607. Wyler Military School

Wyler Military School was located in Evansville in Wisconsin closed in 1979 after a scandal where two employees were under investigation of abuse. The former headmaster Chester DesRochers died before the trial and because he was the center of the investigation the rest of the investigation against another employee was dropped. This was unfortunate as more victims would follow as result of this decision.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


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Danish immigrant, but very integrated. After having worked for another research center, I have recently started working for International Culture Exchange where I serve the youth and their families wanting to become an exchange student.

11 responses to “607. Wyler Military School”

  1. Pete says :

    I grew up in Evansville, from 1958 to 1975. We lived one block away from that academy. The stories those boys would tell were sad. In 1970, when I was 12, I told my father about it. He was good friends with head master. He told me, in no uncertain terms, to never speak to anybody, ever, about it. I can tell you things because everybody’s dead now, including my father.

    • Dave yates says :

      Was there 1955-56 2yrs ran away twice got the crap beat out of me 3rd and 4th grade

      • Pete Kevin says :

        David, I’m Pete Bosshart. I wasn’t born till after you left. Were you at the school?

  2. Daveyates says :

    Yes third and fourth grade

    • Peter says :

      Every town has it’s skeletons, as well as every family. From what city did they send you? I’ll understand your reluctance and respect your privacy to not answer. What was happening at the academy was problematic in the town of Evansville in general. I experienced perverted adults also. You be well David.

  3. Chris S. says :

    I was a student at Wyler Military School from September of 1967 until I graduated 8th grade in June of 1970. .. As a Wyler cadet, I quickly learned first hand what hell on earth really was like…. Many of us were beaten, tortured and/or raped by staff members who were directly responsible for every student’s well being…. The saddest thing of all, however, was that nobody believed any of us when we spoke up about what was actually going on at the school… No one at all.

    • fknstr says :

      Chris, I’ve heard those stories. Lots of them. The academy wasn’t the only place in that little town that was abusing children. We lived on church street, right across from the park. But the academy was the place where no screams could be heard.

  4. Dale & Greg Shamp says :

    My brother and I were there from 1953-54 and left at Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Naval Air Station.
    We were never abused but I recall one night in the basement, believe gym time, the son of the Derochers (sp?) called the Lt. beat a Hawaiian boy and tossed and threw him around on the floor. Never heard of sexual abuse when we were there. Don’t know why and probably well covered up.
    Our parents withdrew us abruptly and may have heard about the abuse.
    My brother and I have been unable to find old photos from our time there.

    • fknstr says :

      That son, Chet, died of cancer. I remember the whole family. Thankfully you and your brother were removed. I wasn’t born until 1958.

      • Chris Stray says :

        When I was at Wyler the eldest of the DesRocher children, Chet III, was attending college .. the 2 daughters were in highschool, Paula & Karen … and the youngest, ‘Little Mark’, was 4 years old…. As bad as the debauchery promilgated by the Chester M DesRocher, Jr was, the real iniquity permeating that household stemmed from his wife, the family Matriarch … Mary DesRocher was the embodiment of EVIL … However, upon her death she was portrayed in the newspapers as a Saint … I on the other hand knew better, and laughed to myself as I shook my head from side to side while reading the obituary of Evansville’s Virgin Mary

      • fknstr says :

        Chris, you nailed it. After I had left town I came home for a visit. Found a Janesville Gazette article about Chet II. Showed it to my Dad, since he was friends with him. He said he was unaware of any of it. But I remember he never left us alone with anybody in that family.

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