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939. Capital Christian School

The Capital Christian School located in Sacramento, has recently been in the news when former students told the world of the abuse they suffered of the hands of a former teacher. An abuse they claimed the school was informed of. Also more recently parents were surprised that they were kept in the dark of alleged abuse while the police investigated.

Sometime might indicated that it could not be fun to be a students at the school if you are one of the unlucky ones who falls victim for a molester.


937.  MacLaren Children’s Center

 MacLaren Children’s Center was opened sometime in the 1940’s. Due to overcrowding and change of the categories of children who was placed there it transformed from a traditional group home to a kind of youth prison. Many children tried to run away and criticism arose against the conditions offered to the children.

MacLaren was closed in 2003 after a pair of lawsuits alleged that staff had physically abused dozens of residents and that the facility routinely failed to properly care for children with emotional and behavioral problems.

Since the closure claims of abuse have been made.

It could not be fun to be there as a child.


912. Cate School

The Cate School which is a boarding school located in Carpinteria, California was founded in 1910. Recently articles about alleged sexual abuse appeared in various medias. An investigation made by the local sheriff has been launched into the matter.

Also it has been revealed that some kind of abuse took place over several decades dating back to at least the 1960’s. Private law firms are gathering behind possible victims to help them with lawsuits.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager if you were among the victims.


907. Morris Small Family Home

The authorities – Riverside County District Attorney’s Office -filed a number of charges against the couple who ran the Morris Small Family Home. Among those charges were 14-count involving neglect result in the death of 17-year-old Diane Ramirez as well as very indecent behavior against some of the children.

Also relatives to the children placed in the home claim that the children when they reached adulthood was tricked into legally binding relationships. The worst part of this story is that parts of the social services seem to have been tipped off before the tragic death but did not react in time.

If the accusations are true it is safe to say that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


903. New Alternatives Home

New Alternatives Home was 2 group homes located in California. One was located on Victoria Place in Costa Mesa and another in Orange. At the Costa Mesa place a psychiatrist named Burnell Gordon Forgey had been hired to work with a boy. Little known to the public he had opened his home for James Lee Crummel who later ended up on the death row before he committed suicide. Forgey had also worked for the CEDU chain of boarding schools where researchers now link the disappearance of several boys to this couple having access to the campuses.

In relationship with New Alternatives Home the authorities charged Forgey for having lured a 16 year old boy, he worked with to the home and drugged the boy. Taking advantage of the boys helpless state, they performed various sexual acts with their victim. Both were arrested and charged with various crimes.

The full extend of the pairs crimes were never fully exposed due to the advanced age of Forqey and the suicide of Crummel but being the victims of such crimes cannot be fun as a teenager.


868. Angel Gate Academy

In the media the camp is mostly known because an employee is on the death row for killing her husband for insurance money and the building being used by a professional scammer after classes are over.

Angel Gate Academy were marketed as remedial math and science classes. However it is just a boot camp where the teenagers are subjected to  yelling and screaming by the employees. The boot camp is administered by California National Guard troops who are neither qualified teachers nor given any background screening to protect the children from the possibility of abuse or neglect.

It cannot not be fun as a teenager to be subjected to this treatment when the marketing is telling another story.


860. Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

The chain of treatment facilities was found by Helena T. Devereux in 1912. The Devereux organization established their Texas department in 1959 and it is one out of many departments across the United States.

Searching on the facility articles speak of possible sexual attack on children and riots. An article points out that the management was not observant enough setting up guidelines which could have prevented these incidents.

Feedback from former patients on Google is not that positive

I use to live here. They played favoritism. When it was time for prom they told us if you walk out of school or anywhere else you will not attend prom but that was a lie. The counselors never cared. Never listened to you. I cant wait to show up one day to surprise everyone. Cause this place needs to be shut down. After me and another client left me and her still talked i told her i was pregant and told me someone from Devereux could take care of my baby. Umm what? The baby would have a better life. I miscarried. But for staff to still be connected with residents is a little disturbing. This place is not worth it. Dont come here EVER!

Stephanie Rodriguez


Horrible communication good luck getting any information after spending 3 days calling leaving messages and never getting a callback I tried the number my insurance company provided and spoke to a super rude disgruntled employee who informed me they were long term not short term(1-2months inpatient) facility which is NOT clearly stated on their website. If the initial intake is this incompetent I can’t imagine how services could be

monique mcgillen

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.



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830. Ministerial Christian Academy

In 2004 the authorities intervened against an unregistered boarding school located in Pomona, California. The authorities removed handcuffs, shackles, computers, financial records and other documents during the raid.

While one of the employees were arrested on suspicion of rape with a foreign object and sexual battery of a female student, later the police dropped the case. The employee was a registered sex offender.

The media coverage of the raid spoke of students being restrained in handcuffs, left for hours in cramped, darkened storage rooms and forced into a cold swimming pool as punishments.

It is not clear if the investigation led to real prison time or a plea deal involving fines.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


811. Victor Treatment Centers

A number of incidents involving alleged assault resulted in closure of one of the group homes / treatment facilities operated by Victor Treatment Centers. It seems that the facilities were either under-staffed or had not got any training in how to handle situations with teenagers who suffer from various mental issues.

According to their website they deal this target group:

Victor Treatment Centers, Inc. (VTC) exists to provide a healthy, healing living environment for severely emotionally disturbed children and youth who have such great needs that they are temporarily not able to succeed in family situations and/or lower levels of care.

Such a target group requires specially trained employees and if this is not the case, then it is better to close down or it would not be fun to be there as a teenager.


744. Guiding Hands School

Guiding Hands School located in El Dorado Hills, California experienced a death of one the students, they had enrolled. A policy at the school seems to be confronting the students behavior in a very aggressive way. Maybe so aggressive that it is in violation with state rules. It is a subject of an investigation started after the tragic death.

The school was later closed down

When even restraint by staffmembers can be caused by a student not stop tapping a pencil on desk, then it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.