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559. Unnamed Quaran school in Hargeisa, Somalia

This Somaliland based boarding school was used when parents of girls with ethnic origins from the area now living in Denmark, Norway or United Kingdom believed that their girls had adapted too well to the western life style.

So they lured their girls on holiday and enrolled them in this boarding school with the help of bribed policemen.

Here the girls were shackled if they were believed to be planning escape and subjected to a non-western life style and teaching.

One of the girls escaped the boarding school and her information led to a raid where other girls from a number of western countries were liberated.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


558. Hawthorne-Cedar Knolls RTC

During the last few years this residential treatment center has spiralled out of control. Residents assaulting people in town, riots and a number of runaway resulting in the local police to have responded to 827 calls.

Now the enrollment has been ordered to stop.

But the question people should ask themselves were: Is it fun to be there as a teenager?

The number of runaways and all this acting out is a clear signal that is not a fun place to be.


557. Catholic Agricultural College

Catholic Agricultural College in Bindoon Australia was constructed using imported children who received no salary for their work. Combined with a level of abuse which was organized by Brother Paul Francis Keaney continued for too many years.

It could not have been fun to arrive in a foreign country as a child only to be put into work without pay.


556. St Francis’ Boy’s Home

The boys home was founded in 1868. Maybe it saved the lives of many childrenbefore it closed in 1974. However some ended up being abused and now the authorities are trying two retired employees for the alleged abuse as we have to call it until the court can rule.

Some children were even sent out of the country to an uncertain future.

It could not have been a fun place to be as a child.