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711. Southwest Key Programs

Southwest Key programs is one of the organizations which make a lot of money housing children of detained immigrants. Immigration is a big world wide problem and all countries try to make them go away outside the cameras.

The European Union has now successfully convinced countries in the northern part of Africa to make the immigrants to disappear in the desert outside the public media instead of downing in front of cameras in the Mediterranean Sea. Whether it is a better strategy if the immigrants die of thirst instead of downing only the future will show.

In the United States the strategy seems to be to house the children at shelters while the parents are prosecuted for the crime of entering the United States illegal.

However when you house children by servicing them using low-paid employees while the management collect huge salaries, you get employees who just want to be with children so they can exploid them sexually. It is what is happening now and it cannot be fun to be there as a child.