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628. Yuzhang Academy

The Yuzhang Academy located in the Qingshanhu area was founded in 2013. According to its former website it was able to deal with “eliminating children’s bad problems,” including internet addiction, puppy love, aversion to studying, and mental deficiency.

According to articles and interviews with former so-called students which were held at the facility against their will, the facility made use of solitary confinement, corporal punishment and forced labor.

The website of the school is now gone. Whether they closed or just got into hiding until the heat is gone, is not known at the present time. However it remains to conclude that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


481. Shandong Science and Technology Defense Academy

A girl who was there and escaped the facility managed to stab her father and starve her mother to death. We can only guess how cruel the conditions must be when the outcome can become so tragic for the entire family.

The entire concept of treating Internet Addiction – an illness invented as part of a hoax in 1995 – is tragic. It is an industry motivated by money displaying no remorse against all the victims they hurt.

It is safe to say that is not fun to be there as a teenager.

272. Zhengzhou Boqiang New Idea Life Training School

Zhengzhou Boqiang New Idea Life Training School has marketed itself as a cure against the so-called Internet Addiction Disorder, which was introduced as an illness after pressure from the troubled teenage Industry so they could get more clients.

The methods to cure this so-called illness is punishment, isolation from peers and family and if it doesn’t cure the illness – pure violence.

A 19 year old girls lost her life at this boarding school may 2014.

It is safe to say that it is not a fun place to be for a teenager.


111. Hongkai Education and Training School – China

On Youtube you can watch how parents in China (and now elsewhere) can send their child to a school in Jinan, China so they don’t spend that much time on the Internet. The so-called diagnose called “Internet Addiction Disorder” has been accepted as something people can make money on and when money is involved then it is OK to label children.

Spending at least 4 months offline without being able to maintain your network which is vital for your future career is certainly not fun for any teenager.


53. Guangxi Qihang Survival Training Camp

Yet another camp, yet another attempt to cure the so-called Internet Addiction Discorder, Yet another death.

Guangxi Qihang Survival Training Camp was nothing special compared to other camps claiming to be able to cure the so-called illness.

And as it is the case this was also a place where a teenager lost his life. Deng Senshan was only 16 years old when they killed him off.

It does not sound like a fun place for a teenager.

52. Chinese Anti-traditional Education Training Center

Chinese Anti-traditional Education Training Center was marketed as a cure for the funny “decease” called Internet Addiction Disorder. Of course there is no such decease. It is only something which was been invented so some guys can earn money.

The place was shut down by the authorities, but not before a stay left the only 14 year old known as Liang Liang in critical condition.

It does not sound like a fund place to be as a teenager.


51. Tianhai Boot Camp School

Internet Addiction!!

It is a kind of funny diagnose. It was actually something people saw as a prank, but as always when there is money to make on curing people of a “decease”, you bet the doctors will start to label the patients.

How do you cure Internet Addiction? According to Chinese doctors who were the first to enter this area, electric shock, hard exercise, corporal punishment and various drugs is the answer.

For 14 year old Yao Jian the cure led to his death. Tianhai Boot Camp School does not sound like a fun place to be for a teenager.

His parents were awarded 350,000 yuan (US$51,000) in compensation but that does not ease their pain.


29. Beiteng School

An article stated:

Chen Shi, 16, died two days after enrolling in Beiteng School in Changsha, capital of central China’s Hunan province, having been beaten up when he refused to run during training

You cannot control how much your child is on the Internet. If you try this could be the result. I have learned that a number of Danish boarding schools called “Efterskoler” are trying to isolate their students for a week. I guess that the parents will have to pay for counseling when the year is over because banning Internet, Facebook and cell phones – that is just cruel.

Chinese teen allegedly beaten to death in boot camp: report (Sino Daily)

26. Huai’an Internet Addiction Treatment Centre

A group of teenagers managed to escape this camp where they were put because they were addicted to the Internet. What a laugh. (Perhaps not for the teenagers in the camp). It is a made-for-profit diagnose!

Normally these camps only draw attention to them when they manage to kill one of the teenagers. Recently they were banned by the government in China but parenting worldwide seems to call for everybody else to raise their children, so I doubt that they all are closed.


8. Xu Xiangyang Education Program and Training Workroom in China

“The long March” is a term very closely connected to China. The communist terrorists which took power in China at the end marched from one end of the country to another hunted by the authorities. Like it or not they succeeded and came into power.

Brat Camp China – link to Liveleak video

For so-called troubled teenagers in China the solution can also be a long march. There is a company where they try to reform the teenagers by forcing them to march across their country.

It doesn’t sound like very much fun.