801. Atlantis Leadership Academy

This facility is located in the area of Treasure Beach, Jamaica. The owner has a past as student in one of the WWASP schools and sought to create a modernized version of the school system he became a product of. The feedback from the students confirm his success in doing that.

Former students claim:

I was mentally abused and been told I was worthless and disgusting as a method to change my behavior. I was underfed as a punishment at at times forced to do long strenuous labor for friends of the programs director. I was kicked, punched, and was told I was going to be killed as a knife was put to my throat for not cooperating. every time I tried to contact my parents to ask for help my letter to them was edited and deleted. we were also forced to smile in every picture taken by the programs staff member so it looked as if we were enjoying our time in the program.

We were starved, beaten and kept in seclusion for months at a time. I personally was forced to lay in a room on my stomach alone for 3 months and ate nothing but rice and drank nothing but water… i lost 50lbs while i was there at the program i was 6’ 186 when i got there and when i left i was 6’ 135.

I give WWASPSurvivors permission to use this statement. I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on(date: MM/DD/YY):

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


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About Rotsne

Danish immigrant, but very integrated. After having worked for another research center, I have recently started working for International Culture Exchange where I serve the youth and their families wanting to become an exchange student.

5 responses to “801. Atlantis Leadership Academy”

  1. zach says :

    I have been a student at ALA it has changed my life I lived here and have grown here I know all the staff here we do not operate behind no closed doors. I love and respect the staff and Randy. I love this place and it has helped me build a solid family relationship. I did not really have a relationship with my family I am now closer with them than I have ever been in a long time. And I owe it to this program. I love ALA thank you so much!!!!!!

  2. Donovan says :

    No matter what anyone says, I will express the truth. There is no abuse here at ALA. Whatever is said by these “survivors” is completely false and is product of their anger. I cant understand where there anger came from.

  3. Student at ALA now says :

    I am sorry but all of is just a bunch of crap. You are full of shit you did not get put in no box that is a bunch of crap. This place is awesome I love it here. This place made change. If it was not for this place I would be dead right now. This place has changed my life.

  4. zach says :

    The posts that say this program is not straight and kids are not being treated well and you not here and you not see what blank is going on please nothing bad is happening this is a good program and that is all that can be said think people.

  5. Birthe Rasmussen says :

    Given the history of the program the owner and his relatives were involved in, I am not sure that the journey for each and every student is as bright as it is supposed to be according to all these new comments.

    Every pancake regardless of how thin they are, have two sides to them.

    That means that some might find that they need to be sheltered from life it self and in such a case, Jamaica is as remote as it can be from every top-quality of schooling and job-opportunities.

    But for anyone else it is better to remain at home where you credits are acknowledged and you can benefit of your social network if you need help.

    Over the years we have seen many Danes leave for other methods of how to live away from alcohol and easy access to Cristiania in Copenhagen where drugs are traded on the open streets without the police putting a stop to it. Some became so dangerous so they are not even allowed back into Denmark again because without calming socializing and partying they started to kill for ISIS and similar organizations.

    Personally I feel it like a dangerous experiment to isolate yourself just because you find the society you live filled with too many temptations. I am not part of the group who have put this website together but I understand that you feel otherwise compared to people who had made the testimonies in the post and I respect you for that. Just remember what you find OK, others do not and they are also entitled to an opinion.

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