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927. Faderhuset

Faderhuset is a cult with roots in Denmark. Officially it has been disbanded but Danish new media have found traces of it located abroad in countries like the Czech republic where the Danish authorities cannot get an agreement with the local authorities to protect the children.

The cult was founded around 1990. They started a school in Copenhagen in 1994 which was closed by the Danish authorities due to the use of an ACE-based curriculum which is found as totally inadequate as curriculum in a civilized society like Denmark is.

They became involved in the political intrigue and basically used as tool by the authorities against Ungdomshuset which was a public house for youth culture in Denmark that was teared down resulting in citywide riots for a full week.

They etablished themselves in a village on the southern Danish island Lolland and took over a hotel in the village of Bandholm. When the local child protection services and the media became concerned about the welfare of the children, the cult declared itself closed and official dismantled. The hotel was sold and went bankrupt because the workers now had to be paid instead of serving for free for the good of the cult. However, the children disappeared and in 2019 the children was tracked to the Czech republic which is known to have housed cults like the infamous WWASP school Morava Academy before.

The Danish child protection services are investigating the cult but they live in protection in the Czech Repulic due to the local authorities lack of interests.

It cannot be fun to live in a cult like Faderhuset if you are a child.


Update 2023

A recent article suggest that they were sided in Greece near the village of Melissohori near the city Thessaloniki. However they seemed on the move and is no longer residing in the region.


A mysterious sect that came and swiftly left (Ekathimerini)

879. Daya Dan orphanage

This orphanage in India connected to the well-known Mother Teresa was not a nice place to be in general. Dirty, the children being under-medicated, children tied to their beds is not the right environment for children. However, as they say: “Given the alternatives”.

But the alternatives only exist because a state was allowed to be created too fast leaving place for no income tax system as we know it in the civilized world where money are distributed from the people well-off to the poor. The blame is on both the government who mismanagement their country and the welfare organizations working there without addressing the real issue, so the International community could put pressure on the government to look after their own country instead on playing with muscles against surrounding countries.

Mother Teresa might not have gained a lot personally from running her charity but she still managed to prey on volunteers who worked for what they believed was a good case and in her actions support a regime in an over-corrupt country who used her organization to fix what they should have taken care of long time ago.

Yes. For sure being a child in this kind of orphanage cannot be fun.


727. Grace Road Church

Grace Road Church is run by a woman from South Korea. She has detained a number of followers on Fiji. There they are forced to work all day long preparing them for alleged disasters to come. Members are encouraged to inflict violence against family members.

There are no real schooling for the children. It cannot be fun to be a child in that environment.


726. Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps

Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps has been the center of an investigation and a trial against members of the cult is about to start. A father reported his son missing and the search for the son led to the discovery of his grave.

Further investigation showed use of forced labor and no real schooling in a quality which would allow the children to function in a modern world.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


652. Shimber Beris

This very alternative school was located first in California, then in Mexico until the started ended its time in Guatemala.

They used an alternative curriculum and the children attending the school were basically isolated in an environment organized like a cult.

The school closed in the 1990’s and both founders are now dead. It looks like a bad place to be as a student.


581. The Colonia Dignidad cult

An isolated small community run by German immigrants were for decades a terrible place to grow up. People were not allowed to live as families. If the parents were against the government they were tortured and the children adopted into new families.

All controlled by a former priest which ended his days in prison after first having escaped Germany accused of abuse. He took control of this small community and turned it into a cult protected by the government in Chile. Electro shock and other kind of turture were used.

The government changed and the police raided the community in 2005. The priest tried to escape abroad but were caught and sentenced to prison where he died after having served 6 years of a 20 years sentence. He got off easy.

It could not have been fun to be there as teenager, while the priest were in charge.

A good movie called Colonia has been made about this community.


477. The Red House

The Danish organization Tvind, which is under investigation by the authorities while their manager is wanted by Interpol, also has a department in United Kingdom called The Red House.

The authrorities in the United Kingdom use is because it is cheaper than a secure unit without doing proper supervision to ensure that the stay benefits the children in the care of The Red House. It is unclear if the involved social workers are fooled or they receive kick-backs.

The children are used as child labor benefitting the for-profit so-called humanitarian unit also run by the Tvind organization.

They are also exposed to damaging group pressure.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.