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940. TSI Owens Cross Roads

This facility will change name. If it will change its way, remains to doubt. Fact is that criticism against the facility include unsafe living conditions, staff abuse and neglect, and improper and excessive use of restraints. A number of students tried to escape the facility over the years making themselves and possible residents at risk.

As of May 2022 it is empty.

Numerous facilities operated by Sequel TSI have been investigated. Because Sequel TSI basically is a business they rebrand as Brighter Path of Alabama, so they can continue their way to conduct business after using some paint and money on new marketing material. Why the authorities fall for this scheme remains a mystery.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


900. Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services

Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services established in 1925 is owned by Universal Health Services.

In the media the facility is mentioned when video tapes were leaked from the facility showing employees assaulting the young patients.

It could not be fun to be there as a teenager.


799. U.S. Jones Elementary School

The story of the suicide of a 9-year-old girl touched me very much because I know why we were allowed to use the Egedal SEO system on this blog.

A kindergarten teacher who was an alcoholic which the Danish police thankfully pulled off the road and another teacher who was a bully created an environment where a child of creator the SEO system was hurt so bad that the now adult life consist of a battle against depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and Schizoaffective disorder, which means that the person is alive despite the Egedal Schools failure to intervene against bullies – adults and kids.

However the story could have ended as tragic as it was the case with 9-year-old Mckenzie Adams. This poor girl was called a numerous number of things, some even things which would have led to a criminal case and conviction if the statements were made by an adult.

No school in the entire world should let bullying pass. People should be allowed to see themselves as beautiful regardless of how others see them. Freedom of speech does not mean obligation to speech against other people based alone of how you see them. If you do not like certain people do simply not speak to them unless it has a professional purpose and then remain professional sticking to whatever task which is needed to be completed alone.

It cannot be fun to be a child at the U.S. Jones Elementary in Demopolis City, Alabama

Mckenzie Adams’ suicide caused by school’s failure to stop racist, sexist bullying, lawsuit claims (AL.com)

593. Sequel TSI Madison

One of those places youth in Alabama can be sentenced to serve in is Sequel TSI Madison owned by Three Springs. There seems to be a number of people who have tried to escape from this facility and in 2017 it was revealed that a youth counselor had performed oral sex on some of the boys confined at the facility.

It is not every boy who wants to allow this to happen in order for various favors and that is enough to state that it can not be fun for every male teenager forced to live there.


520. Lyman Ward Military Academy

Lyman Ward Military Academy is a private military academy founded in 1898.

During the recent years there have been some concerning incidents which could make people think about the safety of the children living a the military academy. We are talking hazing and various illegal sexual acts.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a child.


392. Team Achievers Discipline Academy

The Team Achievers Discipline Academy located in Montgomery, Alabama became noticed in the news when the founder and leader of the camp was arrested for sexual abuse charges. It seemed he used the camp as cover for his hidden agenda which was to come in touch with kids.

It didn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


364. Blessed Hope Boys Academy

This facility is marketed as a religious boarding school for male teenagers aged between 12 and 17. It is located in Robertsdale, Alabama. The management seems have been working for some of the infamous religious boarding schools in Missouri.

Communication with peers back home is restricted. The curriculum is ACE which makes it hard to be accepted into most colleges.

Spending time where you don’t achieve real credits and missing out of high school parties makes it safe to state that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


UPDATE 2017:

The authorities raided the facility December 2016.


UPDATE 2018:

After the state of Alabama closed a legal loophole allowing them to inspect religious schools, the founder Pastor Gary Wiggins moved his operations to Missouri, where this loophole continues to exist. In Missouri, the state do not care about the safety of children in religious boarding schools. Instead the state of Missouri picks up the pieces when people are hurt or they are killed. And deaths there have been. Teenagers escaping a facility “Lives under Construction” or LUC Ranch killed an elderly couple. Two teenagers killed another when they tried to escape “Mountain Park Academy”.

It is a mystery why the state of Missouri allows this legal loophole to exist.

Religious boarding school raided in Alabama reopens in Missouri (al.com)

324. Saving Youth Foundation

Justice finally caught up with the management of a Christian Boot camp in Mobile, Alabama

Years ago we wrote about a similar boot camp also in Alabama called Restoration Youth Academy also located in Alabama. After we wrote about the facility they got some unwanted attention from the local media and they decided to close their operations.

It turned out to be a trick enabling them to open under a new name.

Ordinary families who sought help for their children gave them to people who shackled their teenagers and isolated them in small boxes as punishment being lured by a website promising counseling and therapy.

Fortunately the authorities intervened and several arrests have been made.

It is time that the people behind such scams which includes a history back to infamous places like Bethel Boys Academy etc. can be stopped.

It could not be a fun place to be as a teenager.


50. Elk River Wilderness Challenge / The Pinnacle Schools

The facility opened in 2005. It is located near Huntsville in Alabama.

In the media the facility attracted attention due to the actions of both employees and relatives of the founder. Over touchy security officers looking for a fight is never fun.

At Elk River Wilderness Challenge or The Pinnacle Schools as they also are called a report came last year of a very aggressive security officer.

It doesn’t sound like very much fun there, so they are on the list.


49. Restoration Youth Academy

This year attention was made on Restoration Youth Academy in Alabama. Among the employees a man with a dark hidden past was found. This individual once worked at Bethel Boys Academy which was shut down by the authorities not once but several times.

Given the nature of Restoration Youth Academy with high fences and a number of runaways we are basically talking a private-run prison providing youth with so-called education with of doubtful standard.

Why hasn’t the authorities in Alabama not intervened in the operations? Why are they allowing people with basically no background check running a private prison for at-risk teenagers?

We cannot answer why they have chosen to neglect these children?

It is really awful.


The management was brought to justice and sentenced to prison after moving the camp renaming it in the process. Read more: Leaders of religious Alabama boot camp get 20 years in prison for child abuse (Al.com)