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572. Ministerial Christian Academy

In 2004 the police raided Ministerial Christian Academy in California. They confiscated handcuffs, shackles, computers, financial records and other documents. Several of the student cried with relief when they were told that they could go home. The school was operating in the Montclair and Pomona area.

It didn’t sound like a fun place to be.


571. The Hebron Home

The Hebron Home (Børnehjemmet Hebron) was the center of a massive investigation conducted by the Danish state in 1907. Motivated by her strict religious upbringing the female headmaster held the children in the children home under control with her iron fist supplemented by use of isolation rooms. Sometimes the children were even starved. In the end the investigation resulted in her being forced to resign.

Backed by religious people she was appointed to teach at local religious school until she was fired for being too strict there also. She died in 1922.

Sources (In Danish only)

570. Morava Academy

Morava Academy was a shortlived boarding school project located in the Czech Republic. It was using the methods set up by the WWASP organization. The authorities in the Czech Republic soon discovered that something was wrong with the place and decided to conduct a raid. What they found was basically a private prison with isolation rooms.

The employees were arrested and the managers escaped the justice some months later when they fled from the country. Many of the teenagers did however not enjoy freedom when they returned home because the authorities in the United States failed to take the teenagers into protection by the social services when they returned home. Most of the teenagers were placed at the boarding school by parents who weighed personal time and cruises over parental responsability.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.