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440. Stephjoy Girls School

Girls were missing from the school and the media speaks of use of corporal punishment. It is clear that the schools use of mock exams and the use of an odd system where the schools unlike Danish school not focus as putting as many through the schooling based on quantity rather than quality pushes the students too hard.

Focus needs to on the social heritage of the students. There is not something called fulfilling their potential. Children from working class families often tend to have shorter education than parents with a more academically background. No boarding school can make a difference in that fact.

When they try as hard as they did at Stephjoy Girls School, they only create unhappy students and then it is no longer fun to be there as a teenager.

The school closed in 2015 due to a fire which struck a dormitory. Investigation showed lack of standard regarding fire regulations.


439. Crookham Court Manor School

Crookham Court Manor School was a boarding school which closed in 1989.

Since the closure an investigation and a trial uncovered the gruesome environment the children had to endure. There are still websites where you can read about what took place.

It couldn’t be fun to be there as a teenager.

Exploring Crookham Court from Sam Meyer on Vimeo.


438. SK Tohoi

SK Tohoi is a residential school located near Sungai Perias in Malaysia. In 2015 a number of boys was found dead less than a kilometer from they boarding school. They had escaped due to risk of severe punishment for acts not explained in the articles which covers the tragedy. The cause of deaths also don’t seem to have much interest by the authorities.

The death of five of the seven indigenous Orang Asli children caught media attention and it sparked an investigation into the conditions offered to the children with these ethnic origins.

It is safe to say that it could not have been fun to be at the school as a teenager. Well if the children survived to be a teenager at all.


437. St. George’s School

The boarding school located at Rhode Island had a dark past where an investigation conducted in 2015 showed that sexual assaults by staff and peers took place in the past. 40 former students have already come forward.

The questions are:

  • When did the school learn about these cases?
  • When did they stop?
  • What kind of precautions are made to prevent them form happening again?

Until these questions are answered the school cannot move forward. For now it is safe to say that it wasn’t fun to be there as a student in the 1970’s, but we can only wonder what former students of later times might say in the future.