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923. Genoa Indian Industrial School

The Genoa Indian Industrial School also mentioned as The Genoa School existed from 1884 to 1934. During its existence 102 children died attending the school. Researchers have been able to identify the children who died.

The courses of deaths are mentioned to be caused by influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and heart failure. Accidental shootings, paralysis and possible suicides.

Short to say it has not been fun to be there as a child.


922. Brothers Home welfare centre

Brothers Home welfare centre was a center for homeless boys located in Busan, South Korea. It was in operation from 1976 to 1987. The owner Park In-geun was sentenced for embezzlement after a difficult investigation where strong political powers tied to the owner tried to prevent the investigation.

The idea was to get children off the streets so the country looked more fine because the Olympic Games should be held there in 1988.

Survivors of the facility speak of beatings, force labor, illegal imprisonment and the deaths of some of children detained at the facility.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


880. Kamloops Indian Residential School

2021 became the year where 215 graves were discovered at the place which once housed Kamloops Indian Residential School. The school opened in 1890 and operations shut down in 1978. As with many residentials schools in Canada also many of the children attending the school were forced away from their parents. They were punished if they spoke their native language. If some cases students were abused by the employees, even sexual abuse took place.

How the 215 children died is not known. Survivors of the school believed that they had run away.

It is very safe to assume that it could not have been a fun place to be as a child.


855. St. Joseph care home

The St. Joseph care home sometime named St. Joseph’s boys school or St. Joseph Institute are in the news due to an investigation into a number of death taking place in the 1950’s among the 60 boys enrolled at that time. 34 deaths over a short period is alleged to be on the hands of a monk.

If it is the case that a monk killed boys off the boys, it is safe to say that it could not have been fun to be there as a child.


644. Kazenoko Gakuen

Kazenoko Gakuen also known as School for Children of the Wind, on Kosagi Island in Japan became known to the public when 2 students died of heatstroke after they were locked into a container as punishment for their behavior in school.

That is an awful slow way to die.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


637. Totsuka Yacht School

Totsuka Yacht School is a reform school founded in 1976. The student population seems now to include students with emotional problems which should have been treated by professional people in the health care system instead of low-paid teachers.

As result several teenagers have died. Rather strange the principal, Hiroshi Totsuka, was allowed back to work after serving a prison sentence because his actions or lack of them led to the deaths among students at the school.

It cannot be a fun place to be as a teenager.


611. Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah

A terrible tragedy struck the Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah so-called boarding school in Kuala Lumpur when fire broke out. It is not known why there only was one exit but at other so-called school of similar kind students are forced to attend. In some case some of the students were even forced to wear shackles in order to prevent them from running.

The school was not regulated by the officials and that is a huge security risk. Because it allows the management to design the schools as prisons which are deadly when we talk fires.

The teenagers who died were trapped with no chance of escaping. The windows had bars and of course once the fire blocked the single exit possibility, they could only wait and die.

A terrible loss for their families and the local community in general all because some parents prefer their child to memorize some religious words instead of getting a real education which could have enabled them for a future.

The government should step in and close schools down until they are reconstructed to be more safe in order to prevent future tragedies like this one.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


526. Virgen de la Asunción home

The Virgen de la Asunción home caught fire in 2017 creating a national tragedy when it became clear that 35 persons died in the fire – mostly juvenile and children.

But articles related to the fire also showed trouble long before the fire took place. Too many children confined to the facility compared with lack of supervision and background checks of employees had resulted in abuse. Despite the tragedy there is little hope of improvement because it seems that the political system lacks interest in the well-being of the children.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


441. Stephjoy Boys High School

Ambitions killed several boys. Too much focus on education brought a tragic end to the lives of several boys when their boarding school was victim of arson. Some students have been detained. However the reason seems to be use of corporal punishment combined with high expectations from both school administration and parents. It is kind of odd because seeing the migration to Europe which take place during these years it is clear that the kind of education they can get in their country even when they achieve top grades brings them nowhere in Europe. They often end up serving as dishwashers in the food industry working illegal without paying taxes. Many cross the ocean in boats of poor standard.

It is clear that they should use less time on their academics and more on enjoying life while they have it. Going to school in such an environment cannot be fun as a teenager.

After the fire some of the students were arrested suspected for having destroyed the school by arson.


419. St Mary’s Mother and Baby Home

St Mary’s Mother and Baby Home was located in Tuam, County Galway in Ireland. It was a feeder home to the The Magdalene Laundries. When the children didn’t die or were adopted illegal to other countries the children would grow up and start working in the Laundries.

The remains of 800 dead children was located on the property of the facility.

Investigation is still on-going but it is safe to conclude that it wasn’t fun to be there as a child.