369. Abundant Life Academy (I)

Abundant Life Academy is the name for several facilities. This article covers the Adudant Life Academy which were located several places in Mexico and Nevada.

In 2004 they were forced to close down their activities after incidents involving the authorities. As the founder described it with bible quotes:

6 months later Abundant Life Academy was hit with the biggest attack of all to date. Child Protective Services of Nevada had received a false report of neglect and abuse from a former disgruntled parent of ALA (late April of 2005). For whatever reason, this parent submitted several false claims (totally fabricated) to CPS of Nevada, who then launched an attack of epic proportion against Abundant Life Academy. On May 2nd, 2005, CPS illegally, without investigating the false allegations, removed 33 ALA students from Hidden Canyon Ranch. Due to the uproar from the ALA parents CPS immediately launched a strategy to cover up their actions. To justify their illegal actions CPS filed a series of false reports against Abundant Life Academy that were eventually found to be unsubstantiated.

“Brethren, the Scripture had to be fulfilled, which the Holy Spirit foretold by the mouth of David concerning Judas, who because a guide to those who arrested Jesus. For he was counted among us and received his share in this ministry.” Acts 1:16

While the court let the case go due to a technicality, the authorities are not using their time on this area unless it is serious so it is safe to state that it could not have been fun to be staying there as a teenager.


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Jeg sidder her og venter på at få overstået de sidste år inden at jeg går på efterløn. Ryggen er ikke god længere og min mand er faldet bort. Jeg kunne gå efter et skånejob men et eller andet sted er jeg for stolt. Jeg har altid klaret mig selv siden at jeg flyttede sammen med min afdøde mand. Børn fik vi aldrig, men både min bror og min søster har nogle som jeg har nydt at være sammen med. Min fritid går med at læse gammel litteratur og jeg er flittigt bruger af bibliotekets læsesal i min sparsomme fritid, så jeg kan holde mig opdateret om tingenes tilstand. Ja og så blev jeg bruger af denne nymodens teknologi med ekspertise på brugerniveau med hensyn til både maskinel og programmel, som de unge kalder hard- og software. Indtil 2013 holdte min blog til på Avisen 24 timers hjemmeside, men tiderne var dårlige og avisen lukkede d. 21 marts 2013. Derfor transporterede jeg alle blog-indlæg hertil og nu fortsætter jeg min skriveri her.

2 responses to “369. Abundant Life Academy (I)”

  1. TUMBLEWEED~ says :


    I got sent here.. I was 15 stuck in this this hell hole for 40 days and 40 nights, straight biblical sounding, but I had all the luck in the world to be stuck in there with some of the greatest misunderstood kids i ever knew! LOVE YOU ALL! As for the higher staff members, and brain washing cultist who’s main purpose was to extorted families in the name of “GOD” the all MIGHTY!!.. Craig Rogers thought he could run shit like a concentration camp, show up once a blue moon acting like he should be worshiped, and rake in the 30,000$ he got each month for every teen in the program ..soooo 33 kids.. multiplied by 30,000 a month ..990,000$ ,11,880,000 in a year, ext.. he was the man behind the curtain of lies.. pulling strings.. with whatever clay he could mold to his will till CPS came out and did a solid, they truly cared and you could see it in how they treated everyone, unlike Matt Cornell stripping privileges and freedom from kids, filling them with fear and punishment for living and loving life differently than another brother.. maybe thats what Christ was trying to teach everyone, not to harshly judge another, or force a punishment on some ones else’s beliefs.. but be accepting of our differences in an open hearted manor… but that wasn’t what this program was about .. no no.. it was too cram 2 weeks of no contact with another beside one councilor and writing scripture apon scripture out of the bible till they scare the kid into submission.. thats not what the web sigh shows, lt looks like a summer retreat for friends and family with horse back rides and swimming pools.. HAA!! yea if only it was as good as the illusion he portrays ..

    Real shit .. dude found Ether in the bathroom and almost died huffing it.. didn’t talk for about 2 weeks..

    Staff beat my friend “Bird” with a Mag Flashlight at night for chewing his bed post lol

    staff beat up this one kid up really bad .. 300 lb staff vs 100lb kid.. yeaaaa

    they failed to give teens there meds.. “cough cough”

    Word of a girl staying with Craig that was in the program…? yea juicy s

    made the boys dig trenches for house foundations in the snow rain and sleet!

    one trailer/housed 18 boys, sounds like a bad porno lol… girls had a 300.000$ lodge that was pretties sweet!

    Schooling was a joke, i never got my books in, and the curriculum was BS

    Plus side> we found a cave, where indians had stayed in, found a woven basket filled with ashes and took it back to the trailer to use as a trash can… i apologize to the spirits for the rude childish behaviors at the the time.. * RIP

    too Noah you were the counclor who never got the credit you deserved.. u rly did want to help, unlike the phonies doing it for the gold.. u sacrificed your time for us..

    Oh yeah i almost forgot .. Nick busted a nut in a dinner roll and we got Matt Cornell to eat it lol!! Then he complemented me on cooking ” those delicious dinner rolls” hahahaa ohhhh man!!

    but in the end.. was a hell of a ride out there.. sum days were the worst of times but having close friends to pass the days away made all the diff ❤ i still have a photo on my fridge of when we all stayed in juve after CPS took us out.. Wish you all the best!

    yours truly, TUMBLEWEED ~

    • Mike says :

      I’m not sure exactly who this is but this is Mike. I was the big guy with the heartagram beanie and long hair. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is Rio. I doubt you’ll get this as I’m just getting to it about a year later but I hope it finds you well. As fucked up as that place was we had some decent times. I hate that institution but I miss the air and hanging out with some of the most real friends i’ll ever have.

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