368. Blue Ridge Military Academy

It has been some years since the police found boys on the point of starving at this academy. At the time of its closure the boarding school was named Blue Ridge Military Academy but earlier it was run under the name Bunker Hill Military School.

Among the key employees were Sean Mask who in 1995 was charged with videotaping boys in the shower at a camp in Indiana, but charges were later dropped. At the time of the closure Sean Mask was on probation for being a felon in possession of a firearm. Another employee was Irene Elizabeth Bradbury who later became involved in a traffic incident. Two employees Robert Earl Herrington and Dale Curtis were mentioned to have been arrested in the case.

It didn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


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Jeg er en unge kvinde med en fortid. For nogle år siden ville min far arbejde i USA. Min ene blog blev lavet i den periode. Senere bestod jeg gymnasiet uden at have planer for hvad skulle bruge uddannelsen til, men min mor insisterede fordi jeg med hvilken som helst anden uddannelse ikke ville kunne få forsikringserstatning, der vil kunne dække mig rimeligt. Så nu arbejder jeg i en butik indtil jeg ved hvad jeg vil bruge mit liv på.

13 responses to “368. Blue Ridge Military Academy”

  1. Mackie says :

    I was there. It was awful.

    • Ashley Brown Futrell III says :

      I’m sorry what you went through. I know what it was like I was at Mask’s camp in Clarkesville, Georgia in 1998. Do you know if there’s a resource or group where victims can join together to discuss what happened?

      • Ashley Brown Futrell III says :

        I just realized this is the same place as mentioned in the article. I know he moved camps around the country several times, I thought Blue Ridge was another camp in another state. It was Bunker Hill when I was there.

      • Andreas Mosesian says :

        There should be a group. I was there at all three locations: Georgia, then that house in Florida, then the Roadside motel back in Georgia.

      • Andreas Mosesian says :

        Ashley. I like this idea. Feel free to email me at andreasmosesian@yahoo.com or preferably look me up on facebook. Andreas Mosesian.

    • Andreas Mosesian says :

      Me too. That place was hell. Which location were you at?

  2. Andreas Mosesian says :

    I was there too. i remember the lighting storm the night the place was closed down. My friend told me it was because Hell finally froze over.

    • Irene B. says :

      I remember you, I was hired as “Dean of Education”. I was the one who reported the abuse to the sheriffs dept. when I knew what was going on. I know the abuse you all suffered-most of-the parents at the time did not care, The camp closed and I never knew what happened once they took you at night to Georgia. I heard you were starved in a hotel. I called the sheriff in Georgia to help but no response. I hope you can have some healing and hope Sean Mask was put in prison.

      • matt black says :

        You ran classes in the mess hall, from what I remember

      • David Pritchett says :

        My Parents cared, when they found out. they pulled me out of the florida location. im sure you might remember me { David Pritchett }. and started the lawsuit process.

  3. matthew Black says :

    I was there in 1998. I wish I could say I was lucky enough not to be there. The director, Sean Mask, now runs another boys home called New Beginnings in Florida. What a world we live in.
    If anyone else who was there would like to contact me, my email is Matthewdblack@hotmail.com

  4. Jon Hatfield says :

    I was there from summer 1998 to April 1999 when it was shut down after moving multiple times. I’m looking to connect with people from there.


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