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872. Great Circle, Webster Groves campus

The authorities intervened against the fast growing organization which have campuses on several locations around Missouri. Later the police announced that they have put toward charges against 4 employees which were abuse of healthcare recipient.

The management of the organization announced that the campus would be closed down and both employees and patients would be transferred to other facilities.

An article in Salt-Lake-Tribune reveals that there have been several incidents on the campuses and programs run by the Great Circle organization involving stabbing between some of the patients, a former CEO has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child, there are investigation into possible fraud against Medicare and Medicaid, and as usual with group homes in general various lawsuits into whether episodes involving restraints and injury to children were justified.

Overall it could not have been fun to be patient at Great Circle.


828. CALO Teens

CALO Teens also known as Calo Institute was founded in 2007. It is located near Lake of the Ozarkz. Their target group is teenagers with emotional challenges.

In the media the facility was mentioned due the imprisonment of an employee which had sex with a 14-year-old girl he encountered working for the so-called residential treatment center.

A quick research shows children running away from the facility too. People from the LGBT community complains about the treatment, they received as teenagers.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


461. The Ozark Center

The Ozark Center, which runs Turnaround Ranch near Joplin, Missouri has been in the media at least two times about concerning incidents.

The authorities were not notified in time about an alleged rape of a boy. An empployee was reported to the authorities by envious girls who didn’t get anything from the employee unlike one of the girls in the program rather than the management.

Lack of supervision seems to be the standard inside this facility and that makes it safe to say that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


292. Valley Springs Youth Ranch

Valley Springs Youth Ranch is marketed as a residential treatment center. Feedbacks from former employees as well as former residents do however speak of a peer controlled environment out of control where larger and stronger residents bully those who are not so strong.

Late october 2014 a mother called the social services to investigate an incident. Just days later her boy broke his collar bone after a “fall” according to information found on social media websites.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


223. Thayer Learning Center

Thayer Learning Center was a boot camp styled boarding school located in Kidder, Missouri.

The school put the students through various exercises and the days were very structured. The exercise was soo strict that a boy died and other parents filed lawsuits against the program, which they hadn’t checked enough before they sent their teenagers to the program.

In the end the school had no choice but to close.

It didn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


222. Wings Of Faith Academy

Wings Of Faith Academy earlier known as Refuge of Grace Academy is a so-called therapeutic boarding school located near Stockton, Missouri.

A student and a parent of a student state on a message board:

my daughter jordan has been home for a yr now spent 4 monthes came home went back two.at any given time there are only 18 to 20 girls there. in the last month there have been 9 girls she went in that brief time who are pregnant one who lives with us.friday child services in missouri called my home.asking me if my daughter was abused physically.How do I answer that when I wasnt ther but I know I have the medical bills from urinary tract infections she never had before there and not since she left.and besides my own daughter who had no accredited schooling i was lied to she would i have another girl who was there over two yrs who didnt get her education either.I believed bud and debbie because I was a desperate parent who loved her child, like others .The fact is you will pay alot of money to people who lie to you play on your desperation and love for your child and all youll get is quiet at home while they are gone. and then they come home and its a bigger mess

even prisoners get an hour outside, for the first few months I was there we NEVER went out. I went to refuge march 2009 to nov and well.. I came out fragile and feeling like dying. The martins convinced my parents and I that I had stds to keep me there longer. Once my parents said they cudnt afford it they were happy to let me go! Besides that I went to the doc after I got out and foundout I was completely fine and healthy which made me so angry. I was at first disliked by debbie bcuz the first night I got restrained for pushing her back wen she pushed me first! I lost the feeling in my hands for a couple weeks. I was a guide there after a few months and tried to help as many girls as I cud. It was only possible for me to get through by learning to live inside myself. Their self righteous arrogant ways make a bad name for christians. Only God helped me through and only Gods forgiveness keeps me from a lawsuit.

Another former student wrote on a social network site:

I’m reporting them for child abuse as well as starting a petition. I was Debbie’s favorite girl to pick on when I was there. God, she was evil. Psychotic.I was restrained on my 3rd day there (after not eating for 3 days) because I told them my doc said I wasn’t supposed to do jumping jacks because I had tiny weak ass ankles, I was being calm & respectful the entire time & she was LITERALLY in my face, she made me do almost a 100 sit-ups instead, when I couldn’t go on, she threw me on the floor & had her daughter & the other bitches working there restrain me, after not even 2 minutes on the ground I agreed to do the workout & whatever they said, but they did not let me up until they had successfully cut off all the blood circulation to my arms, & then they made me do the workout. The tips of my fingers were numb for almost a month.

