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845. Spring Ridge Academy

Spring Ridge Academy located in Mayer, Spring Valley, Arizona. The facility is targeted by a lawsuit.

A former student wrote on Google:

I was forced to attend this ‘school’ over 20 years ago now. I still feel traumatized. Parents: Do NOT send your child here just because things are difficult. Research ‘troubled teen industry’ scams and the effects of parental abandonment during your teen’s formative years before you do this. I’m grown now, and I still can’t forgive my parents for doing this to me; we haven’t spoken in almost 10 years. This was one of the most awful experiences I endured growing up. Please find another way.

Her experience seems to be very much in line with testimonies from other former students.

The founder Jeannie Courtney used to work at a WWASP facility – Cross Crook in Utah which is also mentioned in this blog.


807. VisionQuest Arizona

Visionquest has been arround for some time and they are mentioned several times in this blog. Now their Arizona department are under investigation after they used the police force which do not have special trained officers to handle their patients – among them many with disabilities.

When we are talking a quadruple amputee most will assume that it will take specially trained personel to handle such a person. However if teenagers become disruptive, they use public tax-paid police officers who do not have this special training to handle their patients. It can only turn wrong for so many reasons and it did in this case where a teenager was bodyslammed by a police officer.

The authorities must look into how this facility is licensed. It cannot be the case that public money should be used for tasks which should have been handled by the employees.

Until a closer look into how this group home is handled, it is safe to say that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


783. Mingus Mountain Academy

2020 it was revealed to the public that the facility which is a youth asylum marketing some kind of unproven treatment methods had a large number of persons suffering from Covid-19. The nature of the facility properly did not allow the students to be separated from each other and there are no reports that the facility tried to alter the grouping of students to prevent the virus from spreading for start serving individual meals in small groups for the same reason.

More than 80 students were tested positive for the virus and a large number of employees also. This shows that if a facility is unable to group students in isolated groups no bigger than 8 students while still maintaining a minimum distance of at least 1 meter between each person, they should not be operating. They should shut down.

As Covid-19 is a dangerous and deadly illness, some of the students are at risk of dying.

The facility had hoped to keep the outbreak a secret until they were ready to deliver the caskets with dead girls back to the families according to ABC news.

In 2017 3 girls ran from the facility. They were later recovered. Relatives of one of the missing girls wrote on Google Maps

mitchell llamas:

I do not recommend this place!We send my little 14 year old sister and SHE RAN AWAY and they didn’t look for her now she’s missing and me and my family don’t know anything about her…

The girls were later located by the authorities.

It cannot be fun to be there as a student.


711. Southwest Key Programs

Southwest Key programs is one of the organizations which make a lot of money housing children of detained immigrants. Immigration is a big world wide problem and all countries try to make them go away outside the cameras.

The European Union has now successfully convinced countries in the northern part of Africa to make the immigrants to disappear in the desert outside the public media instead of downing in front of cameras in the Mediterranean Sea. Whether it is a better strategy if the immigrants die of thirst instead of downing only the future will show.

In the United States the strategy seems to be to house the children at shelters while the parents are prosecuted for the crime of entering the United States illegal.

However when you house children by servicing them using low-paid employees while the management collect huge salaries, you get employees who just want to be with children so they can exploid them sexually. It is what is happening now and it cannot be fun to be there as a child.


665. Canyon State Academy

Canyon State Academy earlier known as Arizona Boys Ranch was a place where other states sent children to in order to send them somewhere so the case workers caseload would be lighter. None seemed to care how the children had it. In the end this attitude claimed the life of a boy. None were punished for this death.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


2021 Update

In 2009 the police had to be called in and break up fighting among teachers and students.

In 2020 a 17 year old boy was found dead on the campus. His name has not been released. Investigation is ongoing. Also a Covid-19 outbreak caused concern.


664. Parc Place

Some children seeking help for substance abuse problems try Parc Place in Arizona. Official records show that the place suffers from some problems.

An article in a newspaper states that the facility did not report properly when children hurt themselves. How can the state then help and guide if they do not get the correct numbers in reports?

Also another article states that some employees seems to have been involved in sexual misconduct with patients prompting the CPS to react.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager seeking help.


663. Oak Creek Ranch School

Oak Creek Ranch School was boarding school in ranch styled environment focusing on teenagers suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

A former resident states:

I went to OCRS for about a year and a half and was expelled for not snitching on someone that brought vape paraphernalia into our dorm. Which I wasn’t even involved with. The whole reason I was sent OCRS was because someone at my high school screwed my life up by telling on me for a small amount of weed. It was a very hard thing to be asked to tell on somebody for something I wasn’t even involved in. I just couldn’t. Oak creek expelled me for that reason, even with a 4.0 gpa, and kept my parents money for the whole year. Oak creek ranch school is a complete scam to kick your child out and keep all of your money due to their policy. There’s even a week at the beginning of every year that we called “sweep week”. In which the school expels a bunch of students within the first month. It was about 20 kids when I was there. Emptied out my whole dorm. Hands down would not recommend. This school is a COMPLETE SHAM. I urge anyone to think twice if they are thinking of sending their kid to OCRS

An article also mentions that satanism and drugs brought in by other children was something residents could be exposed to.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


537. Blue Hills Academy

The facility was located near Humholt in Arizona and was believed to be for boys only.

The facility was started by former employees from Copper Canyon Academy – now Sedona Sky Academy. It was not a business who lived for long. A message board mentions that it inherited some of the problems, Copper Canyon Academy suffered from in the start.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


406. Teen Reach

Teen Reach under the influence by preacher Bobby Torres became the center of an investigation by the Department of Economic Security after word reached the authorities of use of corporal punishment.

In the end the investigation shut the program down.

Corporal punishment is no fun and it is safe to say that it wasn’t fun to be there as a teenager.


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38. Copper Canyon Academy

Copper Canyon Academy was a girls only private prison in Arizona. It opened in 1998 and closed 2014 due to bad media coverage and former students speaking out. It was used as entertainment in several episodes of the Dr. Phil entertainment shows where girls have been locked up for doing what is both legal and normal in other countries.

It was not odd that there have several cases where some of the girls have escaped. In one case the police had to be called due to knife episode. The facility was also involved with Randy Young who was arrested for having pornographic images of children on his company laptop at his new job where they had a security policy preventing this kind of actions which was not the case at Copper Canyon Academy

They had horses but the girls are isolated far away from family and peers.

Update 2017

The facility was sold and renamed Sedona Sky Academy. At the time of its closure it was owned by Aspen Education Group but the founder purchased it back and renamed the facility due to the bad press coverage it had gained on various message boards and news.