582. Milton Hershey School

The Milton Hershey School in Georgia allows underprivileged children attending a top of the line boarding school. It is a good idea. However if the children become ill suffering from mental issues they are not granted leave of absence while they undergo treatment. They are expelled.

Also it seems that some former students have been exposed to anti-gay video so they could be pressured to choose a partner of the opposite gender. It does not matter if the decisions were made by house parents. The school is responsible for hiring and directing how the student houses are run.

It does not sound to be a fun place to be if you choose a life-partner of your own gender or become victim of mental illness.



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About Rotsne

Danish immigrant, but very integrated. After having worked for another research center, I have recently started working for International Culture Exchange where I serve the youth and their families wanting to become an exchange student.

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