356. Resolution Ranch

Resolution Ranch is a boys ranch located outside Cameron in Texas. In 2011 the ranch attracted notice in the media because two boys who ran from the ranch were hit by a train. Fortunately they survived.

A former resident wrote:

I would not recommend Resolution Ranch to any family.  The facility is not at all as you see on their website.  In our experience, none of the staff performed in a professional manner or seemed well qualified for the tasks at hand.  I did not find them to be kind or caring toward the boys that were there.  The employees that dealt with the boys on a daily basis were past jailors and in one instance a baker at Walmart.  The boys were locked into their dormitory in the evenings from the outside. If  there was some type of emergency the boys would not be able to get out without someone unlocking the doors from the outside.  While our son was there we found out they were under investigation from the Texas Licensing Division for violations.  One of the accusations was that one of the administrators had actually beaten a boy in the bathroom.  We had the opportunity to speak with the agent from the state on several occasions, but are not aware of the resolution since we removed our son. The schooling that they brag on did not transfer with our son once he was back in regular public school.  The director of education at the time had a record of being arrested for a drug charge and her teaching license had been suspended by the State of Texas.  I would just recommend that before you place your child in this facility, check them out.  Check out their employees and teachers.  That’s exactly what we did as it is all public record – unfortunately we didn’t do that until after our son had  been placed there.  In my opinion this is just not a good place if you want your child to become a happy, healthy functioning human being.  Look elsewhere.  This is just a few of my personal experiences with this awful facility.  They showed a great interest in their monthly income not the kids.

Tammy Krause S.

However putting the boys in a so desperate state that they choose to run risking life threatening injuries make it safe to state that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


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