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758. Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center

Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center has been the center of a riot, gang fights and cases of sex between inmates and staff members. Neither of it should be acceptable even when both parties in a sexual relationship agree because it was supposed to be a place where you treat sexual offenders not a place where sex takes place.

It is safe to say that it cannot be a good place to be as a teenager.


614. El Pueblo Boys & Girls Ranch

El Pueblo Boys & Girls Ranch has it license suspended after state investigators found that the children were underfed and abuse. The facility had been in operation for more than 50 years. It seems that the decision to close the place was done 50 years too late.

It cannot be fun to have been there as a teenager.


605. Cheyenne Mesa

Cheyenne Mesa was located in Colorado Springs. It is closed now. If you google the facility all links which pops up are about 15 year old Robert Thomas Pillsen-Rahier, who disappered from the facility in 1990.

What is very odd about this place is that his mother found blod in his underwear during a home visit and the phone calls were monitored so this poor boy was afraid of talking openly with his mother over the phone.

What was his fear about? Were other children affected by the same kind of fear of talking. Was he simply silenced and by who?

Whenever you have a treatment facility which does not allow patients privacy when they talk to family members there is a risk of possible abuse which could take place against the children who are held at such facilities.

It certainly could not have been a fun place to at if you were a teenager forced into treatment there.


264. Axios Youth Community

Axios Youth Community has been around since the 1990’s living quietly in the industry. 2012 the police investigated the program after a male employee was suspected of improper behavior towards the girls. As result the state removed some of the children and the organization accounced the closure of the Ute Pass facility.

Being forced to live apart of the social network without anyone to turn to if an adult employee act improper cannot be fun for any teenager.


258. Adolescent and Family Institute of Colorado (AFIC)

Jessica Palmer was only 17 years of age when she decided that she had enough of life.

Years before her parents enrolled her at Adolescent and Family Institute of Colorado also known as AFIC. Here she was cut off her family. The unlicensed staff convinced her that she hadn’t the illness she was committed with. She was faking. But the staff had no education which could enable them to make that decision. As result she got worse.

Beside the case of Jessica Palmer other families have stepped forward. The state of Colorado could not explain how this facility was allowed to continue their operation. It should have been shut down decades ago.

Being treated by amateurs when we are taking serious illnesses cannot be fun for any teenager.

Ex-patients, families say decades of abuse, fraud at Colorado facility ignored (CNN)

82. The Cornerstone Program

A former addict named Bob Meehan created a number of drug rehab programs. Once the clients were able to leave the program they were not that satisfied.

About the founder it is stated:

Meehan is a bigot. He refers to Muslims as “towel-heads”. He refers to Jesus as a “dead (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))-boy on a stick”, offending both Christians and (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE))). Africans are referred to as “(((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))” and staff is taught that Africans are less evolved than whites. Hispanics are called “(((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))” or “(((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE))).” Women are b***hes. Gays, according to Meehan are “(((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))” or “(((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))” who “suck their own s*** off other people’s d****.” These are Meehan’s words.

Meehan sits atop this empire yet he has no education, no training, no license (as a clinician), no certifications, and no degrees. To my knowledge he has not attended a single training class in his 30+ years as the “Father of Drug Intervention”. He knows nothing of pharmacology, cannot state the 12-core functions of substance abuse counseling, and has never completed any type of supervised practicuum. He is simply an ex-convict who claims to have a better understanding of addiction and recovery than anyone else in the world.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


81. The Brown Schools

The Brown schools was located all over the United States. There was a time for them and then they ran into tons of lawsuits.

They closed. Teenagers was nu prevented from entering a place so depressing that life seemed to hard to survive.

It was not a place for teenagers.


80. Royal Gorge Academy

Royal Gorge Academy was located in Canon City, Colorado. From the very start some people believed that it was a part of the horrible WWASP-chain responsible for looking thousand of teenagers up in the United States for no good reasons.

It was not existing for very long as the police intervened against the violence used at the facility. The manager got sent to prison which should have happened sooner as he had a long dark history working within this line of business.

Not all students were freed. Some were send to Louisiana to a place called Red River Academy, which was just as bad and placed in a state where the well-being of children is not something the policians and the police concern themselves about.

Goober napping is a term used in connection with this school as well as with others. It is when parents hire goons to drag their children off to schools like Royal Gorge in shackles.

Royal Gorge Academy or Royal Peak Academy as it also was called did not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


79. Pathfinders Wilderness Program

Pathfinders Wilderness Program run by a certain guy named Mike Parr was just a wilderness program like many others. Teenagers ran from the program. The employees used violence. The police investigated. License they didn’t care about.

In the end it wasn’t a place you wanted to be as a teenager. Maybe that is the reason that they are no longer in operation.


78. Open Sky Wilderness Therapy

Open Sky operates one of the dangerous wilderness therapy programs in the United States. They are based in Colorado but do also operate on land in Utah.

In Salt Lake Tribune you read the following text:

Recent sheriff’s records: In October 2007, a girl ran away from Open Sky and ended up on a woman’s porch with no shoes, saying she had been kidnapped and her wrist was hurt when she refused to submit to a strip search, according to a report from the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office. Her father, who lives in San Francisco, retrieved her and said it was the fourth such camp she had run away from. The same month, another girl fell about 20 feet and was taken to a hospital with neck and back pain.

It does not sound like a nice place to be as a teenager.