403. Aspen Ranch

Aspen Ranch was located just west of Loa. Teenagers who arrived there could end up in the basement in orange jump suit just as prisoners but there were often only guilty of taking too much time up from their parents other activities. The program opened in 1995 and closed in 2011.

Aspen Ranch closed when too many teenagers became adult and were able to tell what went on in the many programs Aspen Education Group ran. In her book Sheila Joy writes how new students were scared with the threat of rape by older students.

Various statements found on the Internet speak of a daily life which makes it safe to state that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


2022 update

It has been revealed that a former employee at Aspen Ranch has been convicted based on his relationship with a minor. While the case which resulted in the sentencing of the former employee was not related to Aspen Ranch, it is not known at the present time whether other victims might be around who have been detained at Aspen Ranch.


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Jeg er en unge kvinde med en fortid. For nogle år siden ville min far arbejde i USA. Min ene blog blev lavet i den periode. Senere bestod jeg gymnasiet uden at have planer for hvad skulle bruge uddannelsen til, men min mor insisterede fordi jeg med hvilken som helst anden uddannelse ikke ville kunne få forsikringserstatning, der vil kunne dække mig rimeligt. Så nu arbejder jeg i en butik indtil jeg ved hvad jeg vil bruge mit liv på.

4 responses to “403. Aspen Ranch”

  1. Paul says :

    My name is paul I was there and trust me it was way worse than any but should have had to go through I’m 29 now and I still have nightmares from it it was jest horrible I’m fucking glad they took it down that brings some relief so thank u who ever shut it down

    • Kelsey says :

      I 100% agree. I was there too from 2003-2004. I still have nightmares as well. Sending good vibes to all the survivors ❤

      • kwetiekween says :

        Hi Kelsey. I am doing a piece on juvenile “therapeutic” homes and I would love to speak with you. If you feel comfortable please reach out to me at a.rainford01@gmail.com. Thank you 🙂

  2. slickphillips says :

    I was also at Aspen Ranch for 12 months. So glad to see that hell hole has been shut down.

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