My hair fell out in chunks, my skin broke out like it’s never broken out before, I gained probably 40 pounds at least, my mom didn’t even recognize me on our first visit. She took away my facewash & contacts. She would do everything & anything to make me miserable, literally tell me “I know you’re miserable” with a smile & do that slow blinking thing she did as if she were taunting me, like “What are you going to do about it?” She lied to my mom, she yelled at me all the time, I was constantly in trouble in pink shirt & on wristband, NOT ONCE FOR MY ENTIRE STAY did she EVER ask me what brought me to Refuge, what I struggled with, how I was doing, not even stupid shit like my favorite color or hey, it’s nice weather today. She didn’t give a fuck about me.

On my “sweet 16” as she was cutting my cake she said, “I don’t know what your mom thinks is so sweet about you.” On the second Christmas I was there, third Christmas in a row away from home, I was crying of course, & she came in the room & yelled at me, “Stop crying! You don’t miss your family, you’re crying because you want to be doing drugs with your friends!” (I never did drugs before Refuge) I literally can go on & on & on. I’m going to write everything out like a book, damn it’s going to be long, but I’m going to do it. They’re still in operation, still fooling parents out of their money, still torturing young girls. I cannot remain silent.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.

2021 Update

An article in The Kansas City Star proves some information into the history of the facility. Originally it was founded as “Refuge Independent Baptist Girls Academy”. It was then located in Clinton, Tennessee. The owners Bud and Debbie Martin moved the school to at least two states before ending up in Missouri. The states North Carolina and Michigan are mentioned. The article also mentions a conviction against Bud Martin for his involving in illegal drug trade back in the 1980’s.


221. New Beginnings Girls Academy

New Beginnings Girls Academy is a boarding school being run by some who claim that they are Christian. However the violence inflicted on the girls is not something most people would find as Christian.

The authorities happened to be interested in the activities at the boarding school so the management have moved between Texas, Missouri and Florida.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


219. Mountain Park Academy

Mountain Park Academy also mentioned as Mountain Park Boarding Academy was marketed as religious boarding school. It was located in Patterson, Missouri. It was founded by Reverend Bob Wills, who moved to Patterson when he ran into legal issues at his previous boarding school located Hattiesburg, Mississippi. (See entry: 199. Bethesda home for girls)

The facility closed closed in 2004. After the closure of Mountain Park some of the employees went on to work at ABM Ministries and other prison-styled religious boarding schools in Missouri.

The conditions the teenagers were forced under included use of corporal punishment. Some of the students became so desperate to leave the school and the horrible environment that they killed a student because the conditions were better in prison. This tragedy for the Futrelle family who lost a son is a prime example of how extreme religious boarding schools can push young lives over the edge. The horrible conditions at the school was the cause. The two murderers who was locked up for life became the tool.

It didn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


215. Living Water Refuge

Living Water Refuge was funtamentalist Baptist boarding school located in Hartville, Missouri. It was closed by the authorities due to results of various investigation. They used corporal punishment.

It is safe to say that it was not a fun place to stay as a teenager.


214. LUC Boys Ranch

The (Lives under Construction aka LUC) ranch claims to be able to handle boys suffering from various mental issues. In the case of two boys the employees proved not to be proper educated because the wrong approach used on the boys created such an anger in the boys that they most likely went out and killed a marriaged couple down the road.

It is safe to state that the approach used by the ranch on the boys was far from professional and it cannot be a fun place to be as a teenager.


2018 Update

According to a lawsuit the ranch are alleged to have covered sexual abuse up. It correct it would explain why the teenage runways were so desperate to escape from the ranch that they committed murders in order to do it. They must had been scared to death.

Suit: Missouri ranch for troubled boys covered up sex abuse (Southeastern Missourian)

2021 Update

A new lawsuit was filed in 2020.


Missouri boys ranch faces new sexual assault suit (KTLO News)