530. Sorensen’s Ranch School

Sorensen’s Ranch School started as a summer camp in 1959 but was transformed into a self-proclaimed treatment center over the years using a level system with 5 levels.

Former residents speak on various forms of punishment and manual restraints by the employees.

A former resident wrote on Fornits:

I read this other persons (Alumni) letter and felt obligated to write my fair warnings as well. I wanted to cry while reading the other alum’s words. The sad thing is the types of things the person described in their report happened allot and to so many kids. I realized I have repressed a lot of shit inside over the years and have not wanted to think about those big abusive Mormons. Judgmental, Prejudiced, Cruel, but at the same time they truly believe in their cult and think they are doing the right things to help. At my low, I also helped steal a car and try and break out, 2 attempts, I also marched through the wilderness program in Idaho with a bunch of fucking heroin addicts from around the country, some big black guy from Compton broke my nose… I had religion stuffed down my throat, forced to do allot of shit… But what was bad was the night time… we hurt people.. for the first 6 month’s I got beat down a bit, I was 14, some kids were 19 even one 20 year old (court ordered). So with the time you stop getting beat and you start beating others. Fuck it right, it was sink or swim. I remember being strip searched, repeatedly, they (Staff) were always looking for contraband. We did have some good weed on occasion… They would call it “restraining” us… if you sat quietly and refused to follow an order the staff would slam you on the ground and whoop your ass…. this happened often and I couldn’t figure out what good it did. I am aware of sexual abuse.. there was allot of bad shit going on… but like I said the Mormon Cult truly believes they are saving us poor little bastards. Too any of my friends who happen to run into this letter, sorry for any bad memories.. I turned out well, hope you made it out ok the same… And there were definitely some good “counselors”, There were also some devious fuckers… I love my kids way to much to send them to a place like that…

The facility is also mentioned in the book “Numbskull” by Thomas Cody Mullenaux (ISBN-10: 1615790314)

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


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