor was led down by the management. The other teenagers forced to live at the facility was led down forced to witness the terrible events.

The state of Utah closed down Maximum Life Skills. They had not secured proper paperwork when they took in out-of-state students. They had not employees in the right number working at all time 24-7.

It seems odd that the manager in charge now runs Second Chances located in LaVerkin. Maybe it is only a question of time before the next tragedy happens.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


320. Wagadh Gurukul International School at Sakwar in Virar, India

What is known is that 3 boys were found dead. Whether they were murdered or they committed suicide afraid of the severe use of corporal punishment is not known but it safe to state that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.

The police is still investigating the deaths.