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919. Marine Leadership Academy (Logan Square School)

The Marine Leadership Academy is part of the Chicago School System. High School exam is offered.

Investigations conducted in 2021 revealed that employees were grooming the students using a loophole in the legislation. New legislation has been put forward to stop this loophole. Some employees have been discharged in wake of the scandal.

It could not have been fun to be there as a student targeted by the adults.


882. Chennai schools

The Chennai shools offer top education but they run their schools allowing system of shaming and attract teachers who exploit the unsecure teenagers and some of the teenagers take sexual advantages of the teenage students.

As result many of the students felt that it was their fault that the teachers touched them in an inappropriate way and in some cases even went further.

Now former students call for a reform.

Until this has happened it is safe to say that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


770. Reflections Academy Inc.

An article in newspaper tells the story about two persons who have been working in the private teenage detention business where the facilities are called treatment centers, who became involved in lawsuits and criminal investigation. While the police stopped the investigation due to the age of the victims, the incident shows a need for better supervision of private detention facilities. Chaffin Pullan and Michele “Mickey” Manning have been working in many programs. Some of them belonging to the infamous WWASP organization and in one case at a facility where a girl died as result of suicide.

Now they started Reflections Academy Inc. and it is at this facility the police investigated claims of sexual abuse and grooming.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager and age out so you become a legal target for grooming and abuse.


2021 update

A student are alleged to have committed suicide. The tragic incident is still under investigation


2022 update:

An article states that the program shut down sometime around October 2021


662. The Lucton School

The Lucton School might have provided decent education and had been around for many years. However it the male student got the attention of now convicted David Panter who groomed seven pupils into sexual activity, things could look very bad despite getting fine papers in the end.

The school administration did not act for all too long. It could not have been fun to study there coming this unwanted attention.

Later a person named Michael Carrigan was jailed for having abused children over the Internet, but this time the student body was spared.


411. Cedar Ridge Academy

Cedar Ridge Academy – now known as Makana Leadership Academy – is located outside the town of Roosevelt in Utah. It was founded in 1996. Over the years many teenagers have been transported there against their will by professional transporters. In the public the boarding school is mostly known for the actions of a male nurse who became to eager with grooming behavior. There are only so many times you need to conduct “hernia checks”.

While the police suspect that the nurse was very good seeking out students who might have found these endless check more satisfying than most teenager there were still the risk that the wrong student could be subjected to his action which makes it easy to say that it cannot be fun to be forced to stay there.


Update 2020

Young adults who were detained at the facility mentioned that their reports of abuse were ignored. The facility changed it name to Makana Leadership Academy.

Former students at Utah troubled-teen centers say their reports of sex abuse were ignored (Salt Lake Tribune)

Update 2021

3 teenagers ran from the facility. They were later located.


Update: Teens who ran away from Roosevelt treatment center booked into juvenile detention (Gephardt Daily)