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415. Cross Creek Manor

Cross Creek Manor was the female version of Cross Creek Center. It was one of the largest so-called residential treatment centers in Utah.

Founded in 1987 it was part of the WWASP organization. It was located in St. George in Utah. One of the buildings are today leased to a program called “Second Chances”. The other building, which was the main building housed a number of program before they all shut down around 2011.

The female students were separated from the boys who went to the male Cross Creek Center program.

An important part of the program was the use of Large-group awareness training named TASKS (Teen Accountability, Self-esteem, and Keys to Success). It had nothing to do with treatment of the children but was rather a method to make both parents and children believe that is was treatment almost like some tourists are fooled by timeshare sales representative. In an isolated environment the families were exposed to a kind of show which both burdened and in some cases traumatized the children but also gave them an impression of false sense of insight in their own lives.

Especially children who identified them as belonging to one of the LGBTQ+ communities got their rights violated. The religious background of the managers who belonged to a church community in Utah was not downplayed and it had a huge impact on the daily lives of the students and the so-called treatment approach used at Cross Creek Manor.

Use of isolation room were used. Restriction in communication from family and friends were used. If the students did not conform to the so-called treatment, they were warned that they could be sent to Tranquility Bay in Jamaica.

It cannot have been a fun place to be as a teenager.


414. Copper Hills Youth Center

Copper Hills Youth Center formerly known as Rivendell Psychiatric Center was in the media due to a riot. It seems that there simply were too few employees and no management other than those who were necessary to cash in from parents and officials.

Earlier the facility under the old name was known for its experiences trying to convert journalist Lyn Duff from having interest in the same sex. The movie “But I’m a Cheerleader” is based on her experiences.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


413. Cinnamon Hills Youth Crisis Center

When teenagers are sent far away from their guardians they are not protected against mature approches by employees. Good examples of that can been seen when you search for news from Cinnamon Hills Youth Crisis Center in St. George in Utah.

On several incidents this bad thing has happen. It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


412. Challenger Foundation

Today the Challenger Foundation is considered the first wilderness program, which embraced the modern concept of wilderness therapy where it no longer was a question about introducing children from the cities to the pure nature, which had the potential to cure them from what many calls the modern pollution of civilization.

The Challenger Foundation introduced a boot camp styled wilderness approach. However, untrained teenagers from the cities were not ready to face the elements and they started to die. It is a sad track record, which has continued to this very day. It is perhaps the reason that insurance companies continue to regard wilderness programs as experimental. You cannot not get an insurance company to reimburse the costs of a wilderness program because the outcome can be questioned and the risk of loss of lives are too high.

It took only a couple of years before the manager escaped to Samoa where he is rumored to continue various projects milking parents who fear for their children.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


411. Cedar Ridge Academy

Cedar Ridge Academy – now known as Makana Leadership Academy – is located outside the town of Roosevelt in Utah. It was founded in 1996. Over the years many teenagers have been transported there against their will by professional transporters. In the public the boarding school is mostly known for the actions of a male nurse who became to eager with grooming behavior. There are only so many times you need to conduct “hernia checks”.

While the police suspect that the nurse was very good seeking out students who might have found these endless check more satisfying than most teenager there were still the risk that the wrong student could be subjected to his action which makes it easy to say that it cannot be fun to be forced to stay there.


Update 2020

Young adults who were detained at the facility mentioned that their reports of abuse were ignored. The facility changed it name to Makana Leadership Academy.

Former students at Utah troubled-teen centers say their reports of sex abuse were ignored (Salt Lake Tribune)

Update 2021

3 teenagers ran from the facility. They were later located.


Update: Teens who ran away from Roosevelt treatment center booked into juvenile detention (Gephardt Daily)

410. Cedar Breaks Academy

Cedar Breaks Academy was like number 409 located in Parowan, Utah. In fact this facility occupied the very buildings as number 409 did. It closed in 2009 and the owners of number 409 took over the campus. It was in fact an old Motel.

Former residents dont speak very nicely about this place and also seem very worn down when you pass it.

It cannot have been fun to be there as a teenager.


409. Bryce Canyon Academy

Bryce Canyon Academy was a shortlived enterprise located in Parowan, Utah. The water rights was transferred from another company which the owners controlled. It seems that they were only in operation for a short while. They are closed now. Their website is gone.

The town is remoted. Nothing was found online about education and the possibility to transfer credits back home. It created the risk of losing a lot of time ending up without education which cannot be fun for any teenager.


408. Brightway Adolescent Hospital

Brightway Adolescent Hospital closed in 1998. It was recently referred to in relationship with the movie “Self-medicated”. It was a rubber stamp facility where everybody was diagnosed with a fit to other programs owned by the same organization which let to its closure by the authorities.

It was one of the first facilities in the WWASP organization.

The campus is now housing Eagle Ranch Academy.

It could not have been fun being there as a teenage patient.


407. Birdseye Boys Ranch / Birdseye RTC

An old program came to an end when the director of Birdseye Boy Ranch was arrested. The ranch like the offspring Birdseye RTC focused on treating boys from something as strange as “inappropriate sexual behaviors” which can cover a large number of areas like same-sex interest or just intense relationship with “Virgin Left hand”. After the director was arrested employees founded a similar program down the road before they bought the old ranch. It burned to the ground before they could move into it.

To favor one boy over the the others is not something which is recommended. It must not be fun to be there as a teenager which you miss out of the action.