###. Kana Children’s home

This entry is not numbered because it is a rather strange case. The Kana Children’s home was founded in 1881. The children loved to live there. They especially loved Frederikke Vilhelmine Moeller who was the manager of the childrens home.

Then in 1893 a boy was found dead at the childrens home. It was a murder. The person who committed the murder was Miss Moeller. Then a strange thing happened. Miss Moeller was found to be a man or rather he/she had both male and female private parts. She had strangled the boy because she had a indecent relationship with the boy and believed that it would be better to finish him off to secure him a place in heaven rather than letting him grow up and become a man infected with poor morale as result of the relationship Miss/Mr. Moeller had started with the boy.

She was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to death. However the good treatment she had given to the other boys and a good relationship with the church which had headhunted her for the job secured her a lighter sentence and she was released after a decade in prison. She married a woman and died as Frederik Vilhelm Schmidt in 1936.

The children’s home closed in 1957 after having being relocated a number of times.

It is safe to say that it was a fine place for young teenage boys to live unless the teenager would happen to be Holger who was strangled to death.



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