298. Center for Discovery

Center for Discovery has been around for some time. Right now they are mostly known as being the new sponsor of the Dr. Phil show where teenagers are sent after Aspen Education Group has financial challenges.

Recently a girl confined to the center after one of the shows escaped december 1. She was secured from the streets of L.A. after a week in a poor state. Hopefully she will taken home to recover.

Among the reviews found on the Internet, we could see these two:

Our son was leaving the hospital and needed additional treatment for severe depression and we did not know where to turn. The recommendation was to find placement in a residential treatment center for 3 to 9 months. We were overwhelmed by the immediacy and urgency of the situation, trying to research programs in and out of state, and battling with the insurance company. Unfortunately, we chose the Center for Discovery in Whittier because it was closeby so we could visit, our insurance partially covered the cost, and the 30 days would buy us time to find a longer term program if needed. To this day my son still has flashbacks of the horrible treatment he received by the staff at this facility, and his father and I will forever regret sending him there. He was abused by an older teen while supposedly under “24 hour staff supervision” and a police report was supposedly filed. Staff at this facility showed the adolescent residents a complete lack of empathy, often abusing power and control, and telling the teens they should lie to their parents in family session and say that they’re getting better or elso they would be sent away to 2-year long programs. For the exhorbitant fees they charge, you’d think that they would not only most imnportantly have decent staff, but also a decent facility. The pathetic little basketball hoop in the parking lot was bent. Luckily, after this horrible place, our son went to the Anasazi Program in Arizona, which was truly a healing place, and he still talks about his good memories of Anasazi. If you need to send your teen into a therapeutic recovery program, it can be heartwrenching. I recommend avoiding Center for Discovery and the physical, emotional and financial pain it will cause you and your family.

Our experience completely mirrors Elissa’s. Avoid sending your child to Center for Discovery at all cost. They do more harm than good. Our daughter was also being treated for severe depression. She was too much work so they sent her away and basically told us “good luck” don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Stay away

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


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