290. Skorpeskolen

For more then 250 years Skorpeskolen aka Den kongelige opfostringsskole (Royal orphanage school) operated first from a building in the central of Copenhagen, later from a farm in the village Hellebaek in the northern part of Sealand.

It closed in 2005. Today a day-school is using the buildings in Hellebaek. They have no connections to the past.

A number of articles published in Danish newspapers revealed that students in 1970’s had to offer their bodies to at least one teacher. Everybody seemed to know, but none stopped it. A case worker promised the molested students that he wanted to report the teacher but he also molested the teenagers. The case worker died in a traffic accident. We have been approached by various sources who have told us that the investigation into the mysterious traffic accident was stopped as result of orders from people higher in the system. A lot of evidence indicate that students had doctored the brakes. The car was destroyed after the investigation stopped.

We have not been able to find out when the sexual molestations stopped.

To be forced to satisfy a teacher in a private manner cannot be fun for any teenager.


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