410. Cedar Breaks Academy

Cedar Breaks Academy was like number 409 located in Parowan, Utah. In fact this facility occupied the very buildings as number 409 did. It closed in 2009 and the owners of number 409 took over the campus. It was in fact an old Motel.

Former residents dont speak very nicely about this place and also seem very worn down when you pass it.

It cannot have been fun to be there as a teenager.


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About udstationeredebetina

Jeg er en unge kvinde med en fortid. For nogle år siden ville min far arbejde i USA. Min ene blog blev lavet i den periode. Senere bestod jeg gymnasiet uden at have planer for hvad skulle bruge uddannelsen til, men min mor insisterede fordi jeg med hvilken som helst anden uddannelse ikke ville kunne få forsikringserstatning, der vil kunne dække mig rimeligt. Så nu arbejder jeg i en butik indtil jeg ved hvad jeg vil bruge mit liv på.

One response to “410. Cedar Breaks Academy”

  1. samantha l frakes says :

    it was horribile i researched this place and based my desician to bring my daughter to this facility they assured me that her dietary needs (vegan Vegetarian) would be available as well as my concern about the program not based with court ordered offenders as well as her scholeosis being cared for and after assured it wasnt court ordered kids as well as promised family and individual therophy it was everything but she had spiritual beliefs and a love for all things living and was forced to eat meat against her will and then after initial blackout was another reason then lack of points earned when i left to return to california it was very hard and to be promised communication and deny for over a month before having to pay $500 couple to do a parent theraphy group with about 8 other couples and making the long drive we were denied visit due to her trying to escape with another child my daughter was more traumatized after being left in hands a parent never would knowingly leave them the effects are more exstensive they sold it moved court kids made it co ed and failed to provide services as described

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