322. Obsidian Trails Outdoor School

Obsidian Trails Outdoor School was a wilderness which used to operate in Oregon. At some point they employed a person involved in the death of another student in a Utah program before he came to this program. Later they lost a student which made the authorities order a stop to the program.

It didn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


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About udstationeredebetina

Jeg er en unge kvinde med en fortid. For nogle år siden ville min far arbejde i USA. Min ene blog blev lavet i den periode. Senere bestod jeg gymnasiet uden at have planer for hvad skulle bruge uddannelsen til, men min mor insisterede fordi jeg med hvilken som helst anden uddannelse ikke ville kunne få forsikringserstatning, der vil kunne dække mig rimeligt. Så nu arbejder jeg i en butik indtil jeg ved hvad jeg vil bruge mit liv på.

7 responses to “322. Obsidian Trails Outdoor School”

  1. Chris Grav says :


  2. Steve bennett says :

    Ha ! Sad story. I was there. Yep. I was the first ever 3rd time return student. What a joke. Hard core place. And it sure cost a lot of money. Yes I was there when the young man passed. Long ago. Yet still fresh

    • Shannan says :

      I was there with you and Eddie. That place was a shit show. I still think about being on a night hike and seeing the helicopter ambulance. All the adults were trying to play it off like it was nothing, but we all knew something was going down.

    • Morgan says :

      Hi Steve, I was also there and stayed until October of 2000 and was in advanced camp when Eddie died. Were you there for drinking? If that’s you, I remember how funny you were and it really made being there at least bearable. I think it was also you that gave me the jacket, there were only a few jackets available and I was not going to get one until you gave up yours. It was on a lottery system and I didn’t win but gave yours to me, your kindness meant so much to me!! -Morgan

  3. Mike smith says :

    I went to this outward bound program in 2000 and i am not surprised one of the weirdo counselors killed a kid. The male counselors used excessive force when I was there and the female counselors were very antagonistic

  4. Chris says :

    I was a student there and for me it was actually a really good building block of my life, really got a bad wrap.

  5. Amy says :

    I was there, 2002. I was there for almost 3 months. Lost 55 pounds and my parents didn’t recognize me on pick up/graduation day. It was brutal and my parents never believed me when I wrote them, Plus, I had to watch what I wrote because the camp leaders would read them before they got sent out (sometimes torn up in front of me) The hiking was awful and being left alone was always scary for me at the end. I remember all the dirt getting in my mouth drinking the water, the nasty little food we had/got. I always look forward to that one day of the week (Don’t remember the day) that we got a hotdog and a slice of cheese. Thankful for a shower once a week, but still was dirty and smelly.

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