404. Aspiro Wilderness program

Aspiro Wilderness program with an office in Spring City, Utah. They allow teenagers to be transported to them in handcuffs when the transport firm decide in favor of it.

While the program is more adventure based than most wilderness programs they still isolate the teenagers and keep them from getting access to legal assistance.

A former participant Joel B. wrote on Yelp:

Woah! This is something you can review? Well, get ready for this shit.

My parents are sadists so they decided to send me here. If you LIKE living in the woods for 8 weeks at a time and carrying a 30 lb. backpack for 10 miles a day, then you will fucking LOVE this place. If you’re a city dweller like me who isn’t into that, stay FAR FAR away. Parents reading this, PLEASE don’t send your kid here. Just let them stay at home like normal human beings. Cuz once your here….there probz gnna get sent to a boarding school and then the rest of their teenage years are wasted. If even 1 person listens to this, this review was worthwile.

A brother to former participant Eric B. wrote:

My brother was sent there and he was underfed (lost 20+ lbs) and they had such little supplies that he had to wipe his ass with his own underwear at times because they didn’t have toilet paper. The organization lied to my parents and promised to give him more food, but it never happened. He slept in negative temperatures with shitty sleeping equipment and the program physiologically altered the kids minds and changed their paradigm making them feel different and far from the normal teenager. NEVER PLACE A KID IN THIS PROGRAM. Misleading marketing to profit for themselves, absolutely ridiculous how they’re still in existence.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a a teenager.


2023 Update

It was announced that the program will close down.


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