634. Edgemeade of Virginia

Edgemeade of Virginia was a treatment center which closed in 1979. It was related to Edgeemade of Maryland, located near Fairland, which were mentioned in a serial rape case as late as in 2012. A former student wrote:

My name is Dave h.. I was in edgemeade of va during those years.. I remember Henry and Vj, house parent Joan, Ralph Waldron, richie Williams, Cindy mouncey, Fred green, Tyrone sheard, Minnie the cook, Larry Potts, “Luv him”.. Irving, Yvette Daniels, Robin, jr Mitchell, Doug vess, Johnny Reyes, Kathy Campbell, David Dahl, (poor soul), Esther from admin building, dr.dinnwiddie, nyna the cleaning lady, And of course that dam I.C.U. Under the admin. Ran away from there in 78 or 79, with Ed craigar, tony Cassidy, and myself,, after we came Out of a drug induced sedation when they forgot to shoot us up,, Escaped, and the adventure began.. Everything from gunfights to bikers to cops, Stolen horses and motorboats and ended up in TONS of trouble,, Made the wanted list. But it was all because it was either that or keep letting them turn us Into zombies.. Among other things that happened. “Yule Hunt” who is now I think “Sheriff Hunt” was one of two cops that believed our story about what we endured And why we did what we did.. Hunt and his partner “detective Jim Crook” have investigated the place A couple times before. From what I understand.. Our adventure was the beginning of the end of edgemeade.. But what I’ve said here is just the tiny tip of a Huuuuuge iceberg.. But Larry Potts the singing preacher was the one that I would Luv to find, if he’s still alive. I’m a professional musician of caliber because of his kindness and patience.. And musical guidance. Went back there a few years ago in my travels.. It’s pretty much torn apart and the dorms We’re rotting away in what’s now a field. The main house remains and is lived in by a family.. I talked to their neighbor, Had to tell him that the bullet holes in the house were not from the civil war as they believed.. But rather from that incident from our escape.. I heard Dean Brailey was accidentally shot,, But I don’t know.. Tony, Ed, and me were sent to some real hardcore bad places to be held till They figured out what to do with us. We all were separated and never saw each other again. I heard Ed went to s. Hampton, And tony was sent to a place I can’t remember.. And there’s waaaay too much to say at one sitting, Because life turned into an inescapable nightmare for yeeaarrs after that. Found myself buried in an extremely violent world where survival with sanity still intact Was a looong battle. If you’d like to talk some.. Get back to me thru this And maybe we can chat. Would Luv to hear from someone who knows edgemeade.. Was beginning to think I imagined it all.. Seems like all info on it was wiped off the planet.. I’m in Florida keys at moment and make my living in music and teaching wilderness survival. Hope to hear from u.. ;-]


There was not a lot of protect mechanism to secure the safety of the teenage patients. A girls was raped.

The center closed in 1979. The unsafe environment makes it safe to state that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


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