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305. Villa Maria boarding school in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Today this school is no longer a boarding school for girls. It is a private school. It seems like a good decision considering what a former student told about her stay which has left her with emontional scars.

It is safe to state that it could not have been a fun place to be as a teenage girl before year 1966.


282. St. Anne’s Indian Residential School

The employees They had so much fun St. Anne’s Indian Residential School located in Fort Albany, Canada. They strapped the children down on a wooden chair with metal paddings and applied eletrical shocks causing the employee to have a great laugh.

But it wasn’t fun for the children. Nor being beaten with strops and rudimentary whips, being forced to ingest their own vomit, and experiencing child rape and other forms of sexual abuse.

It is safe to say that it wasn’t fun for the children at all.

Ottawa forced to turn over reports of electric chair use at residential school (CTV News)

134. Collège Notre-Dame du Sacré-Cœur

Not only are students required to follow a strict dresscode leaving them without options to express themselves. The uniform has to be purchased at a certain shop so the families cannot shop where clothes is cheapest. They also allowed the children to be abused for too long. Now an investigation has been launched into the abuse.

It is safe to say that it could not have been fun to be there as a student.


96. Grenville Christian College

Grenville Christian College closed in 2007. For some students it was a kind of prison where they were held back by a kind of cult organization.

It sounds like it was not a fun place to be as a teenager.

Ms. Buddington’s account of abuse began on the trip to Canada from the self-styled Anglican Community of Jesus, which her hippie parents had joined when they were barely out of their teens (her mother is still a community nun; her father was later kicked out).
She tried jumping out of the car, but was restrained.
Within 48 hours of her arrival at Grenville, Ms. Buddington, now 33 and living in Portland, Me., was pulled from her bed by three staff women in the middle of the night, dragged into a room and berated for several hours for allegedly criticizing the leaders of the Community of Jesus, which had close ties with Grenville. (The cult leaders, known as Mother Cay and Mother Judy, were at the time living on the Grenville campus.) She was then placed on “discipline,” not allowed to talk or attend classes or wear the school uniform and spent her days scrubbing pots, floors and toilets and asking God to change her heart. The several-week sentence, she said, ended only after she wrote a series of letters to the headmaster saying her heart had indeed been changed.
That event, Ms. Buddington said in an interview, was the beginning of four nightmarish years at Grenville, where she experienced constant psychological abuse, isolation, punishment and humiliation at the hands of school staff before eventually running away.
“I was treated as less than human,” she said. She said she lived in constant fear of punishment and was depressed and frequently suicidal. Repeated requests to get psychological help were denied by school authorities.

Update 2016:
A recent article in the media provided addtional information about what took place:
Former students allege psychological, physical and sexual abuse at Ont. Christian school (CTW News)

Update 2020:
Former students who say they suffered abuse at Christian boarding school in Brockville, Ont., win class-action (The Star)


47. Chilanko Lodge Treatment Center

Down in Utah there was a lot of problems with a boarding school called Whitmore Academy. The same owners also owned this program in Canada. If it was anything like the one in Utah it has to be combined with very little fun to live there.

Factsheet about the program (Fornits Wiki)

46. Wendigo Lake Expeditions

As mentioned in the last post sleeping outside in a cold country like Canada is not fun.

It seems that the previous program was not the only one in Canada. Also this program seems to offer the same kind of torment.

Factsheet about the program (Fornits Wiki)

45. Kiatou

An only 14 year old boy escaped from a wilderness program. It didn’t sound like he had a lot of fun there. In generel being forced to sleep outside when you are accustomed to a nice warm bed cannot be fun under any circumstances.

44. Missanabie Woods Academy

Being abandoned in the middle of a forest in Canada does not sound fun. Especially considering the fact this wilderness camp was run by some people from Indiana happy about using corporal punishment.

Testimonies began to slip out about the horrible conditions the teenager had to endure at this camp and in other camps run by the same organization.

I can recommend you to read Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres


43. Robert Land Academy

In Canada some kind of man with a rather unknown career as s soldier decided to found a military bording school which could take care of both odinary boys but also at risk teenagers. The school was opened in 1978.

Students state:

This school is not what they say in their website. This school is not for troubled teen. We registered our challenging son there. After couple of weeks he found out how he could dismissed himself from the place. They will send kids home for suspension!!! If they do some fight which normally happened in high school let alone for challenging boys, they will send you email to come and get your son home. So, this is the solution for that challenging kids to choose not to stay there. You will experience a lot of stress and it will end up to loose your money. They suspend our kids for 2 times and they didnt accept him back to school with no refund!! Please take this serious and know that this school is not designed for challenging kids that suffer from ADHD, ADD, ODD or other disorder.

Osanak M. on Yelp

I know a lot of people can be written off as people trashing the school out of spite, but I want to try and write an objective review without all that. It’s been many years since I attended, so this is coloured with time and not just something I typed out as soon as leaving.

I don’t agree with the school or its methods. I think it usually attempts to reform bad behavior by simply producing an environment that forces compliance via fear and pain instead of attacking any roots of the problem. Most changes that are a result of the school specifically are short lived, and I believe most of the lasting changes are made by the passage of time and the students’ own will to change, which could be gotten anywhere. Simply intimidating someone into obedience does not help that person carry it over into later life, or really produce any positive changes at all for that matter.

Then there’s the issue of the school’s treatment of students which I think is harsh and often verges into the territory of mental or physical abuse. Whether you believe that the punishments of the school constitute abuse or not, there are certainly staff members who have been overtly abusive and faced no consequences where in most other schools it would be hugely scandalous.

All that said, it has been years since I’ve been. I’ve heard that it’s gotten a lot less “extreme” but I can only review from what I knew, and even from that I think the school has too much of a negative past to even condone its continued operation.

Max S. on Yelp

Needless to say: 3 boys have decided that their lives were not worth living after they had been sent there. Two was hit by a train in an incident looking very much like a suicide pact. One jumped out of his parents car returning to the military school into oncoming traffic.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place for teenagers.


News articles:

Student testimonies and message boards:

42. Sheila Morrison School

This place was supposed to be a school in Canada for children with perceived and actual learning disabilities.

It was hit with a lawsuit because it failed to take proper care of the children. It does not sound like a fun place for these children.